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Hero is the one who can be betrayed with impunity

Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar Director #SavitriEra Learning Forum (SELF since 2005) Ghaziabad #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion

Online Courses this September - Bhagawad Gita | Sanskrit | Psychology of Human Development | Consciousness & Social Evolution | Wellness Coaching -

Happy to announce a very special event coming up on Sept 6th. SAFIC is invited to present two Lectures and two Exhibitions as part of Raj Nivas Lecture Series and Raj Nivas Art and Culture Series at Puducherry. @LGov_Puducherry

We need a new psychology which can offer support for the human mind to reach a perfected state. #WhenTheSoulHeals #spirituality #psychology #selfgrowth #selfhelp #author #spiritualawakening #TheMother #SriAurobindo #books #BookBoost
When householders embark upon a spiritual journey, never-ending struggles await them. Amidst this chaos Someone holds them safe and warm constantly reassuring them that they are the real heroes (My article in Times of India dated 29.082019).
Rethinking Spiritual Psychology
My talk at Vimhans -- what is spiritual psychology, why we need it and how we can integrate it in our daily life. #spirituality #psychology #WhenTheSoulHeals #PulkitSharma #selfgrowth  #selfhelp  #Healing via @YouTube
It was blissful revisiting Sri Aurobindo Ashram last week, presenting my book to Tara Didi and sharing my writing journey with Dr. Ramesh Bijlani. #WhenTheSoulHeals #SriAurobindo #psychology #spirituality #BookBoost #books

Initiated discussion on an Advaitic interpretation of Wittgenstein's transcendental, trans-cultural conception of religion which resembles to contemporary neo-vedantins' (such as Vivekananda's and Sri Aurobindo's) universal religion/intuitive religion at ICPR Centre, Lucknow.

"Power does not always have to corrupt. What it always does, is reveal what you are. If you want to know what a person truly is, give them power." - Knower of the Field, Part two, Chapter thirteen #BookReview #newbooks
"Impelled to seek answers and deep-seated motivations, this thriller will alter readers’ perceptions of genetic science and the flawed people at the helm of corporate corruption in a field established to preserve and protect humanity." -The Booklife Prize

The 'field' and the 'knower of the field' is discussed in Chapter 13, #BhagavadGita 
"The Field and Its Knower" - Sri Aurobindo's translation.

Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri and the Mantra via @indianexpress #lifestyle

That's why I mentioned not Gandhian leadership. I mentioned kshatriyas as de leaders. A pro active Hinduism is what #SriAurobindo desired, not a passive one.

"Ripeness is all". King Lear Shakespeare 
"...the ultimate value of a man is not to be measured by what he does, nor even by what he says, but by what he becomes." 
Sri Aurobindo, Letter to Dilip Kumar Roy

["My opinion is that Allah is great and great is the mystery of the universe and things are not what they seem, etc." Sri Aurobindo
The Ashram is an epitome of this mystery; thing to hold on is this faith "The Ashram is the cradle of the new world." Kishor

Peter Heehs wrote the final book on Sri Aurobindo. Vikram Sampath has written one on Savarkar now. Such a book on Subhas Chandra Bose is badly needed to end perennial discussions on him which, to say the least, is irritating. Failure of science is understandable, but why history?
Not exactly; it's an exacting book barring just one page. It didn't cater to popular expectation but it has documented most positive and negative aspects relating to Sri Aurobindo apart from all minute details of his life. Nothing can be added and in that sense final. @sathya_adv
I have a book called Pen-portraits and tributes by Gandhiji - U.S. Mohan Rao (NBT - 1969). A similar book by Sri Aurobindo can be very popular. Of course, many feel that Sri Aurobindo's assessments at times are a bit flowery, rhetorical, or polemical. Archer's case, for instance.
I might have recommended Sri Aurobindo's The Secret of the Veda several times, but his Vedic and Philological Studies (CWSA-Vol.14-742 pages) is a veritable treasure house to unlock many doors of Indian wisdom. And it's first such compilation in book form.
The Secret of the Veda is the Sri Aurobindo's most original and revolutionary contribution to Indian knowledge bank.
Dharma has become synonymous with Hindutva but they are not very enthusiastic about the Veda. That may be due to the old antagonism towards Arya Samaj. However, The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo exposes falsity of Rituals by establishing their original purpose. @sakshitrust
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo don't differentiate between the so called sacred domain and the profane and thus work becomes worship. Surrender is the only overarching ritual in Integral yoga without reliance on any external paraphernalia or office of a priest
Well, PhD is nothing but crossing the threshold to enter the world of ideas and encounter it with more freedom and confidence. Unlearning parts of the thesis to accommodate future convictions is also a cruel reality, especially in Humanities. Any reference to Sri Aurobindo, btw?

