Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Preponderances are a pointer to purity

  1. @onlyskr : I will search. It was the unabridged speech on Independence Day. Change from 2013 not in.
  2. [What's the quintessence of human coupling – desire, fear, need or just habit? Is love a hormonal reflex or fantasy?] 
  3. I am a huge admirer of Prof. Rajat Kumar Kar.Gives wonderful insight about Jagannath Darshan,Odia History and Mythology in lucid manner.#otv
  4. there are extensive annotations of Sri Aurobindo's writings available at 
  5. @SavitriEraParty Btw, have been reading about Aurobindo. Very interesting. Need to read more. @SKS_Mumbai
  6. @SKS_Mumbai [give to our heart and mind a titan’s strength, a titan’s energy, to our soul and intelligence a god’s character and knowledge]
  7. @SavitriEraParty I will try to do that. Thank you.
  8. @gowryrowdy I'd request you to go through a few works of Sri Aurobindo so that you can tweet in future on relatively firm grounds. Thanks.
  9. @gowryrowdy The "if" and "I think" obviously lack ontological spine.
  10. @gowryrowdy Now the semantics: difficult to distinguish between "the best" and "the purest."
  11. Many insist on the single theory that plurality persists for ever thus giving monism a boost. All our preponderances are a pointer to purity
  12. @gowryrowdy Evolution is not an end in itself nor does it guarantee peace. Purity, in its pure sense, is the aim of all worldly strivings.
  13. @gowryrowdy "Natural state" is neither static nor final as Evolution and change are a constant. Yearning for "purity" is rather primordial.
  14. Have tried to read variety of philosophers n philanthropists works but cant help as i keep coming back to Sri Aurobindo. True Master !!!
  15. @hguptapolicy No either/or compulsion in a multi-party democracy. Ideology, even if not much known, should matter for intellectuals who care
  16. @jitengajaria But sir, IMHO, u need both, paan shop n dimaag shop.. this anti-intellectualism has cost Parivaar dearly...
  17. @sachinsvk Not to take that apparent chaos for granted is the task by which we lend volitional power & conscious collaboration to Evolution.
  18. @HumanAtom i dont think he is more true than swami vivekananda and sri aurobindo
  19. EMPHASIS (Enhancing Mobile Population’s Access to HIV/AIDS, Services, Information and Support) Sreeparna Chakrabarty 
  20. .@viraajm First read Bastiat, then Friedman, then Hayek, and if you have infinite time, then read Mises. Make sure you read Arun Shourie too
  21. @AmareshMisra Continuance of RSS and its distributaries are responsible for repulsion of people from the BJP thus safeguarding the Dynasty.
  22. There is no other way of being aware about the ongoing Evolution than persuading our own self about it like the double movement of the Earth
  23. Pining for relics of the past instead of being attuned to the possibilities under active fermentation is obviously an anachronistic tendency