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Truth of greatness thrust upon the Ashram Trust

Letter of Kittu Reddy, Ranganath Raghavan & Sumita Kandpal to Manoj Das Gupta on 28 May, 2010 Before we proceed, we wish to present these self-evident propositions: ...
b) The Sri Aurobindo Ashram has been founded by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and its roots are deeply imbedded in an eternal Truth. Any administration or management, which is temporary, ever-changing, can never be its true representative. Therefore a clear distinction must be made between the two entities, between the Truth that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother stand for on one side, and the administration and trustees on the other side. They must never be confused and a false identification must not be claimed. Today, many inmates are confused between loyalty to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo on one side and the Ashram Trust on the other. This is a disturbing trend which can be disastrous for the Ashram and for the spiritual life of its inmates.
c) The SAAT is a public body, subject to the laws of the land. It is open for examination by any national official body having authority to do so. There can be no claim for privacy and secrecy of views, actions or decisions. Everything must be open, transparent and frank, and any enquiry should be respected and answered clearly with conviction.
Having these points in view, we would like to state the following: ...
18. We believe that the Trustees of the Ashram are as human and vulnerable to ignorance and error as any other Ashramite or human being. In decisions that affect the entire community, they are answerable to all the inmates. They cannot take decisions in secrecy. As Trustees, your first responsibility is to serve the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, and the Ashram community as a whole.

The collision of Eastern and Western spiritualities in the 19th and 20th centuries is nowhere more vividly illustrated than in the life of Mirra Alfassa.   Heehs places her in context of the life of Aurobindo Ghosh, the Bengali philosopher and yogi in whose ashram she spent the last half of a long life.  Mirra is important to the Church of Light for an association that preceded her travels to India; she is by far the most celebrated disciple of Max Theon, spiritual guide of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor… The extent to which Aurobindo’s spiritual mission was influenced by Mirra’s former association with Theon is not readily discernable from the Heehs biography, but until Theon’s teachings are better understood no historian will be able to appraise their impact. 

Sri Aurobindo on Islam by ned Jun 13, 2008
Another article that’s worth reading is ‘Sri Aurobindo and Hinduism’ by Peter Heehs, published in the last issue of Anti-Matters, which also demonstrates that although Sri Aurobindo was inspired by the Vedantic scriptures, he never considered himself an exoteric “Hindu” per se (he grew up an atheist).
Meeting Peter Heehs by ned Dec 13, 2007
Peter Heehs is also the author of a paper entitled The uses of Sri Aurobindo: mascot, whipping boy, or what?, and a wonderful little book called Nationalism, Terrorism, Communalism. In both the paper and the book, he thoroughly investigates all the allegations of Sri Aurobindo having been an “extremist” or a “Hindu supremacist” and shows that they simply do not hold water.

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The Treaty of Cession (1962) Fifty Years Later

Pondicherry and France Auroville Radio
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the dejure transfer of the French Establishments in India to the Union of India (August 1962), the Pavillon de France à Auroville and the Central University of Pondicherry (Centre for European Studies) are organizing a two-day seminar on the theme The Treaty of Cession (1962) Fifty Years Later, Pondicherry and France.

Whatever the appearance we must bear, Whatever our strong ills and present fate, When nothing we can see but drift and bale, A mighty Guidance leads us still through all. Sri Aurobindo, Savitri

Mamata to visit Chandernagore via waterway The Statesman 19 November 2012 KOLKATA, 19 NOV:
To avoiding traffic congestion and assess the potential for developing Chandernagore as a tourist spot, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will use  the  river to reach the city tomorrow.  
Devotees of Sri Aurobindo from all over the globe visit the place where Sri Aurobindo stayed in the house of Motilal Roy after being acquitted in the Alipore bomb case.
Close associates of Sri Aurobindo including Sister Nivedita got the news that the British were planning to arrest him once again. She persuaded Sri Aurobindo to leave the city and Sri Aurobindo left for Chandernagore in a boat.

