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At the Lotus Feet Of The Mother

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In Search Of The Mother Photos The Mother & Sri Aurobindo
Sep 24, '06 2:00 PMby Unknown for everyone
This album contains some of our fav pics of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. If u need some more pics then please contact us at:-

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Indirapuram Aspiration

The Mother's Centre
September 25, 2006: Evening
The devotees of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo were together for meditation at The Mother's Centre conducted in the residence of Mrs Narayanan (ICICI) and Mr Narayanan (BHEL) at 90B, Gyankhand-IV, Indirapuram. Mrs Dasgupta of 85B, Gyankhand-IV, Indirapuram (98681-07491), Dr. Mrs Seema Aggarwal of Maa Computerized Homeopathic Clinic, 93, Gyankhand-IV, Indirapuram (99113-51942) and Mr Aggarwal (HCL) were also present.
Tusar N. Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum, SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram (0120-2605636, 2815130) addressed the gathering emphisizing the point how our undivided devotion to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo is crucual for the manifestation of the Supramental Age.
It was decided to inform and invite others to the Sri Aurobindo Society Zonal Conference of the Hindi speaking areas to be held on 7th and 8th October 2006 (Enquiries: Shri Suresh Gupta, Sri Aurobindo Bhawan, C-56/36, Sector 62, Noida-201 301, Phone No.0120-3263313). #

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Auroville yogic eye exercises

Mumbai Mirror - India... In Borivli’s appropriately-named Yogi Nagar is the Sanjeevan school for perfect eyesight, which uses the Auroville yogic eye exercises to help the afflicted ...

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Mirra Alfassa: The Flowers and their Messages

An introduction to the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother through the flowers
14 abril 2006
Thoughtdiverse colors of smooth flat aterciopeladas flowerswith five cleared petals; rizomatosa lossThoughts Oriented towards the Divine oneA beauty certainty.
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The flowers are the momentary representation of things that in themselves are eternal.
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You take of here
You take of flowers and blessings here,smiles of the divine Lovethat it lacks preferences and you repulse…It is spilled towards all in a generous volumeand it never demands his wonderful gifts.
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Gladiolus hortulanus
Gladioloall the colors of graceful long pedículoswith elegant tubular flowers, with flight or gathered;it plants bulbousReceptivityConscious of the Will Divine and left her.
“The flowers are very receptive, and are happy when they are loved”.
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Love and Aspiration in Plantas
The movement of the love is not limited the human beings and perhaps less it is deformed in other kingdoms that in the human.It observes the flowers and the trees. When the sun is put and everything is in silence, siéntate for a moment and ponte in communication with the Nature: you will feel to ascend of the Earth, from the roots of the trees, rising upwards and running through its fibers to the highest and separated branches, the aspiration of an intense love and yearning, - a yearning of which brings light and gives happiness, towards the light that has gone away and that wishes that it returns again. It is a so pure and intense anxiety that if you can feel the movement in the trees, your own one to be also will rise in an ardent plegaria towards La Paz, the light and the love that remain inmanifestados.
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Contents of the book “the Flowers and their Messages”
Introduction 7Words of Sri Aurobindo and Madre 11
Love and Aspiration in Plantas 11The Care of Plants and Flores 12Dreams, Beings and Forces 14Contact with Psychic the 15The Flowers are Average of Transmission 17The Meaning of Flores 19The Fragrance of Flores 20The Offering of Roses 22Exceed with Blessings 22Flowers in Samadhi 23A Experience 23The Flowers and their Messages 25Index of Common Names 141Glossary of Philosophical and Psychological Terms 145The Symbolism of Color 153The Mother: A Biographical Outline 155References 157
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About Me
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Connections Mirra Alfassa: Madre El Juego de las Flores --> In order to read
The Flowers and their Mensajes (PDF)
MADRE the divine manifestation

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Sri Aurobindo's books help keep the goal in sight

Friday, September 15, 2006 Books for the the Soul
The first book I read which proved to be spiritual was The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. Mind you, I did not choose to read it, it was presented to me by a cousin who witnessed a tift between me and my husband because he came late from work, and since it was lying around, I read it. It changed my life, and the way I looked at our relationship. I must say remains an underlying influence in my subconscious.
Then there was the Alchemist by paulo coelho, which was inspiring in telling me that my doubts about walking the straight and narrow in these days of getting to whereever you want togo by the shortest route were not worth the time, and that I was indeed on the right path.
I am now reading Sri Aurobindo.... the last time I was in Pondicherry, I felt likepicking up a few books. The books are a series of extracts and compilations of his letters to ashramists and other who are trying to follow his path to achieving a higher consciouness. It is slow reading and needs all my attention, but it is mind blowing simply if I concentrate. I do wish achieving what he proposes were as easy. When I get low, or feel a stumbling block in my way, I think about how all of it is only a sneeze in the grand scheme of things, and tell myself my aim is to evolve to another state. I do not know if I ever will, but it helps to have a goal, however a distant. And Sri Aurobindo's books help keep the goal in sight. posted by Ranjana Bhardwaj at 3:44 AM

Representing humanity as a whole

Pondicherry and Auroville - splendid! September 19th, 2006
The perfect wave…
you won’t find at Pondicherry. But a nice beach, many friendly and relaxed people, nice food and awesome huts for little money. So the trip to the east of India was again a fully success.
Pondicherry is a former french colony and if you have a close look, you can still recognize a little bit of french influence in the small city at the east coast of India. The policemen are wearing french hats, there are a lot of french restaurants where you can have a Pastis and excellent seafood, if you have a look at the street names you will find “Rue Dumas” etc. and the promenade at the sea is closed for the traffic in the late evening and gives you a little bit a felling like having a walk at the Cote d’Azur.
Another reason for the very relaxed atmosphere seems to be the “Sri Aurobindo Ashram” and “Auroville”, where people from all overe the world meet to meditate and live together in peace and harmony.
Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace
I don’t know if John Lennon knew about Auroville when he wrote “Imagine”, but when I read about and visited Auroville, I immediately had to think of these lines. Auroville is a universal township in the making for people from all around the world, located right next to Pondicherry. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity– in diversity. The residents come from some 35 nations, from all age groups from all social classes, backgrounds and cultures, representing humanity as a whole. So at Auroville, there are no boarders, there is no religion, nothing to kill or die for, and all the people live in peace…Source and the site to read more about Auroville: Click here. Bangalore rockt… is

