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Sri Aurobindo’s return to Bengal

Till January 7 at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, 3 Regent Park:
Aspiration 2007, 32nd anniversary celebrations of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture highlighting partition of Bengal and Sri Aurobindo’s return to Bengal. Featuring various cultural programmes. Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sri Aurobindo School, Sector 27, Chandigarh

However, there are a few other schools in the city who do not have a canteen at all. "By not having a canteen in the school premises we make sure that at least till the time children are with us they are not eating unhealthy food," said, Amrita Vatsyayan, Principal Sri Aurobindo School, Sector 27. Ditto is for Strawberry Fields World School in Sector 26. The school has no canteen and believes it’s a merit. The executive officer here said, "We encourage students to bring home cooked food as this is more nutritious." Jyotsna Jalali The Indian Express Home> Chandigarh> News Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Mother is the reigning guru of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram

1972» Iowa City Press Citizen (Newspaper) - August 11, 1972, Iowa City, Iowa Subscription - Iowa City Press Citizen - NewspaperArchive - Aug 11, 1972 The Mother is the reigning guru of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram which this year is cele- ... Sri Aurobindo Ghose. born in Calcutta in 1872. was a Hindu. ...Related web pages
Daily Tribune, The (Newspaper) - August 11, 1972, Wisconsin Rapids ...Subscription - Daily Tribune - NewspaperArchive - Aug 11, 1972 Sri Aurobindo Ghose, bora in Calcutta in 1872, was a Hindu, Bengali Indian nationalist who -fled after a bomb throwing in- cident in April 1910 to Pondi- ... Related web pages
Edwardsville Intelligencer, The (Newspaper) - August 16, 1972 ...Subscription - Edwardsville Intelligencer - NewspaperArchive - Aug 16, 1972 It probably will be the most spectacular in the Ashram's history, marking not only Sri Aurobindo's one hundredth birthday but the 25th anniversary of ... Related web pages
1973-74» Aurobindo: From Rebel To Avatar Pay-Per-View - Washington Post - ProQuest Archiver - Apr 22, 1973 SRI AUROBINDO was born Aurobindo Ghose in Calcutta on Aug. 15, 1872. At the age of 5, Aurobindo was placed in the Loretto Convent School in Darjeeling and ...Related web pages
The Mother Departs TIME Magazine - Time Inc. - Dec 3, 1973 The Sri Aurobindo Society, which she founded in 1960 to coordinate the activities of the ashram and Auroville, now has centers in 23 countries, ... Related web pages
1988-90» AN UNEASY OASIS AUROVILLE, INDIA'S EXPERIMENTAL CITY OF UNITY, IS ...$2.95 - Philadelphia Inquirer - NewsBank - Feb 15, 1988 On one side is the Sri Aurobindo Society of nearby Pondicherry - followers of The ... This kind of thinking came directly from Sri Aurobindo, an Indian who, ...Related web pages
To the South, Another India$4.95 - New York Times - Oct 21, 1990 Most people who stop in Pondicherry are looking for the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the tomb of its founder, Sri Aurobindo, and his disciple, ... All 2 related - Related web pages
1997-98» Temple-Hopping in South India $4.95 - New York Times - Nov 30, 1997 These folks were Sri Aurobindo, a revered spiritual leader, and his partner, ... After Sri Aurobindo died, The Mother started Auroville, a 12-square-mile ... Related web pages
"The Holy Refusal": A Vedantic Interpretation of JD Salinger's ...Subscription - MELUS - HighBeam Research - Jun 22, 1998 Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library Popular Edition, Vol. ... Letters on Poetry Literature and Art. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press, ... Related web pages