A Nightmarish Legacy from Centre Right India by Sandeep Balakrishna
Nehru was India’s20th Century Tughlaq. Over the last four days, I’ve been thinking of a term to characterize independent India’s first Prime Minister and this is the closest and the most accurate I could think of. Other Suggestions are welcome. The parallels are so stark and evident that I cursed myself for not noticing them earlier. India was a playground on which Nehru played out his numerous self-designed sports—except that every single sport he designed ended up grievously wounding if not killing the actual players who merely happened to be the citizens of India. Not too unlike Tughlaq. And not too unlike Tughlaq, Nehru was full of ideas. To our eternal misfortune, this Nabob of Cluelessness, like Tughlaq, had the power to, and implemented those ideas whose rightful place is in the world of fantasy. Like Tughlaq, Nehru’s unrivalled cluelessness was only complemented by his incurable megalomania. Tughlaq at least lived in a time when the Royal Ego was a desired qualification in a ruler.

SELF: Father-image of Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo giving balanceand fulfilment
rainbOwther: Sri Aurobindo’s theory of a spiritualisedEthics 

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SELF Help Favourites

Recasting caste 22 Oct 2012
Female gurus 8 Nov 2012

1m - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty One-stop blog for curing all theoretical confusion and muddled thinking just a click away at Savitri Era Learning Forum - Posted by Tusar N. Mohapatra  Location: Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
CV of an average Indian Posted by Tusar N. Mohapatra at 1:33 PM Thursday, November 01, 2012

This message is generated randomly from a collection of short written statements taken from the notes, letters, and messages of The Mother. The process of generating the guidance is the electronic equivalent of randomly looking up a book to receive an indication or answer.

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Getaway from passionate nature and partisanship

Mirra is not too proud of the capabilities of women. She is wary of their weaknesses too that also get exposed by the first world war. She wants women to extricate themselves from the grip of emotions and sentimentality if they want to succeed in their position. Of course women are capable of love and humility and abstain from brutality and vulgarity. However they must getaway from passionate nature and partisanship to sustain themselves as successful administrators. Mirra appeals to the world to include women to achieve more. Women are for the interior and men for the exterior shall no longer be fructifying. The sexes must be put together for a sustainable progression. The hostility between the sexes must be put aside in the obsolete category... Posted by BALA at 4:31 AMkkk

Tweets [Rajmohan Srinivas @yrskmohan "Sources of Poetry" by Aurobindo is a masterpiece. Yet not many modern poets even heard about it. @Back2Vedas @SangeetaRG]

1h inpondy @PondyTweets @OliviaCummings8 The Sri Aurobindo Ashram has regular yoga asana classes from 645 to 830 every morning in its Ayurvedic Section.  View conversation

[Sanjeev Sabhlok says: November 3, 2012 at 7:16 am You’ve understood nothing about me as well, young man. I too oppose crony capitalism. There is no such thing as “democratic socialism”. Either you oppose state control or you want it. Aurobindo opposed state control over our lives. Period.]

[5h - Sanjeev Sabhlok @sabhlok @SavitriEraParty @hguptapolicy Thanks. Can I see your party's manifesto on economic policy and governance?  Retweeted by Savitri Era Party  View conversation]

[3h - Jaideep A. Prabhu @orsoraggiante @SavitriEraParty Agreed. Spontaneous order is a fundamental principle of liberalism. @an4rky @sabhlok @hguptapolicy  Retweeted by Savitri Era Party  View conversation]

1m - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty One-stop blog for curing all theoretical confusion and muddled thinking just a click away at Savitri Era Learning Forum - Posted by Tusar N. Mohapatra  Location: Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

CV of an average Indian Posted by Tusar N. Mohapatra at 1:33 PM Thursday, November 01, 2012

