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These lines were written between November 2006 and February 2007, therefore well before the death of Satprem

The end of the illusion, or the danger of intermediaries by koantum on Thu 26 Jul 2007 07:23 AM PDT Profile Permanent Link A document as important as it is moving. It would be very useful for many if someone would translate this from the French original. Luc was Satprem's closest associate for many years (besides Sujata, of course).
The question that any judicious person can be posed with leaving the account of all this eagerness to me évincer is to include/understand what could cause such an obstinacy, such a vindication on behalf of Satprem. After all, there is no smoke without fire. Would it have spent all this time and this energy, even by anybody interposed, to draw aside complete innocent? Wasn't it necessary that something is very corrupted (and very blind man) in me to justify such a determination?
However it is precisely the question which obsessed me during months.
If somebody could see clearly in the things and the beings, it was to be him. All its past with Mère pled in this direction - these long years of training where, day after day, it insufflated in him another comprehension of the things and another approach of the life. Could somebody as him so heavily be mistaken? To pass beside the simplest obviousness?
Now that it is allowed to me to re-examine these events with more calms and of retreat, I believe to better include/understand, and I can try to formulate what could lead to such ends of blindness. During the rather considerable sum of joint work, it had to occur, without the knowledge even of the participants, certain “burs”, certain awkwardnesses or carelessnesses of behavior, as it can arrive from there the every day when one builds something jointly. But whereas my youth and my inexperience led me to live each action, each event from day to day, as a whole which was closed again to pass to the following, the perception of Satprem considered each moment of the present in a continuity to be which had a past and a future making a coherent and inevitable whole. Where I could have seen a lapse or an awkwardness, it saw a fixed price heralding other mislayings - which would not finish any being mislaid in an inexorable logic of sinking. Whereas my youth even allowed me to consider exit favorable to things (simply because I did not think in the worst case), its “experiment” condemned it to perceive a disastrous course for the same reality, which obviously ended up taking colouring that it had drawn with such an amount of energy.
This species of catastrophic “fold” is perhaps what Mère spent years so much to try to cure. But it is this “fold” which, once taken, involved all the remainder of the fatal avalanche, and could not in no case to return on itself, towards a more positive design, more measured things.
I had included/understood the existence of this “fold” in my case, precisely when it had seemed to me that my judgment was played in advance, by a “mechanics” which had already unrolled its gears in silence, well before the facts adhere to its conclusions. But it is by seeing this phenomenon repeating itself in other cases which I finally included/understood that all this process had to very little see with me - and that I started to see the end of my tunnel.
The first index, which reached me like a shock, was the news that Micheline was struck of a strange condition which required the pharmacopeia. Micheline whom I had known so full with life and good lively health - but which had completely turned me the back when Satprem had ordered it. How my memory of could be reconciled with the staggering which seemed to have seized it? And then suddenly, in 2001, the true shock: Micheline died, probably died of a cirrhosis of the liver. Later, it would be learned that it had striped Satprem of its will before dying. Had it had a reversal of last minute? Had it seen, perceived something on this threshold where the show grows blurred to leave place with what is really? I did not know anything the circumstances which had pushed it, but this end resounded so curiously in the middle of what should have been the plenitude and the harmony of a life that it had chosen and wanted thus.
Then in 2003 the event occurred which finally clarified all the process that I had lived a few ten years earlier: all was repeated in depth with another couple, another “Luc”, but with the same charges and the same insults (into worse), the same diabolisation (into worse), same frenzy to have to empty the places at once. It was about Michel and Nicole, who had lived close to Satprem and Sujata in Nilgiri during twenty years and had largely contributed to the publication of the books in India. However for a few years, they also had started to have an independent mental activity within an Indian cultural grouping. They as had bound of friendship with Indians apart from the group as Satprem had formed. Without forgetting what connected them with already accomplished work at Satprem, they undoubtedly intended to live their own life. Badly took some to them.
The surge of aggressiveness hardly contained which followed ended only with their departure precipitated of the house which they had lived for twenty years - a departure that Sujata greeted, in his inimitable style, by informing the parents of Michel that books (by a wink of the fate, they were precisely Diaries of Mother coming from the United States!) were going to replace Michel and Nicole in the house which they had just left and were going “to drive out all blacknesses that Michel-Nicole left in the house”. As for Satprem, not to undoubtedly be in remainder, it threw the last to them: “That they are forgotten forever in the dustbins of the History. ”
Unfortunately, the major problem was perhaps not so much the release of Michel and Nicole only the fact that that which had acted as executioner, that which had concluded the ousting of Michel and Nicole under the direct orders of Satprem was not other than… this poor Patrice. One would not leave there.
Now Patrice died. Subject with the depression - “This tormented being…” will say Sujata - it will leave India about 2005, without drum nor trumpet (the Michel-Nicole episode, not so remote, forced with a certain discretion), to try to reintegrate itself in France, after having served more as twenty years, him too. And how could a being which I had known so full with dynamism and joy in life, a being which adored India like the ground of election of its heart, find itself “tormented” after all this time? Which was the nature of this torment? Here are what it would be interesting to know. A mystery also striking - and as odious - as the sudden affliction of Micheline.
* * *
I would like now to leave my personal history and to try, as much as doing it can, to seek a broader direction with what was lived, at the time, like a destruction in my flesh even. Initially, my case is not single. During years, it became obvious that all those which approached Satprem with an aim of followed work of left disturbed. I quoted some names during my account, but it, perhaps knew of it there others, whose history is less immediately seizing, but which lived all, to differing degree, pangs of disillusion and interior torment - when it is not worse.
Which was thus the direction of this experiment, which arised under outside so attractive and “spiritual” to finish at the edge of the abyss? Is there a major significance with this test - apart from the individual lesson, of individual progress, the individual “karma”? Why was this small group (symbolic system, but all the same quite real) around Satprem decimated, crushed this way? Why all these hearts in shoulder-belt with leaving an experiment and a life which had started under the auspices of the marvellous teaching of Sri Aurobindo? Does the teaching of Sri Aurobindo need such a meeting of electric shocks to flower and spread themselves on ground?
From an external point of view, after such an amount of polemic largely defrayed the public chronicle, it is obvious that the perception of the teaching of Sri Aurobindo which emerges can only lend to confusion. And there is perhaps there irrevocable damage. In spite of the irritated denials of Sujata, it is not to be used the thought as Sri Aurobindo only to associate its name the ruin of the Occident. In the same way, a peaceful and advantageous reading of the Diary of Mother seems not easily reconcilable with the stir and all the human disturbances implying the group in charge of its publication.
But more internally and largely still, which is SENS of this “cage to the illusions” in which a certain number among we returned and lived during years - and in which some still live? It is too easy and too simplistic to speak about “karma” or personal destiny. Does all seem to indicate, on the contrary, that this “cage” is particularly associated with work with Sri Aurobindo and Mother - as essential appendix or driving bolt?
We hear well: the cage does not cease defending Sri Aurobindo; it is its central “topic” and founder, to which there cannot be some discussion about giving up under penalty of immediate dissolution. To a certain extent, the cage has a great force of conviction when it is about Sri Aurobindo. It does not measure its praises and its panegyrics. And on this point, its speech is irreproachable - because they is its goodwill and the base of the illusion which makes it live. After hasn't all, a little only the catholic church been done of the teaching of Christ for two thousand years?
But in the final analysis, these irreproachably spiritual appearances must be measured in the light of the facts: the traumatisms, often indelible, that it caused in the life of the individuals, and who caused finally to only corrupt and to divert aspirations which wanted only to go on their way of light. Does this cage across the way, with all its mechanisms of seduction and its mirrors with the larks, threaten all the Small red Hoods of creation?
And if it is thought that it is of a free dramatization or an exaggeration, that one wants to remember well Keya and its prolonged refusal to feed, premature shipwreck of Micheline, Patrice and his attraction for the vacuum…
Popular wisdom affirms readily that what does not kill to you returns you more extremely. It is a maxim which I could easily apply to my personal case. But today my conviction is that it is not necessary no to pass very close to the abyss to join the “sunny way” of Sri Aurobindo - not more than it is not necessary for enlightened intermediary or cage to more or less attractive gildings. It is simply enough to be oneself, strong (or weak) of its only truth to be.
Before closing my history, I still have a thought for these comrades whom I smell there, beyond the visible one, which is still to put the questions of rigour about Satprem: is it good, malicious? Does it make the good, the evil? - all those which await or beg a sign, a gesture, a letter which will reassure them on their own fate, will give them finally confidence in themselves. It is a depressing condition, which I knew too much myself to throw the stone. Then I say to them: leave the cage, leave the thoughts which nourish you and cannot find answers; you in the only conquest which is worth, without thought throw rather, without intermediary: Sri Aurobindo.
[As an epilogue, I would like to add that the lines which precede were written between November 2006 and February 2007, therefore well before the death of Satprem, which has occurred in April 2007. It seemed useful to to me - and always of topicality - to reveal this history, not so much because of the particular context in which it was held, but perhaps rather because of the human lessons of order plus general that it comprises.] End of the Illusion Patrice The cage The Diary Satprem The tragedy America The hammer rammer Faintness First turn of screw In obvious offence Violence The water drop The explosion Explanations and assessment Back to end of the Illusion