Electromagnetic influence on the state of consciousness

AurovilleBy Premasagar. June 30th, 2006 Dharmasphere: -> Auroville by rjon on Tue 19 Sep 2006 02:42 PM PDT Permanent Link
Auroville is an experimental city, under development in south India. It is intended to be a model township - an international and universal place for personal, spiritual growth and social advancement.
Auroville exists for nothing less than to hasten the evolution of the human species - to develop the mind from its animal instincts to sublime intuition, and to manifest the inspiration of the Divine in the material world.
The idea for the town was inspired by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo - an Indian philosopher, freedom fighter and futurist who lived from 1872 to 1950. His greatest disciple, a Frenchwoman known simply as ‘The Mother’, came to India to be by his side and to realise his ideas. She proposed the creation of Auroville, which was finally founded in 1968. Representatives came from all over India and the world, bringing with them a handful of soil from their native lands, to be mixed in an urn at the centre of the city.
The current population is currently around 1800 ‘Aurovilians’. The aim is to have a thriving city of 50,000. The largest country represented so far is India, followed by French and German citizens.
The Matrimandir Temple
The building in the photograph is the Matrimandir - the ‘Temple of the Mother‘. Here, ‘Mother’ refers to the supreme Creative Force, the energy that binds Consciousness into the myriad forms of the universe. Compare with goddess Durga from Hindu mythology:

The Matrimandir is to be a place of concentration, for finding the source of one’s consciousness in the stillness of meditation. The red brick ‘lotus petals‘ each contain a room for meditation. Inside the golden dome is the ‘Inner Chamber‘ - a large, white, circular hall containing a huge glass crystal - the largest in the world - which focusses a beam of white light into the centre of the building.
The gold discs are actually made of gold — gold leaf, sandwiched in between two layers of glass and tiled like a mosaic around huge discs. This sphere of gold, around a place of great concentration upon human consciousness, is intended to have an electromagnetic influence on the state of consciousness for the rest of the planet…
In the following photographs, I use quotes from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother to illustrate the vision for Auroville. Links:• Auroville: In Quotes Photoset• Auroville websiteWikipedia: Sri AurobindoWikipedia: The MotherWikipedia: Auroville Categories: Spiritual, Cooperatives, Environment, Photos, Activism, Ethics, Travel

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Spirit as the heart of the Matter

Through Consciousness: Understanding the Problems That Beset the World September 18th, 2006 The Yoke: Cosmic Boundedness and Boundlessnesses
Yoga means “to yoke.” This is not simply a Hindu concept but can be applied to study worldwide. There is an essence that “yokes” together all things.Things cannot be reduced to matter as the materialists would like. As is clear matter cannot exist without space nor space without matter. The European and the Asian worldviews seem diametrically opposed. The European prefers matter as that which is truly real while the traditional Asian account views matter as illusion or at least not what is essential.
The Asian view is that there is something uncreated while in the west the universe is here because of creation. When one in the west talks about creation they are talking about the creation of material, that is the material universe. This materialist ideology with it’s creation myths leads to a world devoid of a prehistory of creation. The earth is created and things appear. This orientation toward the world leads to a very linear mindset. The past is past and the future is to come. This outlooks leads to a very narrow view of the universe where life on other worlds may seem unlikely. This linearity does not allow for other points of origin; like a line in geometry with a point of origin which has no width and infinite length away from the point of origin. It’s path is unique and can only be followed by itself.
In the Asian tradition on the other hand the material qualities of the world are not entities in themselves, but rather are part of a larger picture that is not bound to the cosmos. The universe is largely, and the world in particular, is thought of as illusion as in Hinduism or Buddhism, or part of a homeostatic bond with pure potentiality as in Taoism. Matter in Asian thought (with the exception of Islam which is tied in with creationist impulses of the west) is thought to be non-essential to the ultimate in some way even if it’s true nature is misunderstood because of ones limited perspective.
Sri Aurobindo tries to untie the Gordian Knot between matter and spirit. Both perspectives seem to exclude the other, but neither can exist on it’s own!If spirit or God is infinite, then matter must exist to form spirit’s root. For what is infinity without existence, and what is existence without matter? Matter on the other hand exists and bounds the world. For what is matter without end, and what is end without a beginning again? The bounded and the boundless are part of the same Being. It should not seem so strange that they both exist because they cannot exist without each other. While this teaching may seem unfathomable, how can it be otherwise? Posted in Metaphysics by Administrator at 3:19 am

Elephant and the blindmen

The first thing we did upon arriving in Pondicherry was visit the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Though the guru "left his physical body" decades ago many devotees still live in the community there. As our vans pulled through the brick streets towards the ashram, I was quietly listening to some music. Suddenly someone shook my shoulder and pointed back at a previous intersection. Apparently we had just passed an elephant. Earlier in the year I expressed an elephant ride as the primary reason I wanted to come to India. Ever since I was child pony rides had never been quite enough, and had left me wanting for something more. Something with less hair.
For me this elephant was of the utmost importance. No matter that many people consider Sri Aurobindo a great spiritual leader--one of God's greatest creatures was mere meters away. After paying perfunctory respects at the yogi's resting place, and a stop in the gift shop for my instant Moksha kit, I quickly made my way across the street to the Ganesh temple. posted by William @ 4:16 PM Monday, September 18, 2006 One Big Vegetarian

Habra Newsletter - September, 2006

From: Matrimandir To: CC: Subject: Newsletter - September, 2006 Date: 13 Sep 2006 05:36:18 -0000
It is only in the Divine that we can find perfect peace and total satisfaction.
The Mother (Words of the Mother, Vol. 14 Page: 10)
Respected Sir/Madam
This is September, 2006. Bengal is preparing for Durga Puja. According to Sri Aurobindo, "Durga is the MOTHER's power of protection". One who saves us from 'durgati', i.e. all sorts of miseries, is Durga. She is the mother power of God working in all directions.
On this occassion Agomoni Das is presenting a new section "GRACE DIVINE"- collection of writings of Sri Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya (Dada), Director of the Physical Education Department of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (S.A.I.C.E.). He wrote songs that were, in his own words, “dedicated to the growing youth, the hidden builder of tomorrow.”
This section is available only to Internet Explorer users.
As every month Agomoni Das is continuing the 2nd part of her "Reminiscences Of My Childhood In The Ashram". So please check the sections and give us much needed guidance.
Please send us your opinion, because your opinion will lead us in our future progress and will be your golden footmark at our website. Please stay with us, support us and guide us. We are waiting for your kind and valuable visit at our website. With regards
Pushkar ‘VEDPRAKASH’ Mitra C.E.O.
P.O.-Habra Prafullanagar Dist: 24 Pgs(N) West Bengal Pin-743268 India
E-mail: Phone- 91-3216-237198 ; 91-94340-39926
From: Dataone To: "Tusar N. Mohapatra"