[Robert E. Wilkinson - 7:01 PM, August 13, 2009 The only option is to deny the facts and idealize the beloved out of all proportion. Tusar Mohapatra has provided us with an unmistakable example of this view when he writes: […]
This is a classic example of someone taking their own unfounded hagiographic inflation to extremes. What is most revealing is Tusar’s desire to get away from all formulation, mythic or otherwise which allows him to believe whatever fantasy he likes without the inconvenience of having to deal with proof of his claims and the facts that support them. He does so by putting them “up there” on the Transcendent heights beyond the reach and explanation of mortal man. This is a perfect example of how devotees with no yogic experience and realization attempt to turn this epochal spiritual work into a Religion. What remains are un-provable pronouncements about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother solely derived from Tusar’s subjective devotional fervor. His hopes are pinned on the ‘years to come’ and any fellow disillusioned Aurobindonians who might rally to his flag.
In a work characterized by objective knowledge and precision, this kind of unqualified ‘new age’ response is simply unacceptable. By placing Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on incomparable, unreachable Transcendent heights, Tusar believes that he is doing them a service but in fact, as we have discussed in this paper, he is contradicting the very purpose they came to achieve. If joining the top of the ladder to the bottom is the whole secret of realization and the work of the Avatar, Tusar has just yanked the ladder out from under them and made their stated evolutionary goal of the divinization of matter a virtual impossibility.]

[Cf. (SCIY) rich 8:21 AM Sunday, October 29, 2006]

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Within the four walls of the Ashram and its affiliates

It is not just any academician, scholar, historian or litterateur, however eminent, who can be trusted to judge a biography of a Yogi because the intellect needs to be tempered for the purpose by certain inner sensibilities. In other words scholarship must be accompanied by humility and genuine reverence for things spiritual. Both in the Ashram and outside we have such people who combine in themselves scholarship, devotion and even sadhana. Many of them have already made known their specific objections to the Book in question. They cannot be just wished away because they do know more than anyone what they are talking when it comes to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
And yet the Trustees have chosen to ignore them and instead given misplaced importance to the views of an intellectual class who are either ignorant or altogether refractory. This is a gross error on their part that needs to be undone immediately through serious dialogue…
There has to be only one guiding principle for all of us in this important matter and it is axiomatic: The Ashram is by the Devotees, of the Devotees and for the Devotees… Every sadhak is precious because he represents the soul of the Ashram in his own individual way. A dialogue started on a note of trust and good will would be a noble gesture from your side, a gesture not so much out of magnanimity as out of wisdom, a gesture out of our deep commitment to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
It must be kept in mind that as devotees and sadhaks within the Ashram or outside, all of us are answerable first and foremost to ourselves, our conscience, our loyalty and Bhakthi towards our Guru rather than to any human being however exalted and eminent he might be, inside the country or outside… Thanking You, Sincerely yours, for SRI AUROBINDO STUDY CIRCLE Vaishali Ganapati Bhandari 30 October 2012 The above letter has been signed by forty more members of the Bengaluru Study Circle.]

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Any elephant in its heart is afraid of mice

Copyright on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Works
Our visitors might be wondering about copyright on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Works. There are different opinions represented by different organisations and individuals. Here is official status on copyright from Copyright Department of Sri Aurobindo Ashram:
  1. The copyright of those works of Sri Aurobindo that were published during His lifetime have expired in India and some other parts of the world. The copyright in most works that have been published posthumously continue to exist.
  2. The copyright of the Mother’s works published in Her lifetime expires only in 2033.
  3. In the case of compilations (e.g. ‘The Bhagavad Gita: Text, Translation and Commentary’), the totality of the specific individual editorial acts of selection and arrangement gives rise to a distinct copyright in the compilation per se, which is independent of the copyright in the underlying works which may have expired
Works that are still in copyright many not be put up for download by any party, even ‘registered visitors’, irrespective of whether profit is involved. Picaboo! Books are back! Posted on 11/07/2012 Cheerio! Vladnesh 