VIP VAK: What isn't considered a social construct?
Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar Director #SavitriEra Learning Forum (SELF since 2005) Ghaziabad
#SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Read the Odia translation of an article (Bengali writings - Vol. 6) by Nolini Kanta Gupta (13 January 1889 – 7 February 1983) on Unity of India in the current issue of Navaprakash (Puducherry). He obviously defends the present structure but concedes that the diversity is complex.
Nice thread and resonates with all of us who are born and brought up in a village but then I was reminded of this old column by Dileep Padgaonkar which I had read before my access to Internet.
[Let your grand-daughter live in a hut in my village, tend goats all day and sing your poems to her hearts content.]
You have said many things; would seem as rambling rant but intention is laudable. It's a question of right attitude and convincing content. In the absence of right books people are confused about the ideology. When right knowledge comes humility will dawn.
Human affairs as perceived by way of current affairs is merely a tranche. Even in its totality it's like a few pieces of a jigsaw puzzle without any assurance of being the authentic ones since rest of the pieces are either missing or it's not known whether a puzzle exists at all.
Hindutva votaries need to be polite therefore without flaunting any kind of certainty as regards cosmology or sociology. Superiority and exceptionalism are avoidable hubris. Berating others for their contesting point of view can be unsubstantiated chutzpah. Coexistence is basic.
Let language be the sole defining criteria for a nation when the States get Sovereignty. Preserving all dialects is a romantic idea but hardly practicable; they will perish. Major ones will survive just like merger of Banks. Economics will play a role toward an organic evolution.
I respect you both. Each person has his chosen intellectual trajectory, spiritual destiny, and Evolutionary assignment. Truth is a severely contested domain in the 21st century due to uncertainty of science and it's a catch 22 situation. So, let not there be bar on perspectives.
I feel pity for the Hindutva activists who undertake painstaking research for understanding various nuances of Islam in order to criticise it. Similar is the case of @devduttmyth who valiantly bears the burden of displaying the futility of mythology by wallowing in its quagmire.
I remember Kanchan's regular column in The Pioneer when it was relaunched first three decades back spreading alternative perspectives. Some have pioneering roles and that should get due recognition. Countless people might have benefitted from such endeavours. Each word mattered.
One of The Mother’s many volcanic ideas that shook us in the school days and hooked us to her lasso is that the flowers decorating her photo need not be thrown away daily. Each flower has the right to serve the divine as long as it remains fresh ...
Sites like @AuroEbooks @aurovilletoday @SACAR_IN and @WelcomeSacar are helpful.

[One such from Lacan is his notion–in connection with Antigone–that the hero is the one who can be betrayed with impunity. It sounds strange at first, considering that the hero is usually a figure who seems both strong and surrounded by supportive allies.]

I don't think. NOT. RW Emerson, TS Elliot, Robert Oppenheimer, Herbert Spencer, Arthur Eddington, Albert Einstein
I feel indebted to them as a student of INDIAN PHILOSOPHY & ENGLISH LITERATURE..Ma'm thank you.

Unfortunately, most people have such a naïve understanding of the problem. When a monopoly is so all-encompassing, it becomes as invisible as the air.
Things are definitely getting more and more opaque in computer science research.

#Opinion: Students falling into the trap of identity politics, writes Avijit Pathak via @thetribunechd

This is the problem with Sanghi nutters who whatabout at the drop of a hat. And with Tamil nationalists who somehow think bringing past sins is relevant to present unrelated struggles.