Miss Wilson was a concert singer

Dishta of Pondicherry TIME Magazine - Time Inc. - Feb 8, 1943 She told Mr. Matthews that she was very happy after three years as a sadhak (follower) of an Indian religious teacher, Sri Aurobindo. Said she: "In fact, ... Related web pages
TIME Magazine Archive Article -- -- Feb. 21, 1944 TIME Magazine - Time Inc. - Feb 21, 1944 The image of her father, in early years, Miss Wilson was a concert singer, welfare worker; in 1939 she became absorbed in the writings of Sri Aurobindo,...All 2 related - Related web pages
TIME Magazine Archive Article -- -- Jun. 24, 1940 TIME Magazine - Time Inc. - Jun 24, 1940 ... donned the voluminous white robes of a disciple of Sri Aurobindo, sought refuge from the world in the Brahmin retreat at Pondichery, India. ... Related web pages
Sikeston Herald, The (Newspaper) - February 17, 1944, Sikeston ... Subscription - Sikeston Herald - NewspaperArchive - Feb 17, 1944 Miss Wilson was a student of the religious group headed by Sri Aurobindo and had been in Pon- dichery, India, where the group lives in solitude. ...Related web pages
The Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - June 17, 1940, Oakland, California Subscription - Oakland Tribune - NewspaperArchive - Jun 17, 1940 ... built a dormitory for fol- lowers of the Brahma religious leader, Sri Aurobindo. Miss Wilson, now 54, entered the colony fwo years ago, Nakashima said. ...Related web pages
The Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - June 17, 1940, Oakland, California Subscription - Oakland Tribune - NewspaperArchive - Jun 17, 1940 ... built a dormitory for fol- lowers of the Brahma religious leader, Sri Aurobindo. Miss Wilson, now 54, entered the colony two years ago, Nakashima said. ... Related web pages
The Lethbridge Herald (Newspaper) - February 12, 1943, Lethbridge ... Subscription - Lethbridge Herald - NewspaperArchive - Feb 12, 1943 Ten years ago. in the New York public library, she chanc- ed upon a catalogue card for "Es- says on the a book by Sri Aurobindo. ... Related web pages
The Edwardsville Intelligencer (Newspaper) - February 19, 1944 ... Subscription - Edwardsville Intelligencer - NewspaperArchive - Feb 19, 1944 She had gone to India several years ago, as a news Hem expresses it, "Io study the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and to lind refuge. from a troubled world. ... Related web pages
Nebraska State Journal, The (Newspaper) - June 18, 1940, Lincoln ... Subscription - Nebraska State Journal - NewspaperArchive - Jun 18, 1940 ... States' World war president in a religious colony in Bondicherry where he milt a dormitory for followers of Jie Brahma religious leader, Sri Aurobindo. ... Related web pages
The Nebraska State Journal (Newspaper) - February 14, 1944 ... Subscription - Nebraska State Journal - NewspaperArchive - Feb 14, 1944 For the past four years she had seen studying the religious teachings of Sri Aurobindo at a secluded colony of Aurobindo's students, said Mrs. McAdoo, ... Related web pages

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I have fond memories of watching The Mother playing tennis

THE NATIONAL SCHOOL INTENSIVE - Dr Seth Thursday, December 21, 2006
When I was a child my parents took me to visit many ashrams. I have fond memories of watching The Mother playing tennis at Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, of the smell of freshly baked brown bread and of witnessing the table football game there...
The SPIC MACAY NATIONAL SCHOOL INTENSIVE at Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi is an attempt to bring the ashram to the student. As the saying goes if the mountain does not come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go the mountain. The children attending the Intensive will do yoga and meditation from 4 am to 7 am, have holistic food, do shramdaan, hear talks and attend workshops by inspiring dancers, singers, artists, puppeteers and yogacharyas, watch film classics and witness performances by top artists of our country for a period of five days. This will include a full night of classical music by five great musicians. It will give them an experience of staying in the proximity of great masters in different areas of human endeavour, learning from them and watching them perform. May this experience enrich the lives of many of my young friends. Kiran Seth posted by SPICMACAYITE at 10:24 AM The Aim - to unite SPICMACAYITES around the world Share information/updates and most importantly opinions and learnings. We welcome concert reviews/ artist Bios/ intersting articles on Indian and world heritage

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Savitri Era Time-line

Ken Wilber and Sri Aurobindo, A Critical Perspective by Rod Hemsell January 2002 Sri Aurobindo’s Opposition Why the Indian establishment resisted him by Mangesh V. Nadkarni The Indian Express March 21, 2002