Well, well, I do consider him as the greatest. The Britishers used to say " The most dangerous man is Aurobindo" !.
You are welcome to post portions of my writings in your blogs !
One of my favourites quotes of Aurobindo

" Not an Absolute which is non-relative, but an Absolute which takes relativity in its embrace."
Regards, G Kumar

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From: Tusar N. Mohapatra To: Dataone
Sent: Friday, September 15, 2006 8:11 PM

I am delighted to know that you have read Sri Aurobindo's major works, but am willing to wait until you say that he is "the greatest" and not "one of the greatest." I hope, you have no objection if I post portions of your writings in my blogs.
From: Dataone To: "Tusar N. Mohapatra" Subject: Re: Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 00:24:35 +0530
Dear Tusar,
I liked your blog very much. I have read almost all of Aurobindos' works and consider him one of the greatest to grace this planet. I am also a writer and my articles are located at My main subject is Philosophy, even though it is Astrology which I have embraced as a profession. Hoping to be always in touch with you always

I walk on the Razor's edge alone,
The path is narrow, the way unknown !
Thanx and regards
G Kumar Astro Scholar, programmer & writer

Visit the famous Matrimandir

Your online mohalla @RANDOM Nilanjana S Roy
Business Standard New Delhi September 16, 2006
Think of the Internet as the world’s largest mohalla, stroll around the neighbourhood a bit, and you get interesting reflections of public spaces in India. Consider this a starter guide — it’s easy to build your own “neighbourhood” with a few Google and blog searches.

Hundreds of dedicated sites cover cities like Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore. But one of the friendliest websites is at Auroville, which packs in a visual tour, a history of Pondicherry and tips for those who want to visit the famous Matrimandir. Auroville:

Sri Aurobindo Bhawan, C-56/36, Sector 62, Noida

From: "suresh gupta" INVITATION; 19th September, 2006 : 46th Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo Society. Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 20:04:49 -0700 (PDT)

Tuesday, the 19th Septembr, 2006 is the 46th Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo Society. On this occasion, Special Collective Meditation will be held as under:-
Date & Time: 19th September, 2006: 7.00PM To 7.30PM
Venue: Sri Aurobindo Bhawan, C-56/36, Sector 62, Noida.
All Members are kindly requested to make it convenient to participate with family and friends.
S.C. Gupta
Joint Secretary, Phone: 0120-3263313; 9818636362

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Single notes exploring sonic implications and overtones

Scelsi actually went to Asia, where he studied a range of mystical disciplines, principally those of Sri Aurobindo, and then continually practiced meditation and yoga. One of the most captivating of the works on this disc is the three-movement Ygghur, for solo cello, part of his Triology – The Three Ages of Man. Its central movement, of surpassing beauty, shows Uitti at her most concentrated and rapt. Her "Ave Maria" and "Alleluja," the second of which brings the disc to a spiritually lofty close, express Scelsi's love of Catholic liturgy.
Most of the works hover around single notes, exploring to the farthest reaches their sonic implications and overtones. The works for multiple strings, "Ohoi" (1966), "Anagamin" (1965) and "Natura renovator," interspersed between Uitti's solos and played with devotional intensity by 11 to 16 players of the Munchner Kammerorchester under Christoph Poppen, sound almost colossal in context. by Tim Pfaff Display All Arts And Entertainment Articles-->Arts Display All Music Articles Display All News Articles

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Vande Mataram paintings by K Tejendra Kumar Mitra

Vande Mataram in painting
In recent controversy on Vande Mataram I would like to tell you about a book, rarest of his type. Bandemataram Album, this extremely rare and out of print book contains the full English Translation of Bandemataram song by Aurobindo Ghosh. This book also contains rare and beautiful paintings by K Tejendra Kumar Mitra illustrating some of the gloriously symbolic Sanskrit words in the Vande Mataram song.
  • Cover page of the book 1923
  • This is the front cover page of a nationalistic journal called ? Vijaya? which was shifted from Chennai to Pondicherry in 1909. This cover page appeared in the August 1909 Issue of this Journal.
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Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo's relics enshrinement

In Tirupati Today Tuesday, Sep 12, 2006 ePaper The Hindu
Sri Aurobindo Society: 7th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo's relics enshrinement; C. Uma Maheswar Rao, Commissioner, AP Academy of Rural Development and M. Balarama Reddy, chairman, Sri Aurobindo Society's Tirupati branch to take part; Aurobindo Vidyalaya compound, NGO's Colony, 6 p.m.

Aurobindo, who?

Is this the new public face of India? Just look around. No more Mahatma Gandhi Chowks, Satyajit Ray Margs or Aurobindo Stadiums. Only Ansal Plazas and Raheja Towers. Builders commemorating their own actions in their own lifetimes. How laughable. How utterly a taste of India. By Gautam Bhatia source: Hindustan Times, December 18, 2005 Posted by dharmesh Filed in Environment, Architecture, india, Mumbai

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Sri Aurobindo calls to me

Aurobindo calls to me. To unleash myeslf. To surrender all these kinks to the Divine Yoga, to outshine all. To call forth the very oragnic and electron world and obliterate them into lotus petals of saintly bliss or to just as easily laugh with no such effort. Or laugh as the effort, during the travail. This heart hurts. I feel a part that would just let go. Live a wild one, in the woods, the suburbs, the cemeteries. But no such place. I then troll the cemeteries of our collective minds and actions. Sitting atop the gravestones of thought and unconsciousness, like a stone gargoyle, soul painted black in love and contemplation. A 21st century archon given charge of the rites of sorrow and mourning. Loneliness its essence and sin. A wayward and dutiful son of the Father.In the darkness of the night I rest in this truer self. When all the profusion and faces of the day dissolve into being alone. As the Kabbalah masters have said, God is the exile. God himself is in exile. We could sit in this Empty Tomb, after our Falls, and share chastened looks of calmness. Humbled by the space of nothing to say. Only hearts bringing all beings everywhere and everytime into embrace.This tending of the sacred fire, the sacred memory of all our ancestors. Let all else, for this night, pass---and rest in this dark illumination alone. posted by CJ Smith @ 11:21 PM 2 comments Name:Chris Dierkes Friday, September 01, 2006 Thoughts in the Dark Indistinct Union: Nonduality and Christianity Exploration of Unity Consciousness and the Christian Life