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Hope to see you in Auroville this winter

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Re: Welcome to the new UHU Forum
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Great work Grace!Finally I manage to actually 'do' something here,instead of merely getting lost in the maze. I'm quite impressed.Thanks for doing such good work.-L'zbthP.S.: Methinks the time given at the top of the page needs to be corrected...or is it just my system.

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Hello Elizabeth!Welcome to the forum. It's great to see you here (or read you here?)Yes, you are right, the time is incorrect. I will try to adjust it.I apologize that i haven't spent much time on the site in the past few weeks as i have been lost in Linux land.Trying to convert my whole system to Open Source and getting my local development server and site set up in Linux has turned out to be tricker than i anticipated. But i believe it's almost...uh,,,uh... there.Then i will spend my time making improvements and new features to the site. It has quite a ways to go, but bit by bit, we'll make something beautiful happen here. love & aspiration,grace

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Re: Welcome to the new UHU Forum
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Hi Grace and all,It looks wonderful! Congratulations!Let us make it meaningful also...Love,Vladimir

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Re: Welcome to the new UHU Forum
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Hi Grace and all,it is the first time that I enter this space of our UHU Forum! How beautiful a tool, and so rich in features! Grace, it seems everything works fine (except the blue color I chose and which does not appear in the preview). I use now Netscape Navigator 9.0b2, the latest version, and many bugs have miraculously vanished. I notice there is even a spell checker working silently in the background, which you may have installed, right?Two days back I made also my first test with a "reply" under the heading of "new library publication" ... and got immediately a reply. All worked out very well with regard to the tool.Then, today, July 19, I tried to find the draft of the UHU-brochure, but there was no way to trace it. But some time back, I think, I downloaded it from the UHU-website. So were does it hide?Grace, you created a wonderful space of infinite possibilities. Hopefully we grow and expand our own capacity to cope with this space. Thank you for your dedicated work whose percussions nobody can imagine yet.Love and Light,Helmut.