Ebooks Of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo

About Me Web Address: Updated on Sep. 11 2006 Tags: Sri , Aurobindo , Mother , Maa , Miraa , Mira REQUEST Posted on Aug. 11 2006: This folder is exclusively for the devotees and dicsciples of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo .This folder is a part of special free service given to members of the community on orkut titled "In search of The Mother" we would like to hear ur feedback and ur wish list for next week which is available at community "In search Of The Mother" cl the below mentioned url to visit the community:-
ON THE WAY TO SUPERMANHOOD.pdf This is one of the master piece by SATPREM the compiler of The Mother's Agenda By unknownm on Sep. 11 2006 Size: 688.7kb
Synthesis Of Yoga.pdf Thts another masterpiece by Sri Aurobindo.It was contributed by our member Varun Garde.We thank him for his wonderful contribution. By unknownm on Aug. 30 2006 Size: 10.3MB
SAVITRI.PDF It is the PDF version of SAVITRI contributed by our member Sourav Basu.We thank him for his wondeful job. By unknownm on Aug. 23 2006 Size: 8.1MB
Savitri (Revised Edition).pdf This is the revised edition of Savitri by The Mother. By unknownm on Aug. 17 2006 Size: 322kb
The Mother's This is the complete AGENDA of The Mother written by Satprem It is in 13 volumes. It is the record of Mother's journey in and for the cells of Body. It is one of the masterpiece by The Mother compiled by Satprem.This was contributed by one of our member Sourabh Basu.we thank him for his wonderful contribution. By unknownm on Aug. 17 2006 Size: 4.9MB Page: 1 2 Next »

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A community with new self-sustaining technologies

Yesterday, we visited Auroville, a so-called city of the future. It was started by the spiritual leader of an Ashram in Pondichery known as "Mother" in the 1970's. It was designed to be a community in which new self-sustaining technologies would be developed and serve as a model for future communities. About 1500 people from 80 countries are currently in residence. From what I was able to determine from my visit, the city of the future will have bad roads and there will be many goats. There will also be a lot of butterflies. Pretty cool looking ones at that.

Relationships and social systems that we aspire to co-create

December 14: From Conflict to Manifesting Aspirations
Free 5 day, 2 part, intensive consciousness-in-action workshop
You are invited to experience conflict as a positive life energy that has the potential to,
o clarify our perceptions of ourselves and each other
o enhance an intuitive and conscious synergy1 of self in action.
o manifest the relationships and social systems that we aspire to co-create
Part I Date: Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th December 2006
Time: 9.30 am - 4.30pm
Venue: Mitra (behind the Town Hall), Auroville, India
Part II Date: Thursday 28th – Friday 29th December 2006
Time: 9.30 am - 4.30pm
Venue: Mitra (behind the Town Hall), Auroville, India
We welcome and appreciate donations which will go towards Unity Pavilion’s work with human unity and peace. To book a place or for information and an outline of the course, please email

1 synergism, the doctrine that the human will and the Divine Sprit are two efficient agents that co-operate in regeneration2- ascribed to Melanchthon
2 regenerate, to produce anew: to renew spiritually; to put new life or energy into: to reform completely: to produce again in the original form. 6:53 AM December, 2006 November, 2006

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo on Anger

"If you give expression to anger, you prolong or confirm the habit of the recurrence of anger; you do not diminish or get rid of the habit. The very first step towards weakening the power of anger in the nature and afterwards getting rid of it altogether is to refuse all expression to it in act or speech. Afterwards one can go on with more likelihood of success to throw it out from the thought and feeling also." -- Sri Aurobindo
"If one takes as an absolute discipline, instead of acting or speaking (because speech is an action), instead of acting under the impulse, if one withdraws and then does as I said, one sits down quietly, concentrates and then looks at this anger quietly, one writes it down, when one has finished writing, it is gone -- in any case, most often ... one should always do this, when he feels that he is caught by an impulse of some kind or other, particularly impulses of anger." -- The Mother
Posted at 09:57 PM in Freedom from Anger December 13, 2006

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Alok Pandey at Coimbatore

Engagements - In Coimbatore Today The Hindu Friday, Dec 15, 2006 ePaper
Religion: Sri Aurobindo Society Coimbatore: Talk, Alok Pandey
Stanes Tea and Coffee Company compound, Trichy Road, 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Auroville is a very cool concept