Modernity came to India unfortunately through colonisation rather than national choice - which explains why decolonisation takes the form of a hopeless atavism rather than the growth of a native discourse of modernity.

Transhumanist technologies can enable shortcuts to the various destinations of natural evolution. How will humanity be altered? Ganesh Chakravarthi @craynonymous explores how humans have started adopting such technologies in this essay.

#GunIsland #AmitavGhosh #climatechange I read Gun Island in 24 hours. And it is spooky how the amazon forest burning seems to be straight out of this book. I liked the occult dimension of this neatly woven story.
Also John Brunner's *The Sheep Look Up*. And old book about environmental catastrophe. It's last chapter is very much like what is now happening.
"Where the peril is greatest, there lies the saving power also" --Hölderlin. A characterisation of enantiodromia or reversal at the extremity. "Everything is pregnant with its opposite" today- (Marshall Berman).
It's in this context of decoherence and disintegration and a pandaemonium of the affects, though, that the quest for the Holy Grail of a new Integral Theory is sensed as so urgent. "One must have chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing star" (Nietzsche).

Intellectualism is overrated. Too much focus on it reduces the focus on common sense, intuition, self awareness, sensitivity, sensibility, spontaneity and sense of harmony in personality. How can only intellect be the single most overbearing report card of a human being?

Apparently the same sinister power centre that broke the back of the bengali collective energy through earlier Islamic&later British rule, is still continuing till date as the NRC exercise now makes it clear. Wonder why the dead tiger of Eastern sentience is still feared so much.

Khudiram Bose was the 1st martyr in the history of revolutionary movement for Indian independence. Kanailal Dutta was the 2nd& Satyendranath Bose was the 3rd

much of history handed down - is the history of individuals. But what we read history for, at least I do, is to get the story of an identity: where both individuals and collective merge. Isnt that something thats crucial even for the individuals life view?

जातीय आरक्षण व जातीय अस्पृश्यता समाज को बांटने का अंग्रेज, कांग्रेस, वामपंथी ईसाई धर्मांतरण  करने वाली  संस्थाओं द्वारा पोषित षड्यंत्र है
जरुरतमंद को मिले आरक्षण आरक्षण के मठाधीश न पैदा हों, 
आरक्षित सीटों से जीते सांसद विधायक, आरक्षण से बने आईएएस, पीसीएस, डॉक्टर इंजीनियर नहीं चाहेंगे कि कभी आरक्षण खत्म हो- शांत प्रकाश जाटव

When the British left India, they had actually created and left behind a real caste system: the English and the non-English caste system, the prime example of which was our first Prime Minister. 
—Sandeep Balakrishna @dharmadispatch   

Hindu Dharma remains an enemy of exclusivist theologies and materialistic ideologies that find dharmic values and yogic spirituality to be a threat to their hegemony
Strong defence of the world's most peaceful religion by @davidfrawleyved -- must read

Vedic Sacrifice Leads to the Fulfillment of the Powers of the External World
The Development of the Lower Knowledge and Its Limitations Through the Action of Aspiration and the Forms of Sacrifice

Is Sanskrit relevant today?
Listen to my TEDx talk...
Ramakrishna is Paramahansa - not 'Great Swan'
Shivaji is Chatrapati - not 'Lord of Umbrella'.
Because of the wide gulf between Sanskrit & English with respect to genius, sentence structure and turn of thought, a verbal translation from Sanskrit to English would be disastrous.

Taitariya Brahmana Vol 2 was released with blessings from  Bindu Madhava Swamy at Belaguru. Prof. R. L Kashyap, Dr. R. V. Jahagirdhar and Sakshi volunteers joined the celebration. #sakshitrust #Veda

গীতার দ্বাদশতম অধ্যায়ে কৃষ্ণকে একজন ভক্তের বৈশিষ্ট্যাবলী ব্যক্ত করতে দেখা যায়, কিন্তু সেই রূপকে তিনি একজন জ্ঞানীর প্রলক্ষণ বর্ণনা করেন।
কৃষ্ণ-জীবনে ভগবদ্গীতা – ভক্তি

A Series Inspired by India’s Rebirth – 3
Filmy Musings: Amar Prem (and a painting at home)

J Sai Deepak :Ushering the Indic Renaissance brilliant talk and a call to listen and ponder..each of us should aspire to do what swabhava impels us to..