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Re: Welcome to the new UHU Forum
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Dear Helmut,Thank you so much for your beautiful remarks in our uhu forum. It's great to have your presence here.Glad to hear that functions are working for you. You may come acrossed some that are not working so well. Please don't hesitate to let me know. I still have a number of bugs to squash and input from live users is always helpful.the draft of the uhu brochure lives in the uhu development group, under "find groups." Once it's ready to publish, it will be in a more prominent position.Hope to see you in Auroville this,grace

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As a poet Aurobindo is quite an unknown entity

#1 Tusar N. Mohapatra URL July 24, 200711:32 PM Sri Aurobindo is excluded from the author's list of recommendations. His Savitri is a marvel.
Vivek URL July 25, 200702:10 AM Aurobindo does not find mention because as a poet he is quite an unknown entity; perhaps he deserves more attention than he has managed so far, but fact of the matter is that the poets I mentioned here are not only the most celebrated authors in their languages, in most cases they are the most influential thinkers, writers, poets of their age and their appeal is universal.I should have included Valmiki, Ved Vyas, Ovid, and some Chinese poets as well as poets from many other languages.

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The evolutionary cosmos envisioned by Sri Aurobindo

Walking on Water Wasn't Built in a Day* By Gagdad Bob(Gagdad Bob) So, is it possible to reconcile Christianity with the type of evolutionary cosmos envisioned by Sri Aurobindo? Or is the spiritually inclined person stuck with the cosmos of over two thousand years ago, well before the rise of modern science? ... One Cosmos -

August 15 by Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Group, Coimbatore

Jul 24, 2007 Poetry and essay contests
Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Group will conduct a poetry and essay writing competition on Sri Aurobindo in connection with his birth anniversary on August 15. Students above 10 years can participate. The essay should not exceed four pages and poetry, one page. Writing should be legible and should specify name, school name, class, age, postal address and phone number. The first prize will be Rs.500 and second prize Rs.300. The last date for receipt of entries is August 6. For details, contact Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Group, 348, Oppanakkara Street, Coimbatore 641001. Phone: 6584333, 9345072510.

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Spirituality, Science and Society

talk July 21 at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan; 6.15 pm: Dr Sitangshu Kumar Chakraborty will speak on Spirituality, Science and Society. Front Page > Calcutta > Timeout Saturday, July 21, 2007

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Savitri Erans must come out openly against international terrorism

Anirban said...After Nazism & Hitler, after the Cold War & Stalin, international terrorism is the latest instrument of the Lord of Nations. India, because she has the greatest possibility of working out the problems of mankind & showing the way towards a greater future is facing one of the severest onslaughts. Savitri Erans must come out openly against this instrument of evil, must openly & resolutely confront this latest move by the Lord of the Nations to divide & dominate the world. The struggle has now enterd the next phase & we must be alert & active. July 20, 2007 5:44 PM

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Aurobindo Ghose was in Alipore jail for a year

The commemorative plate at the Alipore Court reads:


IN 1908-09













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I got the impression that people came to Auroville to hide from the world’s problems

Last weekend, four of us visited an ashram (the Auroville ashram…renamed “horror” ville by one of the other volunteers!) outside of Pondicherry (a 14 hour bus trip). Friederike (my friend from Germany) and I got food poisoning and we were extremely out of it for most of the weekend. It was probably one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life and I’m glad to be feeling better now. We were in an un air-conditioned hut and our fan wasn’t working (120 degrees outside!) I think I lost six pounds in two days. Auroville itself was unbelievably unfriendly and unwelcoming; it was clear they did not want us there. Auroville started in 1968 as an “ideal township” dedicated to “experimentation in human unity.” Here is what the brochure reads:
“The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity – in diversity. Today Auroville is recognized as the first and only internationally endorsed ongoing experiment in human unity and transformation of consciousness, also concerned with - and practically researching into - sustainable living and the future cultural, environmental, social and spiritual needs of mankind.”
It sounds okay on paper, (maybe a little strange to most people) but it’s just not reality. After staying there for two days, I got the impression that people came to Auroville to hide from the world’s problems, not to help solve them. I would recommend going to the website ( 
 Posted by Chelsea at 2:21 AM Monday, July 16, 2007

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A devotee has the right to know more and more about the Lord

from saroj patnaik to date 15-Jul-2007 17:29 subject Complete works of Sri Aurobindo - Publication
Please refer to the debate on the issue. It is understandable that devotees who are having with them the letters written by the Mother & Sri Aurobindo may not part with the same so easily. I would have also not done so. After all it was a letter written by the Supreme Avatar, which one may consider as a personal treasure. May be a letter is written to an individual but its relevance is for the whole humanity. However, human beings have their own tendencies. A large number of letters may still not surface. But for this will it be proper to withhold the publication of the complete works?
Some letters surfacing after the publication could be accommodated in the next revised edition. Everybody will agree that there will be addition every time a fresh edition is brought out. So why late. Hurry up. May be the publishers want to bring out the best, and if that be the reason one can wait for a reasonable period of time, but certainly not for an indefinite period of time.
The debate, however, is good, a healthy one. We can not consider it as an accusation or criticism. A devotee has the right to know more and more about the Lord and there is nothing wrong to be restless for the same. It may just be a process in that direction. 8:49 PM

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Even now new letters of Sri Aurobindo are surfacing