I recently had a discussion about Aurobindo and Auroville with one of the interns. Of course Auroville is a very cool concept even if it is a tad unlikely in its utopian aspirations because it is populated by humans with very human foibles. During the course of this conversation I was reminded of something I came across years ago,and the insane contrast it provided between what I saw and the reality of the situation as I knew it. posted by The Bangalore Torpedo at 2:48 PM

Auroville surprise

By MiOd [02]. Ayoub [03]. Ya lamouni [04]. Shâmsi [05]. Hallil [06]. Auroville surprise [07]. Yali [08]. Menana [09]. Les voyages de Simbad [10]. Hasnae [11]. Eden Download DISC1 Download DISC2 PW : WeLove-music Field under: Cafe Oriental.
PW : WeLove-music Field under: Cafe Oriental
posted by MiOd at Sunday, December 17, 2006 Permalink

Thanksgiving at Auroville


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Journey of Savitri

Christians charged with tampering with Sri Aurobindo's works
Posted February 20, 2004
PONDICHERRY: Cases were filed in the Chief Judicial Magistrate court at Alipore, Kolkata, on August 28 against the trustees of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and others for tampering the works of Sri Aurobindo, particularly his magnum opus `Savitri'. According to a communication from Sri Aurobindo Ashram Beneficiaries Association, the accused are Manoj Dasgupta, Dr Dilip Dutta, Vedprakash Johar, Albert Patel (all trustees of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust), Nirodbaran, Amal Kiran alias K.D Sethna, Peter Heehs, Richard Hartz, Ranganath and Mira Gupta. They have been charged with sections 420(cheating), 460(fruad) and 120 B (Criminal conspiracy) of IPC.

Monday, December 11, 2006

He chose Sri Aurobindo’s life and work as the subject for his doctoral thesis

Historic epistles on Kashmir G.S. Bhargava The Tribune - Chandigarh, India Sunday, December 10, 2006
Jammu and Kashmir, 1949-64. Select Correspondence between Jawaharlal Nehru and Karan Singhby Karan Singh. Penguin/Viking. Pages 374. Rs. 595
A product of Doon School and Delhi University, Karan Singh is a multifaceted scholar. He made a deep study of Hinduism, in which his proficiency in Sanskrit was naturally handy; he chose Sri Aurobindo’s life and work as the subject for his doctoral thesis. I still remember a public meeting at Sapru House, New Delhi, about 50 years ages ago, I guess, at which the then Principal of his alma mater, Gurmukh Nihal Singh, felicitated him on his scholastic accomplishment. Karan Singh then held the select audience spellbound with his eloquence and erudition. His intellectual brilliance remained undimmed for the last 40 years during which I had the privilege of watching him, even when he was a Cabinet Minister in Chaudhry Charan Singh’s defector government.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The pioneering role of Navajyoti founded by Shri Prapatti

Navajyoti completes its 49th year Navajyoti edited by Biswambhara Samanta and published by Navajyoti Publication, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry has completed its 49th year of uninterrupted publication. Founded by Shri Prapatti under the inspiration of Shri Ramakrishna Das, this quarterly in Oriya is witness and instrumental to an unprecedented spiritual efflorescence in Orissa in the last half-century.
Of course, the popular appeal of its younger sibling Navaprakash, a monthly, is far higher; but the pioneering role of Navajyoti in carrying the message of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo from distant Puducherry to remote corners of Orissa has few parallels. Reading of Murari Pukur in the rural environs of Sailo Jharpara appears to be a miracle even today. # posted by Tusar N Mohapatra

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sri Aurobindo College, Malviya Nagar

No campus of its own, this college runs from a school building. While Du looks at means to expand seats for accommodating the proposed 27 per cent OBC quota, Newsline looks at infrastructure in city colleges Neha Sinha Indian Express Home> Delhi> News Thursday , December 07, 2006
New Delhi, December 6: For Delhi University’s Sri Aurobindo College, Malviya Nagar, increasing seats for reservation from the next academic session will be a nightmare. Reason: the college has been running both its morning shifts—since 1972- and evening shifts—1984 onwards—from a cramped school building. With DU set to increase seat intake by 54% for reservation in social science and commerce courses, here’s why the going will be difficult: some colleges in DU do not even have a ‘college’ building, and are operating from school buildings for years.
The original ten acre land allotted for Sri Aurobindo at Kishangarh near Vasant Kunj is actually ridge land. “It has been decades since we have been in this school building...we are told that the original land can never be re-claimed. Over the years, the number of students and courses have gone up. Just running two colleges from the same school building is a struggle,’’ says Bimlesh Yadav, principal, Sri Aurobindo College, evening.

