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Sri Aurobindo was an unparalleled genius and visionary

Happy 51st Birthday Auroville
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2019 issue of the e-magazine 'Realization' of Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch

Aurobindo Ghosh was an unparalleled genius and visionary. Read how top ranking British intelligence officers assessed his ingenuity. What Aurobindo Ghosh initiated, Subhas Chandra Bose finished. The Indian Freedom Movement
It took the genius of Aurobindo Ghosh to coalesce ideas that existed in Hindu ethos into devastating tools of mass movements- Swaraj & Swadeshi. Both were coalesced in much maligned Calcutta in the first decade of the twentieth century. Read:

Marketime: Sri Aurobindo coalesced native ideas into devastating tools of mass movements @NathTusar Tusar Nath Mohapatra, SELF, #SavitriEra #ShipraRiviera #Indirapuram #Ghaziabad #UttarPradesh #MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #Auroville

The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo had its completion last month in 1919 and nothing more profound or epochal has been published during the last one hundred years. Educated Indians must realise its significance as the most potent soft power and spread awareness of it in all spheres

In his enthusiasm as a scholar, Ashis Nandy has done immense damage to Sri Aurobindo. A whole generation got prejudiced; ignored Sri Aurobindo. Nandy has never shown that he has actually read some important works of #SriAurobindo but he can make some amends for the injustice done

On 20 October #Nivedita arrived in Baroda. Sri #Aurobindo received her at the station. This was their first meeting. The two got along very well, but Nivedita’s meeting with the Gaekwar was a failure.
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22) Meeting Tilak in Ahmedabad:
In Dec.1902, Congress conducted its 1st session in Ahmedabad (18th overall), on the financial backing of the ongoing Industrial exhibition (where Gaekwad read #SriAurobindo's speech)..
It was here that the two 'extremists' met for the first time:

"The disappearance of Pakistan is inevitable. It should already have taken place but human ignorance has delayed it."
- The Mother, Sri Aurobindo Ashram
"I’ve seen how. It won’t be done through a battle: the different parts of Pakistan will demand separation. There are five of them. And by separating, they’ll join India – to form a sort of confederation. That’s how it will be done."
-The Mother, Sri Aurobindo Ashram

#Mother #SriAurobindo r parents of original 4 asuras who cause all trouble n Falsehood in world and also.of  trimurtis n all the other gods
That #Mother said - Pakistan is a falsehood. It must go. Sri Aurobindo too said.
Hv no fear. Stand by them, finish Pak state @nsitharaman

Sri Aurobindo's musings on the Idea of Free Nationality
Sri Aurobindo on how World War 1 led to idea of free nationality in different denouements
Sri Aurobindo on Nature's balancing of free nationality and imperialism
Sri Aurobindo on the unrealised principle of free union of States
Sri Aurobindo on a common language versus diversity
Sri Aurobindo on language as an unique instrument of group individuality

The alienation of Kashmiri Sunni Muslims cannot be cured in any way - a majority seems to want Azadi or merger with Pak, at least a plurality does. The rest of India is under no obligation to try to convince them otherwise. Resettle more people in J&K and make KMs less relevant.

The day, Modi took oath, I tweeted that he will be the Gorbachev of #India. If he remains more 5years, India’s geographic map will be very different from today. #IndianOccupiedKashmir #Khalistan #Nagaland #Bihar etc. Fascism has NO future. #PulwamaDrama

Modi is going to do with India what Gorbachev did to USSR. In pursuing win in the elections Modi forgot repercussion of divide and win.kashmiris suffered a lot may be now God is helping them to get rid of their agony

Modi is going to be the Gorbachev of India, mark my words... he will shatter India in pieces!

modi needs to kill few Indians to win election!  after election split India frm north south east west like Gorbachev did Russia w comunal violence! feel sorry 4 India! #SayNoToWar @Swamy39 @kishkindha @BDUTT  @sagarikaghose  @sanjaykpr @radhikabordia @sardesairajdeep  #Abhinandan

Col. Is Modi bent upon fire and hell of nukes in sub-continent.He is butcher of Gujrat. Now butcher of Kasmir.Will he prove Gorbachev of India.