A must read book on medieval India is Mohsin Fani's Dabestān-e Mazāheb. It was composed in about 1655 CE and it gives a first-person account of the religious & philosophical scene in India during Akbar's reign.
Most authorities now believe that the author was one Mīr Ḏu’l-feqār Ardestānī (ca. 1026-81/1617-70),with pen name Mollā Mowbad or Mowbadšāh.

[PDF] “Empower Women to Enlighten India”–Validation of Women empowerment Scale with Reference to Vellore District
B Suresh, A VJ
… Research. I sincerely thank Dr. Jayachandran. F, Research Officer, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Research in Social Sciences, Puducherry, for patiently rectifying all my doubts while working on statistical software packages. References …

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Shobha Mitra had learnt music from Dilip Kumar Roy and Sahana Devi

Dear Friends, On Wednesday, 31 July 2019, the Aurobindonian community lost a great music maestro and a creative genius with the passing away of Shobha Mitra at the age of eighty-five. She belonged to the rare class of composers who believed in the philosophy of ‘Art for the sake of "Divine"’ instead of ‘Art for Art’s sake’. She had learnt music from the likes of Dilip Kumar Roy and Sahana Devi and had kept the glorious legacy of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Music alive with her soul-touching compositions.

An obituary of Shobha Mitra has been published in the website of Overman Foundation along with some of her photographs. To read the obituary kindly click on the following link:
@Auro_Mere @integralyog #sriaurobindo

International Conference to be held in Pondicherry
Topic: “Spiritual Perspectives on Creating a Conscious Humanity”
Dates: 18-20 October 2019
Venue: Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry
For full details about the conference, please visit the link below.

Pondy Lit Fest (Sept 27-29)
60 speakers. 40 conversations. Swapan Dasgupta | Baijayant Panda | Pavan Varma | Anirban Ganguly| Tavleen Singh| Sanjeev Sanyal | Deep Halder | Gautam Chintamani | Vikram Sampath | Meenakshi Jain | Aashish Chandorkar | Aravindan Neelakandan | #PLF19
Pondy Lit Fest (Sept 27-29)
Celebrating Sri Aurobindo's idea of 'Bharat Shakti'.
Inaugural address Smt Smriti Irani
Bridging Kamakhya & Kanyakumari Shri Himanta Biswa Sarma
In conversation:
Shri Arif Mohammed Khan
Shri Prasoon Joshi
Shri Malini Awasthi
Shri Samir Saran
Pondy Lit Fest (Sept 27-29)
Scintillating conversations, elevating music. Join us to create an alternative to all other lit fests. Entry is free. Registrations will open soon. #PLF19

Pondicherry Literature Festival (Sept 27-29)
Pradeep Bhandari @pradip103 will be there to tell the audience how he gets his sums right. #PLF19
Celebrating Sri Aurobindo's #BharatShakti
Celebrating #YoungIndia and its youth.

Suffering is often a catalyst. More & more humans are suffering during this Time of Transition as this new Supramental consciousness, to quote Sri Aurobindo, anchors itself, bringing up all that doesn't align with Truth. All that we've not looked at, we've avoided, our shadows...

Sandeep Balakrishna @dharmadispatch speaking at Sri Aurobindo Society. Fantastic topic!
"Luminaries of Modern Indian Renaissance." @SrijanFn see what a good topic and by worthy scholar/ speaker
Sandeep Balakrishna @dharmadispatch  speaking at Sri Aurobindo Society about some of the luminaries of Modern Indian Renaissance. August 10, 2019.
Full report with more pictures and summary of his talk coming soon....

Beautiful flower arrangements created by Unmesa participants  today. They also learned a few things about what we can learn from flowers, how being sensitive to flowers and nature helps us grow in consciousness, and some Sanskrit words for flowers.

Excerpts of the interaction:
"Teachings of Aurobindo and Krishnamacharya have had a deep influence on me especially in pursuit of understanding the true essence and meaning of Yoga."