Georges Van Vrekhem speaks on the Second World War

December 6 at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, 8 Shakespeare Sarani; 5.45 pm: Georges Van Vrekhem will speak on The Importance of the Second World War. Calcutta Telegraph - Calcutta,India Wednesday, December 06, 2006


[15] This adjectival form of Sri Aurobindo was coined by senior disciple and author Amal Kiran (K. D. Sethna) and has since become standard, if a google book and google scholar search are anything to go by. However Tusar N. Mohapatra has recently argued that "The last o in Sri Aurobindo is not necessary for pronunciation of the name, and hence a simple Aurobindian is good for all seasons". See blog post dated 23 Aug 2006 "Savitri Era is our religion" ... So even if Aurobindonian is grammatically incorrect, it is still the more common adjectival form in print.
-- Alan Kazlev, Integral Esotericism, A new Integral paradigm in theory and practice, Part One: Introduction

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

He offered his farmland in Shamsabad for housing the Auroville

Sir Akbar Hydari succeeded Maharaja Kishen Pershad as Prime Minister in 1936...After five years as Prime Minister, his relations with the Nizam seemed to have cooled off. One reason for that was that Akbar could not get the Berar back to the Nizam. In 1941 he was appointed a member of the Executive Council of the Viceroy. The Nizam gave him the title of Hyder Nawaz Jung and relieved him. He was not very happy at going to Delhi. Soon after going to Delhi, he passed away in 1942. His body was brought back to Hyderabad and buried in the Bohra graveyard in Hussaini Alam.
He was a kind person and very simple in his habits. He made people feel at ease with him. On the death of his brother, he adopted his three children and brought them up as his own. He was a devout Muslim but many people have testified to his broad, liberal outlook. His house was somewhat of a cultural centre and artists and writers used to visit it frequently. Ravi Shankar’s elder brother, Uday Shankar came and stayed with him. He offered his farmland in Shamsabad for housing the Aurobindo Ashram, which was later established at Pondicherry. Posted by Narendra Luther Archives at 4:16 PM Historian of Hyderabad, India.

It was a great and moving experience

The heady days at IIMB: My two year stint at IIMB will surely rank as one of the great periods of my life...The hostel as I said was a new experience for me and I like the experience very much. Had a great time with a great friends circle. Ramanan, Arun Balakrishnan, Shekar, Swapan Ray, Radhakrishnan, Abhishek Mukerjee, Bramachari R Srinivasan(Chinu), Yeshwanth, TVN Srini where some who readily come to mind .. there was a lot of bonhommie within the group and we had good times no matter which group we where in.
There where great outings such as a 3 day stay at Aurobindo Ashram & Auroville at Pondicherry as guests of the Auroville Foundation. It was a great and moving experience. If I remember right the group that went included Mike Manohar, Surya Rao, Amarnath Bhat, Ramanan, Chitty from the Library and self... December 03 9:25 PM

M. Srinivasan speaks on Sri Aurobindo

Engagements - In Chennai Today
Aurobindo Society: M. Srinivasan speaks on Sri Aurobindo and Bankim Chander,
5, Smith Road, Anna Salai, 10 a.m. Sunday, Dec 03, 2006 The Hindu

Auroville incense sticks

Home is where the incense burns: Every morning I wake up in a foreign country that perhaps will never be home. But when I open my canister of carefully rationed Leo coffee powder the strong aroma reminds me only of Madras. And if I close my eyes, I am there.
Amma’s home is the smell of rose petals in an urli, bodhi sattva incense, withering parijatham and malli. Ripe mangoes in season and water infused with vetiver roots in summer. Coriander, curry leaves and Sabena. These smells mingle to produce a bouquet that can perhaps never be replicated, and even if it were only two people would want a bottle of it – my sister and myself. I’ve done my best to recreate the smell of home in my small corner of London.
Every trip to Madras sees me return with ridiculous quantities of Auroville incense sticks and Giri Trading’s annual stock of sambrani. I go overboard though, and it’s not uncommon to see my husband red eyed and spluttering as he drinks his morning chai, enveloped in a white gauzy aromatic mist.But I can’t help myself. The scented candles and incense you get in London do not remind me of my home but of Laura Ingall Wilder and her little house on the prairie. Sweet Potato Pie, Washed Linen and Spiced Cranberry say Thanksgiving not Thai Poosam. posted by The ramblings of a shoe fiend @ 9:49 AM

