Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Krishna or Christ

It is not a matter of concern to me that he is misinformed about Krishna, for there is no derth of spiritual illiterate and mentally bankrupt people who consider themselves enlightened and above the laws of human decency, but what is concerning and alarming is that he is misleading the devout christians across the world about Krishna.
Perhaps the rev. Bishop would care to educate himself on the true meaning of Krishna by visiting a few websites and read a book or two. “Foundations of Indian Culture” and “Essays on the Gita”, both by Sri Aurobindo, will do good to him.Unfortunately, his venom is targeting none else than Christ himself. Swami Prabhupada had said,” Krishna or Christ – the name is the same”. Hindus believe that Jesus, like Lord Krishna, is an avatar of the Divine who came down to show humanity in the righteous way of life. Paramhans Yoganand and Ramkrishna Paramhans have deitified Christ. Christmas is celebrated in Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry as the day of the descent of Christ, the Avatar.
There are striking similarities between the lives and teachings of Krishna and Christ. The birth of both these avatars was foretold, both were born in unusal place, both have been depicted as shepherds, both taught love and peace... posted by Arun Naik @ 9:17 PM Tuesday, December 13, 2005 RUSSIAN ARCHBISHOP INSULTS KRISHNA

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