Thursday, October 13, 2011

Can you please pass on this information

Education Innovation Fund for India - Grants upto Rs. 4 Crores

We are happy to announce that the India Council for Integral Education (ICIE), a project of Sri Aurobindo Society, has launched the Education Innovation Fund for India (EIFI), a collaborative project with Hewlett Packard, USA.

The purpose of EIFI is to identify, nurture and support the most promising and innovative ideas and projects for Education within India through the grants. These grants will be awarded to projects that show the capability to be developed, refined and scaled up so as to impact the next future of India’s education.

There is a One Crore Grant to the most promising project in educational innovation, 15 grants upto 15 lakhs and micro grants for students and children of ages 11 – 17 years. The last date for submission of the applications is 15th November 2011.

The full details are available in our website:

Can you please pass on this information to as many schools, colleges, educational institutions, NGOs as possible who you feel will be interested, so that if they have some innovative ideas they can apply for the grants.

For any queries or information, you can contact Aishwarya Ramanujam. She will be glad to help. Her contact details are given below: Email id:
Ph.: 94894-36397
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