Auroville- A city for the future

Auroville- A city for the future. It belongs to no one but to humanity as a whole. Set in the jungle of southern india there are almost 5000 residents from around the world. The city sprawls on green land to the ocean. It was once barren land which has been revived by the Aurovillians. Very interesting. A nice place to rest for a while. Write, bike, yoga, farm, meditate, eat, read, swim and get away from a lot of the hassles that India has to offer. Although they still exist even here.
Well it has been quite a day. I finally tracked down a photographer that I have been trying to get a hold of for a couple of months now. He lives here in Auroville-'the city the earth needs'. I picked up his post card when I was in India last time. Immediatly I fell in love with his photos. He has a way of capturing the beauty in this crazy place. So we met and talked and he agreed to allow me to incorperate his photos into my play. Very exciting.
I spent the afternoon visiting the heart of Auroville, the Martimindir. It is a giant golden globe, like a cross of science world and the epcor center. Inside 'the petals' is giant marble meditation room with white carpets and a glass ball. It is a process of three days before you are allowed to enter meditate inside. I have done two. Today I entered the building. There is scaffolding everywhere as it is still under construction. Entering the dome was as close to entering a space ship I think I will ever come. A group of us were led up the rickity wooden stairs to the inside the chamber. It was incredible. The dome of marble soars above, there is nothing but white. One ray of sunlight is fed from the ceiling onto the glass ball in the center. Awe inspiring. Tommorow I will meditate.
Time to jump back on my bike and make my way back to my guest house. Dark is settling and I don't want to bike in the dark. My bike is from 1919....okay maybe 1942. I think it was left behind by the British. It has two seperate handle bar grips and is covered in rust. I can picture myself as I labour down the red dirt road peddling with all my might. Floppy white sunhat on my head, pink flip flops, thai pants and backpack. Hot. The bike was included in the room, so are my meals, laundry. Not bad for less than $10 canadian. Oh, and I have an extra bed so if anyone wants to come for a sleep over I will be here until Thursday. 4:21 AM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kari Edwards (1954 - 2006)

From Kevin Killian:
Yes, it’s true about kari’s death and here in the Bay Area we are all still in shock as I imagine her friends all over the country and elsewhere are as well. Fran Blau asked me to spread the word about, well, something you can do in kari’s memory if you care to, and that’s to make a donation to Cinema Paradiso, the international cinema in Auroville, the visionarycommunity in southern India where kari and Fran had spent a happy year + together.
Checks should be made out to:Auroville Maintenance Fundand sent to:Financial ServicesTown Hall AnnexAuroville 605101Tamil NaduIndia
Please note that it’s to support “Cinema Paradiso” and that your gift is in memory of kari edwards. Thanks everyone. If anyone needs an update or whatever feel free to get in touch with me,
Kevin K.
From Geoffrey Gatza:
Tragic News - kari edwards
It was announced over our many poetry lists that a dear friend and brilliant poet, kari edwards passed a short while ago. I was working with her on her latest book, having been blue for charity. We were set to release it shortly. And with no motive other than coming together for her we have placed this book online as an ebook at her BlazeVOX [books] webpage.
Direct link to book:
This is simply a stunning book and I urge you to spend a moment with kari’s poetry. I don’t know what else to say as I am numb.
Best, Geoffrey
Geoffrey Gatza BlazeVOX [books]

Musicians influenced by Ken Wilber and Sri Aurobindo

Call for Musicians Cecilia Suhr
I am looking for musicians in and around NYC area who are influenced by Ken Wilber and Sri Aurobindo, Integral Theory, or who associate their music with Avant Garde... It's not just for playing music but also for a dissertation research. Thanks
much love, cecilia suhr. 12:32 AM -Tuesday, December 05, 2006