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Gods are not Hindu; they are cosmic powers

Re: A Hindu View of Christian Yoga—by Rajiv Malhotra
by ned on Wed 29 Dec 2010 08:02 PM IST Permanent Link
Really fantastic discussion going on here! Just wanted to say that it made my heart sing, especially some of the ideas posted by Govind.
by Sandeep on Thu 30 Dec 2010 01:19 AM IST Permanent Link
It would be splendid if Govind would oblige us by distilling his insights into an article. 
by Sandeep on Mon 27 Dec 2010 05:08 AM IST Permanent Link
1) One of the reasons other religious people shun or modify Yoga is because they are repelled by the prospect of worshiping "pagan" Hindu Gods. The book could explain that Gods are not Hindu; they are cosmic powers which always existed even before sages in India discovered them just as gravity existed before Newton discovered it. We can provide quotes by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on this topic.
2) The caste system is a gross distortion of the original intent of division based on personalities. RYD has covered it here on the Mirror and here as well 
by Govind on Sun 02 Jan 2011 12:21 AM IST Permanent Link
I think this is a very important point but I would say rather that the God of Jesus is different from the god that is today worshiped in his name. 

The true aim, the true realisation is the unfolding of the Brahman, its self-manifestation, the visible diffusion of the Power of the Divine, the Lila of His Knowledge and Ananda, not in a few great souls, but in everybody in the nation and the entire humanity. We see the first form and stage of this knowledge and this sadhana in the Rigveda, the earliest characters inscribed on the Stupa near the entrance to the temple of the Aryan dharma at the beginning of history. We cannot say with certainty that it finds expression for the first time in the Rigveda, because even the Rishis of the Rigveda admit that those who were before them, the early ancestors of the Aryan race, ‘the primeval fathers of the human race’, had discovered this path of truth and immortality for the later man. 
They also say that the new Rishis were only following the path which had been shown to them by the ancient Rishis. We find that the mantra of the Rigveda is the echo of the words of the ‘fathers’, of the Divine speech they uttered; consequently, the form of the dharma that we see in the Rigveda can be said to be its earliest form… We find that effort in the Gita, the Tantras and the Puranas; each of them has been successful to a certain extent; many new experiences have been gained but no longer do we find in them the comprehensiveness of the Vedas and the Upanishads. WRITINGS IN BENGALI TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH 1:02 PM

H Acharya wrote... Mr. Joy should, first of all, understand that Sri Aurobindo is not a common man like him and... Continue >>
H Acharya wrote... Ned could say that "Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are truly integrally realised AVATARS to have... Continue >>
H Acharya wrote... Peter's book largely follows the style of a gutter-inspector, who even adds his imaginary... Continue >>
Sunil wrote... All your hate for Sri Aurobindo will not stop the work being done for the evolution of the human... Continue >>
H Acharya wrote... Dear Dr. Sharma: Peter has been a branded Guru-Drohi, and you have rightly expressed your criticism... Continue >>
H Acharya wrote... If the registrar has some 'authority' to award disciplinary action against any teacher, the... Continue >>
H Acharya wrote... This is a very surprising letter, from a senior member of the family. When the controversial book... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... Perhaps to be smarter enough PH not knowing his slavery to so-called mental objective analysis has... Continue >>
Anonymous wrote... Like the SAS, H Acharya seems to believe that upholding the principles of bigotry, narrowness,... Continue >>
H Acharya wrote... Contrary to what you say, the real anti-ashram personalities now are Peter and trustees who choose... Continue >>

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Serene, profound, and powerful love