Anonymous said...Surely you realise that the publication of the Collected Works is a momentous task, and one that can be done once every few decades only? A number of us serious students of Sri Aurobindo would rather the publication department take their time and do a thorough and complete job rather than be in a tearing hurry and bring out an incomplete collection. Even now new letters of Sri Aurobindo are surfacing.
Also, the tone of your letters is rather unjustified. Can you elaborate on charges such as "those who have access go on to publish books and articles by leveraging their privilege"?
Indeed, we are all impatient for the treasures that lie waiting but a little more patience is what you and I both need my fellow sadhak on the path of IY...
Warmly, V
P.S.: I may also add that looking at the quality of what has come out so far, we are lucky to have the team who are currently working on the publication. 10:24 PM

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Om Anandamayi Trust, Basanti Colony, Rourkela

On 7/13/07, Tusar N. Mohapatra wrote: Tusar N. Mohapatra has sent you a link to a blog: Can this model be adapted for CUSAG? Blog: Marketime Post: The store openly displays, along with the purchase price of products, the profit margin> Link:
from saroj patnaik to Tusar N. Mohapatra date 14-Jul-2007 19:22
You will be glad to know that at Basanti Colony, Rourkela a kirana store was opened by Om Anandamayi Trust, a registered Sri Aurobindo Study Circle, on 24.4.06. The purpose was manifold. Previously the products of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, viz, ayurvedic medicines, incense sticks, etc. were sold. To this was added the woolen garments knit by the members of the Trust, decorative items, spices (haldi powder, jeera powder, dhania power, chilli powder, etc.) and eatable namkins, badi, etc. prepared by the members at a common place.
But with the increase in the number of devotees in and around Basanti Colony it was thought necessary to start a full fledged kirana shop, where apart from the aforesaid items, other items purchased from wholesale market are packed after due cleaning and marketed and even door delivered. Since it is only a beginning - much progress has not yet been made.
Although the aim of the project is not to maximise profit, profit is bound to come, with the client base increasing. But the motto is to spread the message of the Mother into every household. Devotees working on the project get the satisfaction of doing some work for the Mother, remaining in Her consciousnss, at least during the time when they work on the project. The profit is utilised in Mother's work. And, main thing, we purchase the items from the Mother's store and not from outside market - a great great satisfaction, indeed.
from saroj patnaik date 14-Jul-2007 19:26 I forgot to mention that the photos of the Mother & Sri Aurobindo and books written by and on the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are mainly sold in the store.

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U & V: Physics plus Painting

Ulrich and Vishwajyoti Mohrhoff to 09-Jul-2007 13: 40 Dear Tusar,
In some of your blogs you have links to my blog Koantum Matters and/or my website, so I guess you know who I am. In your Feel Philosophy blog you write that you've been reading Satya Prakash Singh's book Nature of God: A Comparative Study in Sri Aurobindo and Whitehead ... I often have to deal with fans of Whitehead, and this might be a good source of arguments against some of Whitehead views, which differ considerably from those of Sri Aurobindo. Keep up the good work, All the best, Ulrich
Tusar N. Mohapatra to Ulrich 15:48
The post is originally by Ned and her links are there. I read the book in 1994, and on consulting the notes I find that there is hardly any resemblance except,
Whitehead: Concrescence, Prehension, and Transition
Sri Aurobindo: Concentration, Ascent, and Integration.
SK Maitra's comparision is ever illuminating. Besides, please keep track of Shaviro's chapters on Whitehead/Deleuze that I post. Levi/Larval/Sinthome is also brilliant, but we have to wait till they fail to find their way and are forced to tread The Sunlit Path. Thanks for writing and thereby officially recognizing this... blogger for the first time. Who is Vishwajyoti btw? Thanks, bye.
Ulrich and Vishwajyoti Mohrhoff to 19:54 Dear Tusar,
Thanks for your reply. It's probably a good idea if I search your blogs for "Whitehead". Btw, Vishwjyoti is my wife. She's also a painter (
It's wonderful if you can spend so much time thinking of and writing about Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. I get Google alerts for <"Sri Aurobindo" OR "Aurobindo Ashram">, and I find you there almost daily, often not once but several times. Best wishes, Ulrich

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Engish Literature, Software, and Sri Aurobindo

from Obla Vishvesh to Tusar N. Mohapatra date 08-Jul-2007 19:02 subject Re: An enquiry about an article from your blogsite Dear Mr. Tusar,
I live at Albany, NY, USA and work as a software professional. I am from Madurai, TN. I did a Masters and an M.Phil degree in Engish Literature and Sri Aurobindo has been one of my favorite authors. Mr. Ramesh, who is now a lecturer at Pondicherry was a class-mate and a good friend of mine. I am glad to see a blogsite with so much material about Sri Aurobindo and his works. Regards, vishvesh

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Destroying obsession in which Satprem lived at the time