The Life of Pi and The Life Divine

Worth visiting!
Home of the beautiful Sri Aurobindo ashram, this town was further popularized by “The Life of Pi,” where Patel chose this defunt zoo and town for the setting of his incredible epic.
I spent some time here, and was biking back towards the ashram from the center of town. An Indian man came flying around the corner on a motorcyle, and I came around the corner on my rented bike. This happened often to me in India, and he zigged while I zagged and we ran smack into each other head on. As I layed on the pavement and looked over I saw his motorcycle spinning in the air and my bike wheel bent in half. We both looked over at each other and started laughing.
I slyly bent my wheel back in place as best as I could and continued on my adventure in India.
The French architecture and influence here is very unique, and the ashram will impact even the most spirtually impervious as an incredible experience of your life. Sep 10, 11:24AM PDT

Sri Aurobindo Cultural Society, Thiruvananthapuram

`Vande Mataram not anti-Muslim' Thiruvananthapuram: Congress president Sonia Gandhi failure to turn up for the `Vande Mataram' programme organised by the Union Government showed that she had "failed to imbibe the true national spirit," Bharatiya Janata Party leader O. Rajagopal alleged on Friday. He was inaugurating a `Vande Mataram' programme organised by the Sri Aurobindo Cultural Society. The allegation that `Vande Mataram' was anti-Muslim was baseless, he said. — Staff Reporter The Hindu Sunday, Sep 10, 2006 ePaper

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I remember her at tennis in baggy satin slacks, or taking the salute

There was also the Frenchwoman known simply as The Mother who presided over the devotees of Sri Aurobindo, a Bengali revolutionary who fled to French-ruled Pondicherry. The community flourished and expanded under The Mother's stewardship, with branches in every Indian city and hundreds of thousands of worshippers worldwide. I remember her at tennis in baggy satin slacks, or taking the salute at the daily dusk parade of the faithful, from tiny toddlers in green shorts to lumbering ancients in khaki, while the band rolled out sonorous Wagnerian music. No detail of ashram administration, its farms and factories, cars and clinics, was too petty or complicated for The Mother's personal attention. By Sunanda K. Datta-Ray International Herald Tribune Thursday, December 17, 1998 ¶ 7:47 PM

Kshatriya – the striver and fighter

‘It is self-evident that in the actual life of man, intellectual, social, political, moral, we can make no real step forward without a struggle, a battle between what exists and lives and what seeks to exist and live and between all that stands behind either.'
'Kshatriya – the striver and fighter whose necessary turmoil of struggle and action seems to be the very contradiction of the soul’s high ideal of calm mastery and self-possession – and it seeks for an issue from the contradiction, a point at which its terms meet and a poise which shall be the first essential basis of harmony and transcendence.’
+ + +
‘This is the spirit of my heart, smaller than a grain of rice, or a grain of barley, or a grain of mustard seed…. This is the spirit that is in my heart, greater than the earth, greater than the sky, greater than heaven itself, greater than all the worlds. This is the spirit that is in my heart, this is Brahman.’
‘Within its deep infinity I saw ingathered, and bound by love in one volume, the scattered leaves of all the universe. The universal form of this complex while I think that I saw, because as I say this I feel my joy increasing.’
‘Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.’
Sri Aurobindo, Commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita
posted by whiteman at 2:27 PM

Sri Aurobindo's Poetry

More Sri Aurobindo Poetry Resources
Sri Aurobindo Poems — Poet Seers

Sri Aurobindo Poetry "Death's grip can break our bodies, not our souls; If death take him, I too know how to die. Let Fate do with me what she will or can;
Sri Aurobindo, The Future Poetry
The Future Poetry by Sri Aurobindo ... The Course of English Poetry – 2 . Elizabethan Drama. Shakespeare and the Poetry of the Life-Spirit
Sri Aurobindo — Soulful Tributes
From: " Aurobindo ", Sri Encyclopedia Britannica. Sri Aurobindo Society; Biography of Sri Aurobindo; Poetry of Sri Aurobindo; Sri Aurobindo Page at ...
Sri Aurobindo — Sri Chinmoy Poetry
Sri Aurobindo (August 15, 1872 - December 5, 1950), born in Calcutta. Education: stayed two years at Loretto Convent School, Darjeeling; spent fourteen years in England from the age of seven; studied ...
Sri Aurobindo Poetry —
Related Local resources. Savitri - Sri Aurobindo Trance Biography - Sri Aurobindo The Mother On Sri Aurobindo Writings of Sri ...
rubi_iowa (rubi_iowa) wrote,@ 2006-09-09 22:30:00

Spiritual Approach to Life

In the Capital Today The Hindu Sunday, Sep 10, 2006 ePaper
Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi: Lecture on "Spiritual Approach to Life"
by Bimal Mohanty, Sri Aurobindo Marg, 10 a.m. to 11-15 a.m.
In Mangalore Today The Hindu
Integral Yoga Satsanga: 269th integral yoga course,
Sheetal, Mahavir Circle, 7 a.m. Mangalore

Towards a Supramental Future

Vers l'Avenir This is a blog meant for those who recognise the path shown by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother towards a Supramental Future. Umesh Naik Saturday, September 09, 2006 Here is a first sampler of Sri Aurobindo's views on Evolution from the Life Divine.
posted by auroputra # 6:02 AM Towards the Future

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sri Aurobindo Integral Public School, Keonjhar

Contests held The Statesman KEONJHAR, Aug. 20: In memory of late Kali Charan Panda, the founder editor of the Anupam Bharat, 7th Kalicharan Smaraki Anupam Competitions was held on the premises of DN High School yesterday where SP Mr Ghanashyam Upadhyay and MP of Keonjhar Mr Ananta Nayak attended. In GK competition, Aradhana Mishra of Aurobindo Integral Public School, Sibanath Nag of Naranpur Government High School stood first and second respectively, while the third prize was jointly shared by Satya Prakash Sahoo of NS Police High School and Raghunath Mishra of DN High School. In debate contest, Satya Prakash Sahoo and Niraj Kumar Nayak of NS Police High School stood first and second respectively. n SNS