Modi is as much a product of the rotten secular democratic state as Maino. Changes within such a deeply foul system will be incremental only
Modi IMO is akin to Gorbachev. And following Modi Hindus will have their Yelstins and other bozos before they get their Putin

Indira Gandhi divided Pakistan.
Modi can never do anything even close to it.

Primacy of languages should be recognised and States of India must get Sovereignty by abolishing the Central Govt. #SriAurobindo spoke of #WorldUnion and a Confederation of South Asian States will be catalyst. Modi can be an instrument of Evolutionary forces to turn a Gorbachev.
It's for the local people to defend themselves by forging suitable alliances. Such bulwark will grow organically. Besides, there is no need to paint a dismal image of China; it's also bound by many international restrictions and commitments. Sri Aurobindo has foreseen Federation.
I confess that my articulations are more philosophical than conforming to geopolitical apprehensions. But I stick to it based on my intense attraction for Odia and Sri Aurobindo's forecasts. Creation of Bangladesh and disintegration of USSR remain examples of China's irrelevance.

At this rate, Modi may turn out to be a Gorbachev when India as a British legacy becomes history and the States legitimately become free Republics. #SCJudgesMutiny can have a cascading effect triggering a relook at worn out principles and shibboleths. Evolutionary forces at work!

Modi raising Balochistan in his Independence day speech is likely to snowball into balkanisation of India leaving him Gorbachev and last PM. 22.9.16

Let Modi be the last PM of India and get Nobel Prize for granting Sovereign status to the States by dissolving the Centre. 24.9.16

Obsess about customers & their needs even as the ‘product’ morphs into what ‘its should be’. The #startup I’m invested in/advise is creaking on tech, infra, platform & what not but serves customers exceptionally well even if it means manually processing stuff. One word: #Culture!

“When it comes to choosing between what is right and what is easy, remember Cedric Diggory”.
That piece of truth, that wisdom is so lost on so many of us today. Even those who are “educated”- perhaps they prefer the lies of the Death Eaters, for false comfort. #FightForTruth

Now if you wonder why the English news media is so obsessively Liberal and promotes the Aman Ki Asha stuff, this explains it all. South Mumbai Bollywoodiyas, Corporate Media Barons, Page 3 Celebs, the Lutyenites, all belong to the same incestuous clique.

The hashtag #SayNoToWar explained here. Now just go back and check all those in India trending it have exactly same views as this lady. #Saynotowar

There's a reason why left liberals and sleazy Bollywoodiyas spout mindless idealism. The reason is that deep down they are filthy degenerates. Without an iota of morality in their lives, they believe this shroud of idealism will hide their dirty sins. It doesn't.

Lesson is - an icon represents more what you make it represent than what  the human actually did.
Conceptually, the realization one has, one tends to project, and reads several insights just the way Yogananda Aurobindo etc saw Christ and Mohammed as yogis etc. Not necessarily matching with what those cults/religions see in those icons and thus worth discarding.

Evolutionary anthropologist Joseph Henrich of Harvard University has proposed that religious commitment emerges from costly rituals like fasting, donation, celibacy and martyrdom. When people see other members of their own community, especially prestigious ones, make these sacrifices, they’re more likely to accept the underlying beliefs. This stems from our inherent tendency to learn by imitation and follow tradition, even when the reasons are unknown.

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To establish a communication with what is invisible

As The Mother's Darshan Day approaches, Dr Alok Pandey reflects on the role Sri Aurobindo and The Mother play in human history (TEXT).