People pay homage to Sri Aurobindo

Puducherry, Dec 5: People from different parts of the country thronged the premises of Sri Aurobindo Ashram here to pay homage at the samadhi of the revolutionary turned philosopher Sri Aurobindo on the occasion of his 56th memorial day (Mahasamadhi Day) today.
Arrangements were made to enable devotees visit the chamber where the saint did his spiritual tapas in the ashram. Sri Aurobindo came to Puducherry in 1910 and devoted himself to spiritual work and 'sadhana.' (Agencies)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

They were dedicated souls

Tusar N Mohapatra has posted in Aurora Mirabilis on December 02, 2006: #
I knew them personally and came into their personal contact some times during 1970’s and 1980’s during the course of doing The Mother’s work. Both of them were true and worthy children of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. They were dedicated souls, in search of the New Light. The Grace of The Mother and The Lord will be with them for ever ! Barin Chaki 04-12-2006 Posted by Barin at 2:22 AM Labels:

Yearn for that certain something

My father was a karmayogi; for him his work was his worship. My mom on the other hand, I have seen her go from idol worship to searching for her inner self. From Sri Chinmayananda to Ramakrishna Paramhansa to the teachings of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh and Mother, I have grown up watching her yearn for that certain something.
Growing up, it was all hogwash to me. She would sit us down and talk to us about the stuff she had read, it would be so simplistic but yet so hard to believe. "Amma how could you believe in such stuff" my mind would yell out but I would keep it to myself in fear of hurting her feelings...
But lately I have realized that yeah probably there is some truth to her words. We just love the company of some but absolutely hate the sight of the others. We vibe well with some and get along better with them. Is it coz we are attracting like forces. Maybe so.....Posted by An Iengar Chick ....

Sri Aurobindo School of Eastern and Western thought

Mon, 04 Dec 2006 08:26:45 -0600 Balasubramanian: The Enworlded Subjectivity by Career assessment @ Mon, 04 Dec 2006 08:26:45 -0600 Started his career in 1950. He taught in Besant Theosophical college, Vivekanada College and ... He started Sri Aurobindo School of Eastern and Western thought at Pondicherry University and was its first Chairman for five years. ...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Ujwal of Aurobindo International School in Vidyanagar

India Positive Think India...Think positive... Monday, December 04, 2006 Ujwal Bhat has a way with Calendars
This child prodigy, a walking-talking calendar of sorts, has memorised 500 calendar years between 1600 and 2100. And, for this extraordinary feat, he made it to the coveted ‘Limca Book of Records' this year. Ujwal, a class VI student of Aurobindo International School in Vidyanagar, can rattle off answers for questions in any combination of day, date, month or year in a matter of a few seconds. Read report Posted by venkatesh

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Jagabandhu Behura and Amar Singh are no more with us

A leading light of The Mother's work in the Western Orissa, Jagabandhu Behura of Rajgangpur passed away on September 6, 2oo6 at the age of 80 at Bhubaneswar.
Another Orissa associate and an ardent devotee of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, Amar Singh, aged 97 years, left his body on November 10, 2006 at Noida.

The Transformation of the Body

Arabinda Basu is a member of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry India. He previously taught at the University level in England. He has been a frequent visitor and lecturer in the United States and is editor of "Gavesana".
Wayne Bloomquist is currently the president of the Sri Aurobindo Association. He and his wife, Surama, handle the national book distribution for the writings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Wayne received his doctorate from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco where he was first introduced to Integral Yoga by the late Haridas Chaudhuri. He is keenly interested in the physical transformation of the body. Wayne is the author of "Search for the Soul", "The Soul and its Power", and the forthcoming "The Finding of the Soul".
Michael Murphy is co-founder and Chairman of the Board of the Esalen Institute, and author of three novels: "Golf in the Kingdom", "Jacob Atabet", and "An End to Ordinary History". His nonfiction works include "The Life We Are Given", a book about transformative practice co-authored with George Leonard, and "The Future of the Body". He has been inspired by Sri Aurobindo and lived for over a year at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India.
Bryan Walton was a resident of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry and at Auroville from 1971-1980. As a photographer, he has been fascinated by the visual and cultural similarities he has found in his travels around the world. Integrating poetry, pictures and music, Bryan produces multi-media presentations on world cultures, art, and religion. He is currently working with several universities in the Madison, Wisconsin area.
The Sri Aurobindo Association in America Presents A ground breaking Conference CELLULAR EVOLUTION - The Transformation of the Body October 11-15, 1995 The Airport Clarion Hotel San Francisco, California