Then I made, again, a strange dream, perhaps like a prolongation, or an additional turn of screw, dream evoked previously. I saw an immense underground cave, completely closed to the top, whose walls were made of a strange translucent and soft matter to the touch, like salt. Satprem was only in this cave, sitted as a tailor with very the ground, and concentrated. While raising the head, I saw that the ceiling of the cave did not comprise any opening towards the free air but seemed like supporting the world of the top - our external world. And while looking at more attentively, I realized that, gradually, from the fragments of this translucent matter were detached from the walls from the cave progressively with the concentration from Satprem. It hollowed out the cave like the Indians of obvious Orénoque a tree trunk to make a dugout of it! But, I thought, if the matter of this cave which supports the external world thins of too towards the ceiling, all will break down! At the time when I included/understood the hugeness of what prepared - quite simply the collapse of the world - I am found with the free air, vis-a-vis vis-a-vis Satprem. It had a small gleam amused in the eye and, understanding that I had included/understood, it pronounced these words: “It is the ONLY solution.”
I do not think that only one man, was Satprem, can destroy the world. But ten years before the attack of Twin Towers of New York and the vulgarizing of the terrorist attacks in the world, this dream is indicative kind of destroying obsession in which Satprem lived at the time. Not only I was in the immediate collimator because of my supposed treasons, but after me (as I would discover it later) all the remainder was going to follow: Michel and Nicole, who replaced me, were going to be subjected at worst the charges and expelled of Nilgiri; Patrice was going to undergo the same fate with one or two years of distance and to return to France to commit suicide.
Nothing and nobody escaped his destroying compulsion, neither the beings which for its sides and had been been used its intentions, nor the human race as a whole, with which it was to however divide this ground. A few years ago, when a visitor asked him, in a somewhat abstract way: “That would you make if you were the Master of the world? ” Satprem, the suddenly serious face, showing its closed fist, answered instantaneously: “I would crush all! ”
However I want to believe that Sri Aurobindo and Mère did not make the effort and the sacrifice to still incarnate itself this time, to spend hard years to try, on some human specimens, to show the passage to another terrestrial conscience, so that this ground finishes in the closed fist of Satprem. If not, then, which is the direction of their efforts, the direction of the thousands of letters that Sri Aurobindo wrote the night, because the day was not enough there, to affirm that Another Thing is possible, here and now; the direction of this “love of all and this faith in very” that it incarnated day after day, while Mère lavished the same care, the same attention, the same challenge by its smile, its thousands of daily steps, in order to make so much is little to rock the banality of the days in this Other Thing? I want to believe that their efforts succeeded, in some at least, that the germ which they planted flowers already in some consciences, under the cap of the stereotypes, without the knowledge of the right-thinking people like badly-thinking.
And then, how can one close again his fist on anyone or anything when one knew That?
If it of it were necessary, another “misunderstanding” with Satprem illustrates this violence. It is about the episode of “India' S Rebirth”. Michel had joined together texts where Sri Aurobindo spoke about India and its destiny, mainly starting from extracts of the “Band Mataram”, the weekly magazine of the revolutionary period that Sri Aurobindo published in Calcutta, before the lawsuit of Alipore. This compilation had been born in India in the form of a book whose title, “India' S Rebirth” [Rebirth of India], overcame on the cover the name of Sri Aurobindo and a chart of India before the partition. We had been surprised to receive a printed copy of the book, and even more surprised to note than the name of the American Institute was reproduced on an interior page as official distributor of the book in the United States, because we are unaware of very this project, which had entirely been concluded since Nilgiri. But largest of all the surprises, the shock even, awaited us by discovering the stringcourse in quite fatty letters which was spread out with the top of the title: “Out of the Ruins of the West…” [On the ruins of the Occident…]. In other words, Sri Aurobindo, whose name appeared only author of the book, was supposed to endorse the central idea exposed on the cover according to which the rebirth of India was or would be founded on the ruins of the Occident…
Here really which seemed to push the revolutionary thought of Sri Aurobindo in extreme cases extreme, and even beyond the limits. Sri Aurobindo and Ben-Laden even combat? I was not able to make me with this idea. I thus took, again, my more beautiful feather and written précautionneux and respectful telegram with Sujata, in which I made the point that this unfortunate stringcourse on the cover gave a quite false idea of India and of his aspiration, as well as Sri Aurobindo, which had never shown in its writings so enthusiastic partisan of the destruction of the Occident, etc I did not even say how we were going to be made receive when we would try to put such a cover at the front of the bookshops in America! All that was perfectly surrealist, not to be clinically more precise.
Of course, by return, I was sharply made sermonize by Sujata:
Gift' T you see what stares you in the face? You seem to Be living room in A chest of drawers, Luc. Does living room in A drawer qualify you to critisize [sic] the sightings of another who happens to live in open air? Nobody need `aspires' for the ruin of the West. It is already in ruins… [What] with gun-toting children, with homosexuals and lesbians… Final are petrodollars the aim of Evolution? Yew you think that the summit of Evolution is where the Western civilization has led mankind then I' ll ask you to think again… that is, yew the grey cells cuts retained to their original colour and cuts not turned black, losing to their ability to reflect the light… For Your Information, the line `Out of the ruins of the West,' to which you seem to object, is Satprem' S contribution to the book.”
[Don't you thus see what bursts you the eyes? You seem to live in convenient, Luc. To live in a drawer returns to you able to criticize the visions of another person who lives with the free air? Nobody needs `to aspire' to the ruin Occident. It is already in ruins… with these children carrying guns, these homosexual and these lesbians… Are the petrodollars the final goal of the evolution? If you think that Western civilization led humanity to the top of the evolution, then I ask you to think on it of twice… provided that your cells kept their original color and did not transfer with the black and lost their capacity to reflect the light… For your control surface, the sentence `On the ruins of the Occident', to which you seem opposite, is the contribution of Satprem to the book.]
The words had completely lost their direction. We were on two mental planets belonging to different constellations. When I spoke about the interpretation of the words and annoying associations which they sometimes involve in the spirit of a reader not informed, I received blind men rageuses tirades from where any nuance was banished. How supreme elegance, the infinite subtlety of the thought of Sri Aurobindo could be mingled with this species with fundamentalist bludgeoning?
The misunderstanding still worsened when Trustees of Ashram discovered the existence of the book, of which more than 95% were composed of texts under the copyright of Ashram. Not only Sujata had not judged good to ask for the permission of use these texts, as it is usual and séant to do it, but it had even made print, in the usual place which recognizes the copyright of the owner of work, a note stipulating that these texts were the property of “all in love ones with India”, which was equivalent opening the copyright in the whole world…
Ashram could only react, which it did by bringing a lawsuit for violation of copyrights and while asking the judge to banish any sale of the book in bookshop. As a distributor in the United States, we had become co-defendants bus Co-persons in charge for the singular generosity of Sujata, and were necessary to present to us at the law courts of Madras to plead our innocence and to defend a cause to which we felt completely foreign. To put an end to the imbroglio and the nonsense of our position, I decided to take the initiative and to disunite us legally whole this project of publication, which Satprem did not miss, later on, to stigmatize like an additional proof of my duplicity. Continuation: The water drop Jai Aurobindo ! Celui que nous avons vu aujourd’hui est sur terre. . . Blog La fin de l’Illusion Le commentaire de Boni