This book, SRI AUROBINDO IN BARODA is a good one to understand the context of the epochal collaboration between Sri Aurobindo and Tilak; in fact Lal-Bal-Pal, which is crucial to later history, or even, what is unfolding today. @Gopanarya @SavitriEraParty

This is the most authoritative work on the Veda and connotations pertaining its deities. Please read online, if you haven't yet. There are two allied volumes too. #SriAurobindo @TrueIndology @Gopanarya

If I may add, Arya, this is a topic where grave misinformation, nay even wild & crude theories have been circulated by even reputed scholars. Hence there is an urgent need to set the record straight. A few months back, I lamented to Sri @blog_supplement how, in the 1930s, even a ...
In short, it seems that even some of the earlier generation of scholars (on whom we ideally we shud have had much more trust) have fared miserably in providing a satisfactory explanation to the Q raised above. So, anything u both write on the subject will certainly offer insights

@jsaideepak The need for an Indic Renaissance by J Sai Deepak Question and Answer session:

@AvinashhMishraa - thanks. I did NOT attack personally. Stuck to ISSUES not personalities. Merely asked for logic/plan to support his proposal to de-nuclearize Pak-China. What an immature response hitting out so foolishly. I still respect his legal work. @arvindneela @jsaideepak

Do the social sciences produce unemployable graduates? Read our discussion on the state of the Indian education system here:

Engaging with current affairs on Twitter is like preparing for competitive exams. To see it as moulding of public opinion or a sign of participative Democracy is farfetched. The reason is, reason is at a discount and spirit of propaganda in adolescent's zeal finds full expression
India is a Democracy comprising of people belonging to divergent religions like Hindus and Muslims. Any section claiming superiority or special considerations on religious grounds is anomalous. Those highlighting religious identity for political mobilisation are on the wrong side
Function of religion is "to establish a communication with what is invisible" and all outward paraphernalia are merely an aid. Those who seek to reverse this principle to gather votes won't reap dividends for ever but would do irreparable damage to both Democracy and the religion

Watch a session on Alternative Narratives of India's Freedom Struggle by @HindolSengupta, @KishwarDesai1, @PrasenjitKBasu, @SanjeevSanyal & Saradindu Mukherji at #DaburRedPasteArth held at IGNCA, Delhi on Feb 8-9-10 at
@DDC_India @ZeeNews @vikramsampath

55. They would denounce the spirituality of ancient Indian culture, propagated by Tilak and Aurobindo, as a means of keeping the masses in ignorance and poverty. (Thus they spake for the 'middle class'!)

Nationalism drove some of the greatest crimes in history, and now it’s back with a vengeance. In the cover package of our March/April issue, eight writers discuss the resurgence of nationalism and how today’s leaders should respond.

On the death anniversary of #UmbertoEco we celebrate his attack & analytic exposing of fascism, let's us add to this, he had a disdain for social media for its inexpert voices getting equally amplified #India

On Copernicus's birthday, 100 diagrams that changed the world – from his heliocentric model of the universe to the Rosetta Stone to the Moses Harris color wheel

ICYMI: “We can finally see what the history of the Milky Way is.”

I once heard another MIT professor, Rodney Brooks, describe it in a colorful manner after his talk about predicting people's motion in crowds. (Please excuse my memory and rephrasing)
"So you say humans are like sheep?"
"Yes, they are like that 90% of the time, very predictable."

Join us for the next Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Forum, Astronoesis with Daniel Joseph Polikoff. Thursday Feb 21, 6PM in Area 5. This event will be livestreamed on Youtube.

Through an exclusive partnership with the prestigious Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC), Sanskriti University is conducting Certificate courses and undergraduate degree programmes in Vedic Sciences and Indian Culture.
Read more & apply:…

This brilliant thread tells the history but can't locate the invisible hand of Sri Aurobindo who later wrote [We welcome it all the more because it seems to be conceived in the same free and synthetic spirit as animates this Review. -Arya Aug 1914]. Tilak spoke about him in jail.
At last on Falgun Vadya 30th, 1911 the draft was ready! In a superhuman effort, Tilak had spanned the whole vast ground of Hindu philosophy & come up with a novel & unprecedented thesis in just 5 months! Whn we see d sheer size of the book, his achievement is just awe inspiring!

A good new #OdiaSong but not much view count
[Tu Megha Heija | Official Studio Version | Asima Panda | Human Sagar | Odia New Romantic Song 1,355,410 views Saregama Creations Published on Dec 15, 2018 Music Director is Debashish Panda, Lyrics by Sashikant]