Bhajans on Aurobindo and the Mother: By Mohan Mistry, Sri AurobindoAshram, Cultural Hall, Sri Aurobindo Complex, J.P. Nagar 1st Phase, 10 a.m. ...
Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Group: Prayers to Sri Annai, Sasibalika Vidya Mandir, R.S.Puram, 9.30 a.m.; Sri Annai Meditation Centre, W7C, Kovaipudur, ...
Sri Aurobindo Society: Meeting, 5, Smith Rd., Anna Salai, 10.30 a.m.. Vaithika Sri: Meeting, Sri Sathsangam, Sathsangam St., Madipakkam, 4.30 p.m. ...
Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication Adchini. From Monday, Jun 11 till Saturday, Jul 14, 2012 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Come and learn the magic of ...
But that is precisely a tyro authoring The Lives of Sri Aurobindo wants us to accept it. No doubt that would simply expose him as one who has absolutely no ...
As Sri Aurobindo says, “Thus it can transform the conflict of our dualised emotions and sensations into a certain totality of serene, yet profound and powerful love ...
Dear Friends, Today we are publishing a tribute of Barindra Kumar Ghose (1880—1959), the noted revolutionary, journalist and author to his elder brother and ...
Description: The present book “Deliberation on The Life Divine, Volume One” is a transcribed, edited version of Dr. V. Ananda Reddy's talks on Sri Aurobindo's...
Sri Aurobindo,Jung and Vedic Yoga is a product of the author's keen study and contemplation extending over four decades.It embodies his...

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American historian Peter Heehs‎ makes history in India

Heehs to leave country briefly today - 14 Apr 2012 PUDUCHERRY: Controversial American historian and an inmate of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Peter Heehs still plans to leave the country briefly on April 15, ... Peter Heehs may have to leave India Times of India Heehs not to be deported Times India values diversity of views, freedom of speech: Heehs Hindustan Times Deccan Chronicle - Outlook 
- People of India respect right to freedom of expression: Heehs The Hindu - 14 Apr 2012 “I am looking forward to being forgotten,” remarked American historian Peter Heehs, as he spoke about the media attention that followed the extension of his ... Govt of India values freedom of expression: Heehs US Historian's visa victory in Sri Aurobindo's biography row India Today Govt extends Heehs's visa by one year Indian Express Hindustan Times - Asia Times Online - Heehs visa hangs fire – 6 Apr 2012 NEW DELHI/PUDUCHERRY: The visa extension of American historian Peter Heehs, who has been living in India for the last 41 years, hangs fire as the Central... Video: Sri Aurobindo was a spiritual leader, not an avatar: Peter Heehs  IBNLive Govt refuses to extend visa of American historian Peter Heehs India Today Prepared for any exigency: Heehs Deccan Chronicle Hindustan Times - MSN India        
Chidambaram to decide on Heehs' visa tomorrow Times of India - 31 Mar 2012
PUDUCHERRY: Home minister P Chidambaram will review the decision to cancel the visa of American historian Peter Heehs, who wrote the controversial biography ... Let Heehs stay, scholars urge PM Cancellation of US historian Peter Heehs's visa to be reviewed: P ... Economic Times Is extremists' objection to his book behind US historians expulsion? Hindustan Times The Hindu - Indian Express        
Yoga and philosophy of Sri Aurobindo is not a religion: Peter Heehs Economic Times - Historian Peter Heehs was born in Chicago in 1948. In 1968, he took a break from college to learn yoga- a decision that took him to the Aurobindo Ashram in ... Heehs' story MSN India.       
For Heehs work, a cloud over 40-yr tryst with India Indian Express - 8 Apr 2012 Peter Heehs reached the Aurobindo Ashram in Puducherry in 1971. Forty years on,Heehs is among the most acclaimed experts on Aurobindo. The intolerant Indian? Times of India.       
Jairam writes to PC on visa cancellation of us historian Hindustan Times - 4 Apr 2012 The Puducherry foreign regional registration office's order to send back Peter Heehs, US historian and author of 'The Lives of Sri Aurobindo', ... Intolerance: A National Pastime? NDTV       
Nilanjana S Roy: Behind the portrait Business Standard - The recent persecution of Peter Heehs, who has lived and worked in India for many years, for his biography of Sri Aurobindo, might be seen in this context.       
In Hume's footsteps Hindustan Times - 2 Apr 2012 It is in this noble tradition that Peter Heehs falls. Heehs was recently in the news, for the fact that after staying in India for nearly 40 years he finds ...