Sri Aurobindo’s siddhi

Sri Aurobindo LETTERS TO THE EDITOR The Statesman Sir, ~ This is with reference to DK Gangopadhyay’s article, “A lover of humanity(Perspective page, 17 August). The date of Sri Aurobindo’s siddhi has been mistakenly mentioned as 24 April 1926. The actual date is 24 November 1926. The author was perhaps confused with another date, 24 April 1920, the date of the Mother’s arrival in Pondicherry. These two dates, 24 April and 24 November, are two of the four darshan days at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, the other two days being the birthdays of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, 21 February and 15 August respectively. Further, the author has made a minor error in spelling the Mother’s name as Mirra Alfasso. Her full name is Blanche Rachel Mirra Alfasso. ~ Yours, etc., Gopal Ghosh,

Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Koraput

Eclipse avoids Mataram row Statesman News Service BHUBANESWAR, Sept. 7: The Lunar eclipse eclipsed the rendering of Vande Mataram in many schools across the state today, while in the capital, functions were held in educational institutions and even on streets to commemorate the centenary of the national song...In Koraput, a continuous recitation over the microphone was played in the Sri Aurobindo Bhavan here. Discussions on the history and relevance of the song in the present day was also held at schools. But as today was declared a holiday for the eclipse, many primary schools remained closed and the song could not be heard there.

Sri Aurobindo has been hailed as India's greatest mind and sage

Sri Aurobindo had a similar evolution too actually. He started as a professor and then political activist and turned into a yogi when he discovered the Bhagavad Gita in jail. He then intensely devoted his life to sadhana and to writing about the greatness of India's philosophical history. He did intense research into the next stage of humanity's evolution and Him together with Sweet Mother, His shakti consort from France, worked to bring down what they called the supramental light to earth...
Aurobindo has been hailed as India's greatest mind and sage, but even He only finished His research into the nature of the evolution of the Self by concluding that the Feminine Divine was the Highest. I went from Thiruvannamalai to Pondicherry to pay my respects to Sri Aurobindo and the legacy He left our sweet world. I visited the Mahasamadhi (tombs) of Him and Sweet Mother and offered my prayers and received their Divine light and blessings. The energy there was very progressive! It felt almost space-agey really.
That night I had a dream with Aurobindo and Mother, they were telling me that I've found the highest knowledge. I woke up with this feeling that I must be ready, then, to go back to the states and do some good work...I spent the afternoon in Auroville to pay my respects to the dream community of Aurobindo and Mother which is still in the process of being realized (but I was so happy to see it well on its way)... posted by para 5:12 AM

Friday, September 08, 2006

Six pillars

The Annual Conference of the Society was held at the Beach Office in Pondicherry from 12 to 14 August 2006. Members and workers from different Branches and Centres participated. Following were the Talks delivered during the occasion:
On 12 August 2006
"India's Reunion and World Union" by Sraddhalu
"How to Celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the Golden Day" by Women's Council
On 13 August 2006
"Questions and Answers" by Prof. Manoj Das
"Renunciation Indispensable in our Yoga" by Dr. Ananda Reddy
On 14 August 2006
"Some Aspects of Social Evolution in the Light of Sri Aurobindo" by Prof. Kittu Reddy
"Pathways to the New World" by Dr. Alok Pandey
"Beyond Liberal Humanism and Technological Trans-humanism" by Dr. M.V. Nadkarni

Zonal Conference at Sri Aurobindo Bhawan, Noida

Hindi Zonal Conference - 2006 Zonal Conference of the Hindi speaking areas will be held in Noida on 7th and 8th October 2006. For further enquiries, write to Shri Suresh Gupta, Sri Aurobindo Bhawan, C-56/36, Sector 62, Noida-201 301 (Phone No.0120-3963313).
Noida (U.P.): On 11th June 2006, a special collective meditation was held on the occasion of Guru Purnima which was well attended. On that day, books of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, agarbatties and other Ashram products were sold. Noida Branch distributed sixty sets of mini booklets to members of Lioness Club, Noida. Each set consisted of seven booklets on different topics covering in brief the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The Branch organised a talk on "Healing Powers of Mantra" by Ms. Shruti on 5th August 2006. She explained the healing powers of Mantra through chanting. She also explained the benefits of different Mantras. About 150 persons participated in the programme.
The Noida Branch also organised a talk by Shri Ram Krishna Goswami, covering Sri Aurobindo's speech at Uttarpara and the teachings of the Gita, on 15th August 2006 which is Sri Aurobindo's birthday. About 80 persons participated in the programme. Many devotees offered their pranams at the Shrine where Sri Aurobindo's sacred Relics have been enshrined.

Mira Aditi

Mira AditiMother's AgendaSri AurobindoMotherSatprem and SujataA letter from SatpremEnglish Titles New • Indian-Language Titles New • Information AddressesPress ReviewsNews & ActivitiesRelated links Contact us Asia, India and Australia [Site's homepage] America and Canada

“ ‘Man is a transitional being,’ said Sri Aurobindo. This transition of our species to a new state is the question of our times. It is the very question that is being hammered more and more into our heads of civilized humans. For whatever the appearances, we are not reaching the end of a civilization, but the end of an evolutionary cycle. “In her ‘Agenda,’ as she called it, Mother, continuer of Sri Aurobindo's experience, gives us the document of the next species, the next state of man on earth.”
Mira Aditi is a publisher, distributor, and a charitable trust (registered in 1981), with its head office in Mysore (Karnataka, South India). It has been spreading Sri Aurobindo’s and Mother’s evolutionary vision and experience in India through its distribution of Mother’s Agenda (all 13 volumes are available in English), Satprem and Sujata’s works, and a number of other books dealing with Indian culture and civilization, such as India's Rebirth. Mira Aditi has published over 40 titles in English and nearly 40 in ten Indian languages
ADDRESS : 62 Sriranga, 2nd Main, 1st Cross T.K. Layout, Saraswatipuram Mysore 570 009 INDIA Tel. : 0821-2330380

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Unbroken recital of Savitri in Singapore

I have heard the flutings of the Infinite

On Saturday the 12th of August 2006, a Savitri reading took place in the Sri Aurobindo centre, as part of Sri Aurobindo’s birthday anniversary celebrations here in Singapore. There was an unbroken recital of Savitri from the first book, started at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, to the last, finished at approximately 4.30 p.m. that same afternoon.