A very small team of four people around Satprem: Micheline, Anne, Robert and myself

Eighteen months later, in July 1977, Satprem and me climbed the steps of the Law courts in the Island from the City in Paris to record there the official statutes of the “Institute of Evolutionary Research”, which was to ensure the publication and the diffusion of the Diary of Mother in the whole world. The day before, we had learned from the mouth of a large Parisian lawyer that the rights of the copyright of the Diary was the legitimate property of Satprem, thus opening the way with its publication apart from the good officess of Ashram. For several months, indeed, various attempts at publication within the framework of Ashram had been started, but all had failed, Satprem estimating at each time the independence and the integrity of the publication were likely to suffer from these arrangements.
From now on, the manufacture of the Diary was going to be organized within a very small team of four people around Satprem: Micheline, Anne, Robert and myself. A handle of other friends in France and India would bring their more episodical but enthusiastic contest.
It reigned, within our small group, the joy of those which discovered a galleon charged with gold at the bottom of water and which bring back the ingots from there one by one to surface… The matter of this marvellous Agenda transmuted our energies, filled up the days of the life of a sparkling without end. Although each one has precise material tasks and that work did not miss, all were gathered, linked in a kind of obvious communion around the blossoming of this Diary. There was no limit with the plans for the future considered: for a diffusion in other languages, for the creation of other “Institutes” of share the world, other “laboratories of the evolution” which would gather cough those ready with empoigner the levers of their own evolution in the light of the lesson of the Diary.
It was the time of the dream which could become reality with the turning of the way. For the centenary of Mother, in February 1978, appeared, in its beautiful red dress, the first volume of the French Diary - about at the same time when Satprem received its letter of expulsion of Ashram and settled in a new residence in Nilgiri, which would be for the years to come the nerve centre from the activity of diffusion of the Diary. In a few years of concentrated work, thirteen volumes of the French Diary were going to be born, and their publication in several other languages - Hindi, English, German, Italian, Spanish - was put in building site.
These first years were for me the occasion to establish me in my new life. I had the impression to have awaited all my existence for an occasion to give me thus, without counting, with a labour which has really a full smell - and I did not spare my sorrow! It was a complex and difficult task to transform this hundred hours of conversations, recorded on often decayed tape recorders, in text printed under the requirements of quality and precision. But our small group could have moved mountains, and ingenuity often compensated for the weakness of our means to be right of the obstacles that this enormous material work comprised.
In the course of time, and in order to face the growing extent of the task like to its geographical expansion, the small group was going to grow rich by new members: Keya, Roger, Profit, Davide, Nicole, Michel, Patrice. In addition, Satprem could also count on certain supports of the political and literary world in New Delhi and Paris.
Satprem, as for him, seemed to be everywhere at the same time: nothing escaped from its glance and its assiduity. Project superintendent and infinitely more tested than any among us as regards edition, it could however put himself at the range of each one and seemed equipped with a quasi unlimited confidence in our capacities, even if sometimes we had suddenly missed it with ourself. Its encouragements and its confidence were the essential engine of our action day labourer. Conversely, all relied to its judgement and its vision from the things for the decisions which engaged the destiny or the material future of the Diary. The only shade in this idyllic table related to its relationship with what it is necessary well to call “the Enemy”.
In spite of the group of sure and devoted friends who surrounded it - some would undoubtedly have given until their life to support it and protect it - in spite of the removal in this place splendid and protected from Nilgiri which dominated the Indian plain of a few two thousand meters, it felt continued, badgered by a whole pack with invisible enemies. It was enough to a word raised in a letter or a telegram, of a fugitive image interview in a dream to give in swing a whole gears of catastrophic imaginations and defaitists: the “unfavourable forces” were there, in the shade, ready to leap with the least fault and to destroy Work…The “crisis” lasted a few hours or a few days, during which each one retained its breath, then all returned in the order; the cloud dissolved as suddenly as it had appeared and the sun reappeared.
At the time of these “mishaps”, the new one come, the new member of the group was not long in learning, then to integrate, “the occult reality” of the work in which it or it took part. The publication of this Diary, under these conditions, would be an immense victory over the forces of Ignorance, symbolized with the first chief by notable and the leader current ones of Ashram. Satprem had the role of saving this found Treasure of the hands of those which wanted to bury it again. As a principal rampart against these forces, it was thus normal and logic which it was regularly tackled in its interior world, even if nothing never came to concretize these dangers in its external life.
We thus lived under the constant threat of a “imminent lawsuit” which were to bring Trustees of Ashram to try to recover their rights on the texts of the Diary. Or perhaps were they going to bribe some henchmen to seize the manuscripts force? Or even, since we were in India, it was not eccentric to imagine some tantric handling… By the force of the things, we had become experts occultists out of grass. Each thicket dissimulated Asura or its comparse and the conviction of our anathemas and our imprécations with carries part had of equal only their puerility.
It is perhaps wise, here, to say some words of Ashram, in order to dissipate certain misunderstandings while giving its existence and its development on the true basis which was his, and to make the share of reality and the fiction. In 1954, during a maintenance with Mother to the play-ground, a child concluded peremptorily: “Mother, you now waste your time with all these people of Ashram. ” And it answered: “But you see, from the point of view occults, it is a selection. From the external point of view, you can think that, in the world, there are people who rank much above to you (I will not contradict you), but from the point of view occults, it is a selection. ” And it added this report: “But in the bottom, to say the truth, I believe that you have a life so easy that you do not give each other much evil! Is there much among you who have really an INTENSE need to find their being psychic? of knowknowing what they are really? does what they have to make, why they are here? One lets oneself live. ” (25/8/54)
The “leave-food” will not improve with time, as it entrusted it to Satprem a few years later: “There is much - much - which thinks that I will die and who completely make preparations not to be on the paving stone when I leave: all that, I know it… There are people… oh! they would wish almost that I from go away, because it is for them a constraint. They say it very frankly to me: “As long as you are there, we are obliged to make yoga, but we do not want to make yoga, we want to live quiet; and then if you are not there any more, eh well, we will not have to think any more of yoga”! ” (22/4/61)
A process of rotting was committed which will see its apogee in 1972-73: “Ashram does not belong to me any more. Since I do not leave any more, people think that Mère does not deal with nothing, it knows anything… It would be necessary to remake another Ashram with perhaps ten people like core - and still. ” It Entrusted to Sujata. (18/5/72) And then: “You read what Sri Aurobindo known as of Ashram? It says that Ashram was the representation of all the difficulties of solving. ” (14/6/72) And still: “People say that I am old and that I cannot express myself, that I radote, but conscience forever be also clear…” (26/12/72)
Of course Satprem could be only deeply upset by these remarks of Mother. He rebels it with any form of institution and of organization saw in this Ashram with the drift the justification and the realization of its worst apprehensions, a nightmare to become reality. And yet the facts contradicted all its bad presentiments, all the “threats” which it felt in the air after the departure of Mother. In a few fifteen years of very great proximity, I did not note only one case of physical violence on behalf of the members of Ashram, not the outline of a lawsuit - and even the tantrism does not seem to have come to end from a good innate health since, at 83 years today, Satprem has always good foot good eye.
Being oneself the rights of the Diary, which belong legally per half to Mère (as a person interviewed), or to its having right, and Satprem (as a interviewor), they are right to note that neither Trustees de Ashram nor the members of the family of Mother brought the least legal proceedings for (at least) sharing the royalties with Satprem. Continuation: Satprem