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Enlightened spirituality is all but forgotten

Debashish Banerji Hindustan Times
As an Indian and a follower of Sri Aurobindo, I feel it is really deplorable if what this report says is true about the denial of visa extension to Peter Heehs. Not only is it a defeat to the freedom of expression which is one of the pillars of the Indian constitution, but it is a clear case of fraudulent action since Heehs' book has nothing of a "blasphemous" nature. It seems to be a set-up and the carrying out of unconstitutional decisions pressed into effect in a underhand manner...
Thanks for being a sane voice in an ocean of xenophobia. It seems from most of the other posts that a politicized divide is being created. "Secular historians" like Ramchandra Guha and Romila Thapar are being clubbed with sensationalist western academicians like Wendy Doniger and Jeffrey Kripal, and Peter Heehs is being thrown into this league. I guess on the other side are ardent Hindutva flag-bearers. An enlightened spirituality is all but forgotten in the middle of this. It is also clear that these violent voices have not read Heehs' book or else they have no reading skills.

31 March 2012: Don't expel US historian, govt told Addendum: The question about the relationship between Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is only one of dozens of objections raised by that handful of religious fundamentalists; it is not even mentioned in the Orissa Gazette Notification. It is, however, what appears to produce the most visceral effect in the public, for reasons we fail to understand. Heehs made it perfectly clear that there was no sexual element at all in this relationship. On the contrary, what he wrote underscores its profoundly sacred nature. Only readers with a serious Freudian hang-up can fail to see this. — Editors, IYF. Recent Additions
9 August 2011: Review by Antony Copley

SA used different terminologies and different formulations in different texts, this doesn’t necessarily mean he abandoned one for the other. debbanerji Posted March 14, 2012 Permalink
Finally, the siddhis and anandas spoken of in the Record are not addressed anywhere else but can clearly be seen in Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s own functioning. Comment on The Seven Quartets of Becoming by Debashish Banerji by debbanerji from Comments for Posthuman Destinies by debbanerji Eyes open, mind closed 
Chidambaram won't allow US historian to stay in India Hindustan Times - Aloke Tikku, New Delhi, April 04, 2012 00:46 IST [Posted by General Editor at 4/04/2012 07:34:00 AM8:47 AM, 9:10 PM 

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Mirror of Tomorrow: Last Post—29 March 2012

Posthuman Destinies - Adrienne Rich (May 16, 1929 – March 27, 2012) - Planetarium A woman in the shape of a monster a monster in the shape of a woman the skies are full of them a woman ‘in the snow among the Clocks and instru...
Mirror of Tomorrow - “Suns” by Amal Kiran - The golden sphere of the sun in earthly skies Echoes a globe of God whose self is light Hung over mortal mind in a blue of bliss. Even as the soil’s cry fe...
Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother - On Multitasking, Avadhana-Kala and Multiple Samyama - The American President Lyndon Johnson once claimed that his political opponent Gerald Ford could not pass wind and chew gum at the same time...For the past...
Sri Aurobindo Studies - The Limitations of the Overmental Consciousness - As powerful and as wide as the overmental consciousness is, it’s action is not yet based in or centered in knowledge; it remains a power of action founded ...
Savitri Era - Intellectual culture facilitates East-West dialogue - Kepler apparently wins, but in order to corner his opponents he forges several propositions which appear to be too abstract. One is his conception of Yog...
At the Feet of The Mother - - Savitri (Hindi) 28th March 2012 at Dining Room Hall, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India. Language : Hindi Duration : 37 Minutes File Size : 34 MB ...
Supramental - Transformation Supramentale, Conscience Supramentale, Force Supramentale, Manifestation Supramentale - Un monde vivant - Notre monde est un monde fait d’une conscience énergie vivante qui est qui, cette conscience énergie, sans arret devient les états de conscience et les cor...
A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs - Video Report of Dilip Datta's Violence against Devotees in Silent Protest - We have received a video report of the events of 27th February 2012 in which Dilip Datta, trustee of the Ashram Trust, misbehaved with devotees in Silent P...
Overman Foundation - Publication of the second edition of “Sri Aurobindo: His Political Life and Activities”. - Dear Friends, It gives me immense pleasure to announce that on 12 March 2012 Overman Foundation has published the second and paperback edition of its e-b...
Savitri Era Devotees - Money Power - Q: Divine Mother, could we have a message from you to pass along to those in the United States who may be ready to aid in the fund-raising work we are d...
Auro Truths - New content: Attempts to create an “Aurobindonian religion” - New content, reproduced below, has been added to this website: Attempts to create an “Aurobindonian religion”: Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have unambiguou...
Sri Aurobindo: A Contemporary Reader Edited by Sachidananda Mohanty, Routledge India, 2008