Savitri reading, when taken as a yagna, is meant to be continuous in this way, and a major challenge faced was the timing, for a continuous reading would inevitably carry through into the night, and even if not, it was unlikely that the whole of this longest epic poem ever written in English could be covered in that one weekend. The solution found, then, was the practise of simultaneous reading.

People came and left throughout the day, and each of them, when they came, sat down with a copy of Savitri to make their contribution. At the busier times of the day the room was filled with voices, but amazingly, concentrating on their section of Savitri was not an issue for any of the readers.

Being part of that collective voice that chronicled Savitri’s journey from “an infant longing” that “clutched the sombre vast” to one “buried in a mother’s breast” who “saw the ages pass” was a truly beautiful experience. There was something special about giving life to Sri Aurobindo’s words in our little Sri Aurobindo centre in Singapore, voicing these profound truths within its walls, and, in the process, bringing a little of Sri Aurobindo’s wisdom into our lives with the intensity that made the poem real for us.

On Saturday the 12th of August 2006, for a few of us at least,

“Time opened its chambers of felicity,
An exaltation entered and a hope:
An inmost self looked up to a heavenlier height,
An inmost thought kindled a hidden flame
And the inner sight adored an unseen sun.”

For, as the Divine Mother writes, this Savitri reading served as “a consecration of all things to the All, a call from ignorance and egoism to Thy light and love.”
- Shrimoyee (Grand daughter of Mr K S Rajah)