Epitaph of only three lines

It would be easier to me to conceal to me. In fact, it is what I had decided of long date: my history was before all my history; my peregrinations with Satprem were the fruit of a destiny which I asserted like personnel and private - a whole way traversed which led me, as a single individual, towards a goal which was clean for me, and which did not concern anybody other but me.
But the death of Patrice changed gives it.
When I learned the death from Patrice in last July - then that it had thrown sixth stage from his building in Paris - I felt that this loss was my loss, that its disappearance affected my intimate world in a too essential way to have overlooked. It could be a question of a fact various only one classifies in the oubliettes. “The small” Patrice - that I had known almost thirty years earlier, with Aspiration, any expenses arrived of France, the enlightened face permanently of a smile vaguely goguenard, and who had to some extent followed my traces at Satprem - whose body lay now in the dustbins in bottom of its building, with for only epitaph three lines final of Sujata and the lead silence of Satprem…
A limit had been crossed with this death, a point of no return which challenged me directly and forced me to leave my cuttings off. And all the rationalizations of the world would change nothing there: the stories of the “karma of Patrice” or the “fault” of Patrice were not enough to alleviate this painful point in me.
Patrice, it is with you that I deny these lines. Even if nobody includes/understands anything with your suicide. Me, I know the torments which attacked you, and which ended up being right of you - because the same torments failed well to carry me too. Continuation: The cage