The reason is the bar

jeudi, 30 novembre 2006 Aurobindo
Le mental est une aide
Le mental est l’entrave
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Avremo gran difficoltà a trasformare la vita esteriore e il corpo. Oppure ci accorgeremo che la nostra azione non risponde alla luce che ci illumina interiormente, ma che obbedisce ancora ai vecchi imperfetti influssi; un abisso doloroso separerà ancora la Verità che è in noi, dal meccanismo ignorante della nostra natura esteriore... come se vivessimo in un altro mondo, più vasto e più sottile, ma senza presa divina, o può darsi senza presa di nessuna specie sull'esistenza materiale e terrestre (Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, 1955 pag. 105).

I want to be a humble devotee silently crying in my privacy

Annai (Mother) from France settled in Pondicherry and understood deeply the significance of India’s strength. Till her last breath she spread just Love for suffering human and non-suffering humans.
The Great Aurobindo invited her in a trance and dream. She came to India.
She advised Indians to concentrate on the Spiritual wealth of India, which is strength and peace of an individual for personal, his relatives and World Peace.
It is a very difficult concept to explain. We may have to experience it, and revel the grace of true love of Annai without any boundaries or conditions.
The above is an Intro for a special request by Pranita to know about Annai of Pondicherry, Aurobindo ashram..
Well, I can write thousands of words – but the love of Annai cannot be understood. Just like Puttbarthi Satya Sai., who is above our reach, but he is with us always.
Please give me time to write more. There are many devotees and sites. I can give a link to the sites. That is all I can do. I am a poor devotee (in the sense of spirituality). I want to be a humble devotee silently crying in my privacy, even inside a bathroom.
Ilayaraja has sung a beautiful song on Annai – Malar Pondra Manam Vendum Thaye, which was the opening song in Vijay TV many years ago. The meaning of the opening words is ; Give a Mind as beautiful, blissful to love the entire world – I pray to you Mother’ And the subsequent lines of the song are even more blissful. Let us pray to Annai (Mother) for success in our life

D.N. Wadia was also influenced by Aurobindo Ghosh

After completing his school education, at the age of 16, Wadia joined the Baroda College, which was then affiliated to Bombay University. From Baroda College, Wadia completed two BSc degrees. His first BSc degree, which he obtained in 1903, was in Zoology and Botany. He obtained his second BSc degree in 1905, which was in Botany and Geology. Wadia’s interest in geology was aroused by his teacher at the Baroda College, Adarjee M. Masani, a keen naturalist and Professor of Natural history.
In those days Baroda College did not have sufficient facilities for imparting education in geology therefore whatever Wadia learned was mostly through selfstudy. At Baroda College, Wadia was also influenced by Aurobindo Ghosh, who was then a Professor of English. Aurobindo later turned a mystic, philosopher and saint. In 1905 Wadia was appointed Fellow of the Baroda College. He completed his MSc degree in Biology and Geology in 1906. The geological specimen kept in the Museum of Arts and Science at Baroda greatly helped Wadia to pursue his geological studies. The Museum was set up under the patronage of the then ruler of Baroda State, Maharaja Sayaji Rao Gaekwar. e-mail:

Friday, December 01, 2006

The young men of Bengal have taken the charge

A new era begins. The young men of Bengal have taken the charge of the movement started by 'Sri Aurobindo's Action' to commemorate the Centenary of Sri Aurobindo's return to Bengal. The Youth section of Sri Aurobindo's Action, West Bengal have already conducted three whole day youth camps at Howrah, Hooghly and Malda districts in the months of September, October and November respectively. After the camp few enthusiastic young have started monthly 'youth sittings' at their respective places. Youth section wants to conduct youth camps in different districts of West Bengal and build up a strong network among the present young generation who are interested to implement the teachings of Sri Aurobindo in their everyday life. In this great venture we expect active participation and help from all the like minded people, especially young ones from every corner. Editorial Watchword What is Youth Young and the Future Integral Yoga and Ordinary Life Online Guideline Light for Students