वन्दे मातरम्

Politics of Patriotism2 hours ago by JoanOfArc
(Translation by Shree Aurobindo) Mother, I bow to thee! Rich with thy hurrying streams, bright with orchard gleams, Cool with thy winds of delight, Dark fields waving Mother of might, Mother free. Glory of moonlight dreams, ...
My Tantrumic Life -
House of Troy - Advent Battery Light ... (Picture Light) 3 hours ago by qbzqy26283b
Sri Aurobindo,Mother,Drawing,Painting,Sketch,pictures,Search for True light,immortality and delight ... Algeria,supramental,sri aurobindo ashram,India,true knowledge, light, delight ... The Paintings and drawings By The Mother. ...
Picture Light -
National Song of India turns 100 4 hours ago by Our India
Later it was transilated in English by Shree Aurobindo. The fact that Vande Mataram is still popular today can be attested to by the fact that it was recently declared as the second most requested song by the BBC's World Service radio. ...
Parenting Question 4 hours ago by Administrator
The Common Vision: Parenting Question and Educating for Wholeness presents the teachings about child raising and education of Rudolf Steiner, Sri Aurobindo Ghose, and Hazrat Inayat Khan. The book reveals the powerful similarities among ...
parenting question -
Vande Mataram... 7 hours ago by Swahilya
I found a book by Sri Aurobindo on Bankim-Tilak-Dayananda in my collection. There I found a translation of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee's Bande Mataram, original Bengali. Besides the words that are commonly known to the public, ...
Akshara -
Vande Mataram 7 hours ago by Ashutosh
And thy glorious smile divine, Loveliest of all earthly lands, Showering wealth from well-stored hands! Mother, mother mine! Mother sweet, I bow to thee, Mother great and free! translated by Sri Aurobindo.
Ashutosh's blog -
Dhyana - 38 hours ago
This CD is of Vedu Electronics, Chennai and it contains the following Songs on Sri Aurobindo and Mother in Hindi and Sanskrit: Stotra - Prayer, Dheere Dheere, Brahmalokse, Yogmurti, Maa Teri Pavan, Sri Arvind Sadguru Devo, ...
Celextel Online Spiritual Store -
A moment of reckoning for me "When you really try to do something ...8 hours ago by Jayesh Kr. Jain
Now, see the one more coincidence that here my reading of my 2 readings (The Power Within (Aurobindo) and My Experiment with Truth (Gandhi) came handy and I immediately removed that idea after feeling that why should I fear, ...
My Experiment With Truth -
Vande Mataram..8 hours ago by Ananthoo
Sri Aurobindo Ghosh's English translation of the song I bow to thee, Mother, richly-watered, richly-fruited cool with the winds of the south, dark with the crops of the harvests, The Mother! Her nights rejoicing in the ...
Ananthoo's updates -
VANDE MATHARAM Today India celebrates the 100 th anniversary of ...10 hours ago by GOOGOL
In thy soul, with jewelled hairAnd thy glorious smile divine,Loveliest of all earthly lands,Showering wealth from well-stored hands!Mother, mother mine!Mother sweet, I bow to thee,Mother great and free! (translation of Sri Aurobindo)
Salon of Singularity10 hours ago by aditiblog
By the way, Sri Aurobindo is here as well, but not in form, he wants me to convey ... Aurobindo having acnowleged everyone in the room begins to speak, ... Again there is noticable silence in the room, as Aurobindo stares at Whitman, ...
Nada Bindu; Infinite Sound -
Mother, I bow to thee! Rich with thy hurrying streams, bright with ...11 hours ago by Kapil Kalhan
Mother sweet, I bow to thee, Mother great and free! My tribute to the National Song on a day whenit completes a century of being written with pride and sung with gusto... वन्दे मातरम् translated by Sri Aurobindo.
Zeitgeist -
Y sent me this12 hours ago by Eilir
Auroville was based on principles of two visionaries (Mirra Alfassa, also known as the Mother, an Aegyptian/Turkish/French woman, and another an Indian guru, Aravind Ghose (Sri Aurobindo)). Both worked for many years to bring about a ...
The Rabid Librarian's Ravings... -
Ghose Aurobindo21 hours ago
Ghose, Aurobindo Yoga Back To Snippet Back To SITEMAP Ghose, Aurobindo Author: encyclopedia Ghose, Aurobindo Related: Indian History Biographies (ôrobIn´do ... In 1926, Sri Aurobindo, as he came to be called, retired into seclusion. ...
Yoga - Links, Products, News... -
Sri Aurobindo Quote Collections I6 Sep 2006 References
"The arrival of a new radical idea in the minds of men is the sign of a great coming change in human life and society; it may be combated, the reaction of the old idea may triumph for a time, but the ...
Cecilia Suhr - myspace Blog -
2012 The End Or Maybe The Beginning?6 Sep 2006 by (Aurum Solis) JM Jenkins, standing at the head of the pack, draws on the evolutionary theories of Oliver Reiser, Aurobindo, Tagore, Teilhard de Chardin, and other modern (male) visionaries who share the same paradigmatic assumption: humanity is the ...
Life Technologyâ„¢ News -
Vande Mataram : Our national song6 Sep 2006 by @sh♂k
And it's interpretaion in English by Aurobindo goes like this:. Mother, I bow to thee! Rich with thy hurrying streams, bright with orchard gleams, Cool with thy winds of delight, Dark fields waving Mother of might, Mother free. ...
Time Pass -
What's the BIG DEAL about a song anyway?6 Sep 2006 by Abhijit Bera
Rabindranath Tagore gave the tune to it and the English translation is by Shri Aurobindo which tells the deeper meaning of the song. This is the very song that woke up the then (actually even now) indolent Indian people and made them ...
Timeless Thoughts Of An Enigmatic Mind -
Aadil Palkhivala is teaching at OM yoga center, NYC 5 Sep 2006 by suann polverari
Aadil began study of yoga with BKS Iyengar at the age of seven, and was introduced to the yoga philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother at the age of 10. He received the Advanced Yoga Teacher’s Certificate at the age of 22 and is the ...
Aadil Palkhivala -
National Song5 Sep 2006 by Manojendra Gupta
Here is the translation of the above stanzas by Aurobindo Ghose in Karmayogin, 20 November, 1909: ... Aurobindo followed the Bangadarshan text [the literary journal edited by Bankim in which Anandamath was first serialised]. ...
Manoj's World -
Vande Mataram: Brig.Chitranjan Sawant, VSM Vande Mataram had ...5 Sep 2006 by madhukeshwar.T
Taking a look at the English translation of Vande Mataram, done by Shree Aurobindo, one may safely surmise that the storm in a tea cup brewing at the behest of separatists will blow away and patriotism will prevail. ...
Good links .....I liked most -
Aurovile and Communism5 Sep 2006 by Saattvic
On February 28th 1968, the Mother, a spiritual leader and disciple of Sri Aurobindo, founded ‘The City of the Future’ in a grand inauguration ceremony attended by representatives of 124 countries from across the world. ...
A bit of this -
The Assassin5 Sep 2006 by Vinayak
He was well acquainted with the works of some of the major figures of nineteenth-and twentieth-century India, including Vivekananda, Aurobindo, tilak and Gokhale. Well-built, soft-spoken and like most Chitpavans fair-complexioned, ...
At the edge -
VERY IMPORTANT PROPHECIES AND PROPHESISER JOHN MELARD5 Sep 2006 by Yuga Rishi ... biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas ...
Lighting up the fire of Vital... -
Discussion :: RE: GOD'S SPIRITUAL SOVEREIGNTY OVER all men of all ...4 Sep 2006
If we can succeed in this endeavor, then all of those spiritual worldviews (from shamanism to Plotinus to Padmasambhava to Aurobindo) can be reanimated and utilized within a broader, non-metaphysical AQAL matrix, which can generate the ...
Baha'i Library Forum -
leaving squamish4 Sep 2006 by roy
as sri aurobindo said, "to discover the new country within us, we have to leave the old one behind." this morning, i have been packing and stashing the last of my belongings. i feel...unusual, a little squeamish. taking apart, ...
east is east -
It inspired millions at the time of freedom struggle, and Sri Aurobindo described it as, “The Religion of Patriotism”. Today it is creating ripples of another kind and they too are religious in nature. Today, the same song is being used ...
chhutkiscommune -
Vande Mataram, is anything wrong in it?4 Sep 2006 by Pratyush
Shree Aurobindo has translated it in English Mother, I bow to thee! Rich with thy hurrying streams, bright with orchard gleams, Cool with thy winds of delight, Dark fields waving Mother of might, Mother free. Glory of moonlight dreams, ...
India Daily -
Faddish and opaque3 Sep 2006
He does place Sri Aurobindo in good company however as he aligns him with Vivekananda and Dayananda, but he mistakenly then ... It is clear from the book that, as Rich Carlson has pointed out, your reading of Sri Aurobindo's social and ...
Sylvan learning ctr -
A 0593 Sep 2006 by jose_r_galarza
... an integration of traditional mysticism (typified by Aldous Huxley's perennial philosophy) with an account of cosmic evolution that is in many respects compatible with that of the great Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo. ...
jose_r_galarza -
OneSriLanka Foundation (Sri lanka health) :: Home3 Sep 2006 by serveurgd315772
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Information about the ashram in Pondicherry, India, and its activities. Includes an image gallery. Source: Sri Chinmoy on iTunes Radio Sri Chinmoy The music of Sri Chinmoy is now being ...
sri lanka health -
Zodiac Astrology3 Sep 2006 by Zodiac Astrology
The Light, the Sound is One;their action is sevenfold. ( Aurobindo ) How to overcome the Ego ... Aurobindo) Wise men like Ramana Maharshi advises us to annihilate the Mind. For it is that which gives you pleasure that gives you pain. ...
Zodiac Astrology -
Pondicherry3 Sep 2006 by Mahesh
The long beach side boulevard? the quaint cafes? the Aurobindo ashram and its inmates in their trademark shorts and shirts? Auroville? the cheaper liquor? Whatever it is, I guess I got a whiff of the sense of life too - that's why I ...
The Reluctant Observer -
There have always been I think two layers to my posts. Categories ...2 Sep 2006 by CJ Smith
Aurobindo never meditated; his only practice was writing. I'm no Aurobindo, but I'm trying ever so imperfectly to follow in that line. That is why I say there are two tiers to these posts. This second layer involves an inner drive and ...
Indistinct Union: Nonduality... -
Tilak2 Sep 2006 by agnikula
Aurobindo that other insightful man during the years of the great struggle had many words to say about his friend Tilak that are worth citing: ... The again Aurobindo points his important role in India politics as a Hindu leader: ...
manasollasa -
Sri Aurobindo on Gandhi These are Aurobindo's words quoted from a ...2 Sep 2006 by atul
Sri Aurobindo on Gandhi These are Aurobindo's words quoted from a book ' India's Rebirth'. July 23, 1923 Gandhi's Ahimsa ... A few months earlier, Gandhi sent his son Devdas to Pondicherry to see Aurobindo. ...
dratulkulkarni -
(This blog, fortunately or unfortunately, is not meant for idle ...2 Sep 2006 by a j muhammed shafeer (Notes:*To be unaware of our eternal nature, and to reckon the living, temporal and regional as ultimate realities, is “temporal ignorance” as termed by Maharshi Aurobindo. ** Brahma : The absolute ; eternal and the infinite; ...
ajmuhammedshafeer -
Brief History of the Hexagram or Six Pointed Star1 Sep 2006 by hyperqube
"Sri Aurobindo, a Hindu guru well-known in the New Age affirms that SATURN IS REPRESENTED BY THE NUMBER 6… because the planet Saturn is 6th of the nine planets in distance from the sun." (Marrs: Mystery Mark, p. 68) ...
The Hyperqube -
Incredible India1 Sep 2006 by Ak - References
The English translation of Vande Mataram rendered by Shree Aurobindo, is considered to be the “official” and best. The first stanza of this song has been given the status of our national song. Play Vocal Audio “Vande Mataram” with Real ...
Indiya Online -
Sayings of Sri Ramakrishna - The Holy Trinity - [ RMIC ] (Sri ...1 Sep 2006 by serveurgd315772
Source: Sri Chinmoy Biography Official biography of Sri Chinmoy ... 12 year-old Chinmoy entered the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, a spiritual community near ... in 1931, Sri Chinmoy was the ... Source:
sri lanka health -
Yoga for Mind Development1 Sep 2006
Sri Aurobindo , the sage of Pondicherry, India once narrated his experience thus: “While I was practicing Pranayam, I was doing it for about five to six hours a day, three hours in the morning and two or three hours in the evening. ...
Articles from -
Truth (Ultimate Reality) not dependent on Mind1 Sep 2006 by Sadiq M. Alam
... by the Mind's thought but only by identity and silent vision. Truth lives in the calm wordless Light of the eternal spaces; she does not intervene in the noise and cackle of logical debate. From: The Hour of God, by Sri Aurobindo Ghose.
Inspirations and Creative Thoughts -
Life’s Learning’s : Credit to Sanjeev Nayyar - ...1 Sep 2006 by Nick
“Think on all subjects, think independently, fruitfully, going to the heart of things, not stopped by their surface, free of prejudgments and prejudice”. Sri Aurobindo “I do not allow my schooling to interfere with my education”. ...
Dandelion -
Honoring Our Teachers the ABVP Way1 Sep 2006 by Shantanu Dutta
I studied in a school run by the Aurobindo people and there, though they didn't exactly follow the gurukul system, Teachers' Day was observed and though not all teachers were saints in any way, there were some whom I revered. ...
Desicritics Section: Culture -