Beyond Satprem and of the childish illusions

End of the Illusion Introduction
I had twenty-six years when I met Satprem for the first time. It was in 1969, in Pondichéry, the Bay of Bengal, in this play-ground where Mère, last eighty years, sometimes came to play tennis with the children of Ashram. Any expenses émoulu of the Occident, of the diplomas full the pockets, I looked at this world of simplicity and obvious by opening wide eyes of child. A few days before, Mère had received me and planted her diamond glance in me. And this first meeting with Satprem confirmed my interior certainty that it was this world which was mine since always and for always - although it appeared still quite mysterious to to me and not very in conformity with my mathematical theorems!
All had begun eighteen months earlier, place of Odéon in Paris. It is there that in February 1968, little time before the convulsions of May 68 which shook the world, the mouth of the subway had poured my destiny on the pavement, exactly under the eye of Danton, of which the statue throne on the place. A friend that I had not seen of long date left at this moment the subway. Hardly finished the astonished and charmed accodances, its first words were to indicate the name of a place to me which it had just visited in India and the name of a book which would explain all on this place. It had said that with an emergency kind in the tone, as when one discharges his conscience from a responsibility which one could not explain the exact origin. The place was called Pondichéry and delivers, Sri Aurobindo or conscience ventures, of Satprem.
In 1990, at the time of my last meeting with Satprem, at his place in Nilgiri, after it affirmed me to the point that my personal case concerned pure and simple exorcism, my glance of trustful child died out forever on the world of mirrors and illusions which I had maintained, at its sides, during more than twenty years. All these years since the first meeting - that I believed to have lived in an absolute devotion to the ideal of Mother and Sri Aurobindo, in a personal gift of every moment: by my industry, by my absorption in the tasks definite and developed by Satprem as being right and good - broke down in the indifferent dust of the way. It was necessary to face naked reality, without illusions and make-up, or to die of sorrow at once.
I would like to try here to tell what were done the years between these two meetings - and perhaps why the first carried already the first steps of the second. Today, by a Grace of which I do not finish being filled with wonder, I am in the life, beyond Satprem and of the childish illusions - in a life planted well in the reality, very disencumbered which it is personal phantasmagorias. My glance is clear and calm to re-examine all this traversed curve and to appreciate each turning, each stone of the way - and to include/understand the peremptory necessity for this perilous adventure which failed well to cost me the life.
And then, yes, it is Mère and Sri Aurobindo who shine, only, in all. More “guide”, more “big brother ahead on the way”, more “advanced and privileged interpreter”. More mirrors with the larks of any kind. Simple life, finally, between oneself and “that” (or perhaps “that” and “That”?)
Others did not have my chance…Continuation: Patrice

The lack of respect is pathetic

don Anello July 4th, 2007 at 4:51 pm My wife and I were deeply saddened at the passing of Satprem and was surprised to find Sujata followed soon after, I was even more saddened as to the reaction or lack of as far as the Ashram and Auroville were concerned, we were in Pondy from Feb to late may and the lack of respect for either was pathetic, Sujata has a sister who works at the Ashram but we unfortunately didn´t have a chance to see her to find out more at the time, They will always live
Don and Rosa 2 Comments Add your own The shabbiness and emptiness o... Skylight

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श्री अरविन्द के विचार: प्रत्यक्ष ... 21 Feb 2007 by सृजन शिल्पी सत्य की प्रत्यक्ष और गहन अनुभूति से उत्पन्न होने के कारण श्री अरविन्द के विचार पाठकों को सतही बौद्धिकता से परे चेतना के दिव्य ...Srijan Shilpi -
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संक्रान्ति का प्रस्ताव 5 Mar 2007 by "संक्रान्ति" महर्षि अरविंद ने कहा है, "भारत राष्ट्र क्या है, यह एक भूमि का टुकडा़ ही तो नहीं है, न वाणी का एक अलंकार है, और न कोई कल्पना है यह एक ..."संक्रान्ति" -[ More results from "संक्रान्ति" ]
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Satprem is the first human follower to accomplish and realize what the Mother had promised him

Satprem (1923-2007), A Tribute Kireet Joshi
The last word that Satprem uttered, when he was taking his breakfast in the morning of the last day (9th April 2007) of his physical existence, was: “Ma”. He was with the Mother and the Mother was with him. As the Mother had told him that they will be together, and we can be sure that they are together and will be together on and on.
In the story of evolution, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother mark the decisive stage, the stage of irreversibility. Supermind has been firmly fixed in the earth consciousness. They are the leaders of the supramental evolution. Satprem is the first human follower to accomplish and realize what the Mother had promised him. His life, his books, and his own accounts of his sadhana provide a living testament of the progression of evolution II.
Sujata-di (1925-2007), A Tribute Kireet Joshi
Sujatadi left her body on 4th May 2007, just within a month of the departure of Satprem. We are told that even in their previous births they had worked together. In this birth, they met and came together to work for Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and carried forward the great evolutionary work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. We can be sure that even now they are together and they remain connected with all of us and all the others who are engaged in the devoted service of Sri Aurobindo and the mother.

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Prof. Subhas Chandra Saha at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan

Talk July 2 at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, 8 Shakespeare Sarani; 6.15 pm: Prof. Subhas Chandra Saha will speak on Prayers and Meditations. The Telegraph Front Page > Calcutta > imeout Monday, July 02, 2007

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Sri Aurobindo: Facets of a Multidimensional Diamond

Sri Aurobindo’s Birthday celebrations. Rick Lipschutz presents a talk titled "Sri Aurobindo: Facets of a Multidimensional Diamond." Organized by Cultural Integration Fellowship. 2650 Fulton St. (at 3rd Ave. across from Golden Gate Park), San Francisco. 11 a.m. (415) 626-2442. Northern California Spiritual Calendar August 2004. Jul 30, 2004 India Currents HOME Southern California Ongoing Spiritual Events Jul 01, 2007

CUSAG: Commerce Under Sri Aurobindo's Guidance

Subject: Intercourse of commerce with culture Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2007 19:16:01 +0530
This is in response to your Post dtd. 23.6.07 on the captioned subject. In Orissa a term called CUSAG is quite popular in the Sri Aurobindian circles. CUSAG, meaning Commerce Under Sri Aurobindo's Guidance - once this becomes the purpose behind commerce it is bound to be linked to culture.
Most of the Sri Aurobindo Centres in Orissa do have a CUSAG unit, where the members of the Unit and the followers of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo devote some time to do some work for the Mother and their product is marketed through CUSAG. Normally commerce as a term is linked to profit, blackmarketing, cheating, etc. Whereas in CUSAG emphasis is given on purity, sincerity, cleanliness, honesty, etc. This is perhaps the true cultural value of India...over.