People who despise Gandhi are the ones who never seriously read him. I used to hate him too. And yes there are aspects of his life and ideology which do not apply in realpolitik, but still his philosophy is as astounding as that of Sri Aurobindo or Swami Vivekananda.

You are very very wrong. RSS is the father of BJP and that was created by Hegdewar under influence of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and a lot of guidance of Rishi Aurobindo.
While Congress was a purely British party.
You prove how erasing history has helped them. Find out first.

A supreme manifesting godhead is quite Abrahmic description. Vedas are subtle they take no firm stand. But for intellectual knowledge i will say all Vedic gods are parts of higher divine element.

What was special about Sethna, Gokak, Iyengar, Pandit n Madhusudan Reddy? Their originality n their language under the influence of Sri Aurobindo.
The standard of the leading Ashram journals has gone down miserably, partly because the geniuses have left or too old, partly  due to d "frog in the well vision" n chiefly due to the promotion  of the underqualified to block talented young writers. Ego again!!!
If I stayed in Pondicherry I would spend my days n nights with RY Deshpande. He is always creating with passion like a young man, be it on the Mind of Light or the sonnet like passages in Savitri. Blessed to be his student !
A man from Physics, RY Deshpande later learnt the finer nuances, technicalities n the soul of poetry. Today he is a living encyclopaedia of Savitri ! Amazing wholetimer on Sri Aurobindo! It will be wise for all to collect the "gold" from him.

You make a fair point that there are various versions. But I draw the line where one version starts distorting core aspects of Hinduism and denigrates Hindus. He crossed that line long ago. While I acknowledge the merit of your argument, my opinion of him remains...

Fair. You have all freedom to have your own opinion. And in my limited experience, I have not come across anything 'denigrating' Hinduism in his writing / talks until now.

Plasim Radar

How to Make Decisions (a talk in Hindi) - An interactive session with children from Odisha school on the decision making process. The various levels and ways of decision making are discussed agai...

Shobha Mitra : The Story of a Dedicated Soul by Anurag Banerjee - Dear Friends, On Wednesday, 31 July 2019, the Aurobindonian community lost a great music maestro and a creative genius with the passing away of Shobha Mitr...

Overcoming the Lure of an Exclusive Concentration on Individual Salvation - The power of an exclusive concentration cannot be underestimated. The ability to block out distractions and devote the full attention to a particular subj...

- Istanbul's Yeni Şafak on simulations. Virtual reality is more real than real reality. This is exactly what Heidegger, the greatest thinker of our age, was...

Akeel Bilgrami's Gramscian stupidity - Akeel Bilgrami wrote as follows a year ago in Outlook- The state in polities broadly described as ‘liberal democracies’ with political economies broadly d...

Eternity and Infinity: A Meditation on Blake - “Eternity is in love with the productions of time” — William Blake I give you the end of a golden string; Only wind it into a ball, It will lead you in ...

The fantasy of high school - So many cultural tropes around high school are attempts to make our actions and experiences at that time make sense, when in reality we were all just flail...

RFP | The Sociology of Science and Religion: Identity and Belief Formation - Rice University and the University of California, San Diego announced a new re-granting initiative, funded through the Templeton Religion Trust and coordin...

Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo by Nirodbaran - Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo by Nirodbaran is an account of the period of his close personal contact with Sri Aurobind...

What is Life? – I The Scientific Perspectives and the Spiritual vision - (What is the origin, nature and process of life? This is a fundamental question of philosophy and science which has to be re-examined constantly in the li...

Who is afraid of ‘Philosophy’ in India?— A guest post by Mrinal Kaul - For past couple of decades, the idea of liberal arts in higher education in India is going through a process of churning. As a part of this a number of edu...

My Poststructuralist Tent Revival podcast on Whitehead - Here’s part 1. Part 2 will be posted here as soon as it is released!

A Buddhist argument against rebirth - I am not entirely sure that I agree with the argument I am about to make. However, I do find … Continue reading →

It's literally the edge of our collective knowledge - Assorted tweets: We are heading for one party rule. It has nothing to do with Hinduism and everything to do with Muslim appeasement. Nazism in new form....