Monday, October 05, 2015

Core message of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother is pursuit of the Truth, not self interest

  1. The Judge hearing the Mirambika Parents vs SAES & others case is perhaps on leave today. The case is listed for hearing tomorrow. PJ is ‘praying’ that he extends his leave for that’ll further delay the hearing and so the discovery of the Sun. On that and some other basis, PJ hopes to win the case, persuade parents not to appeal and continue taking late Shri S N Jauhar’s legacy and the Ashram down the drain with his engineering college pipe-dream.
  2. In July, ill (read PJ) advised Tara Didi had announced to Matri Store employees that the Store was to be closed ‘as the Ashram had won the case in the High Court.’ After about two and a half months of that self-defeating win, she has now been ill (read PJ) advised that pre Independence / 1947 papers relating to 6 acres plus land in possession of the Ashram (established in the 1960s) without any legal or contractual basis have been found. This is a bluster-stroke indeed! It seems the Ashram acted to acquire the land in question about 20 years before it was established, much before the Mother gave her blessing for its establishment.
  3. The Mirambika Parents vs SAES & others case is about the illegality of the 14/4 and 1/7 shifts of Mirambika by SAES. PJ perhaps thinks its about 6 acres plus land in possession of the Ashram without any legal or contractual basis and or suitability (for a school) of the unsanctioned building built upon it.
  4. Some parents wishing to admit their kids into the Pondicherry Ashram school (neutrals hiding self interest ie need for support from Jauhars) and some whose kids are already there (pseudo neutral well wishers who have taken support from Jauhars earlier) have been deployed by the Ashram to talk to and win over some of the parent petitioners. The conduct of these new back-channellers is worse than that of parents who got their children admitted to the Mother’s International School by signing undertakings without listening to their own souls. Everyone knows them well and they shall fail in their efforts just as they have failed their children by not learning that the core message of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is pursuit of the Truth, not self interest! May the children realize the shallowness of these parents! How can they participate in the destruction of the Mother’s manifest blessing ‘Mirambika’ here and expect the same to flourish for their children in Pondicherry?
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.