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He stood ten feet above us

Although he stood ten feet above us, each foot a sky, he yet attended to every detail of this life of ours, eternity taking care of each and every moment of time, each ray kindling a spark in each grain, in each particle of dust. Comment posted by RY Deshpande Re: Two Poems by Arjava with Sri Aurobindo’s Comments Mar 7, 2012 08:23 PM

Besides, we may say that individual sadhana is not the only purpose in the Ashram. The collective sadhana is equally important and this imposes many responsibilities on the management which they have to discharge with great care and equity. Removing members from their work spots on relatively flimsy grounds does not seem to meet the requirements expected of the trustees... But if problems are to be solved internally, without external intervention, a sincere dialogue seems to be the only way. January 24, 2012 Ranganath Raghavan 12:23 PM

The point of this declaration is not to issue a personal endorsement of the trustees as individuals. It does not even matter who the five trustees happen to be. Rather this is an initiative that expresses faith in the constitutional structure and processes enshrined in the Trust Deed, the Mother's document. It is therefore an initiative in support of the high ideals, the very idea, the sheer reality, of Sri Aurobindo Ashram itself. We must not and will not see the fabric that holds our organization together ripped apart. And by the same token, those making the point that they are only attacking the trustees and not the Ashram itself and that their actions are for the good of the institution are deluding themselves and playing a dangerous game. There are vested interests attempting to create the impression that a majority of Ashramites are sympathetic to those filing lawsuits against the Trust, but nothing could be further from the truth. We will not allow this false and dangerous notion to gain further ground. This is the time to stand firm, stand together in the face of this assault on the core values of our Ashram, to lend our voices in support of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's institution and its appointed representatives against the forces that are out to destabilize our community.

from:  Narayan T Rao date: 6 March 2012 22:16 subject: reply to Shri Ranganath's response to the Declaration 12:33 PM 6:37 PM 7:45 PM 8:41 PM 9:48 PM 
How many Ashrams have we imagined where the inmates, some unmarried, especially women, expose their lower bottom on the body by wearing shorts and go out on the streets, even to the markets? How many traditional Indian ashrams serve non-vegetarian food to their inmates? This is a reality in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and a big attack by some fundamental groups who are plotting a planned and systematic attack to the very essence and existence of its survival. This is the nature of attack…
Anybody, following the words of our Gurus is doing Their work, be it a coolie in a railway station, or an inmate working in a department of Ashram or an individual trustee working for the Ashram Trust Board. The aim of the individual determines the direction one takes in life… You say that the number is big and they are highly dissatisfied with the management… If numbers and figures determine the views of the inmates, then we should be having trustees who are Oriyas only, and not from any other state, I think... Manas