Sri Aurobindo is an Indian and American hubris can’t digest this

Sri Aurobindo, wrote Prof. Sisir Kumar Maitra in 1942, has accomplished the “transfer of the leadership in philosophy from the West to India.” But what we witness today in 2006 is something entirely different. Why?

The whole scenario is not devoid of politics and what is at issue is not philosophy but hegemony. In pursuit of that, there has been constant shifting of goal posts and resorting to gerrymandering. Marginal items have come to occupy the mainstream space in philosophy while the basic metaphysical concerns rank as subaltern. Why?

Sri Aurobindo gave the most full-proof philosophy in the entire human history, but the Westerners are unwilling to accept him at the top. Pseudo-philosophers are lapped up and their books sell in plenty almost as a conspiracy to eclipse Sri Aurobindo. He is discounted simply as a mystic or a revivalist, instead. Why?

Because Sri Aurobindo is an Indian and American hubris can’t digest this. Numerous charts and complicated graphics are being devised in pathetic attempts to cook up all-encompassing philosophies. Many of Sri Aurobindo’s innovations are being recycled. Even then, success eludes such enterprises. Why?
For Sri Aurobindo, as Dr Maitra decreed, stands tall on merit. Every intellectual, every journal and every University will have to swallow this cruel pill. No amount of racial or colonial resistance can suppress the supremacy of Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy. The whole world, whether today or tomorrow, must turn to it where all the whys are answered. [TNM696MMYP]

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hi Thank u for attaching our address Please visit the site and give us ur much needed guidance. # posted by Pushkar : 12:37 PM

Bengali press in 1909 condemned him for taking up an unworthy cause

The overt ‘Hinduisation’ of the anti-Partition movement came about only later with the appearance of the English language revolutionary paper, Bande Mataram, on August 6, 1906. One of its editors, Aurobindo Ghose, was the first in a line of others who started to co-opt Bankim’s nationalistic credo into a dominant Hindu one. By Indrajit Hazra HindustanTimes Tuesday, September 5, 2006 ¶ 1:55 PM
Even Annie Besant, in the same year [1907], described him as dangerous, and made it clear that Sri Aurobindo would use any methods to upset British Rule. But even then, many others prophecied his greatness in other spheres, for he was not only a revolutionary patriot, but a humanist too. H.K. Kaul [From Preface to Sri Aurobindo: A Descriptive Bibliography, 1972]

How long shall our spirits battle with the Night...?

We came to a land that was promised for all
But instead we hit upon a huge brick wall
Truth and adventure were the Divine call
But now it looks more like a money fuelled shopping mall.
Seekers of truth will cry out with appall
At these bricks of dogma fifty people tall
Newcomers who come with goodwill for all
Will soon turn away from this monsters ball.
How many more years will we tolerate the wall?
When will it be time for those bricks to fall?
Click Here for References  Cosmic Play Ground
posted by [deleted, Sept 6, 2012] at 4.9.06 Monday, September 04, 2006

Act now

Today, the drive in Auroville is toward mobility solution, albeit providing total freedom, one that makes the society eat dust, literally. The guests are left wondering where is the city of the future? Not only are the motorcycles and even mopeds driven at breakneck speeds, but the trail of smog left behind in billowing clouds into the face or pedestrians, bicyclists and other mopedians leaves everyone with sooty eyes and nostrils. We may not have had many accidents, perhaps the speed bumps or the potholed roads deter speeds at certain times, but this till does not stop many to keep zooming, neither does it ever “transport” us into the future that we all collectively aspire to “move” into.
Of course, the solution to several above problems is to lay pukka concrete roads, but that is due to several reasons not feasible in the near future, not the least being the cost of such a large public works project. And even if this were done, it would be little different from what has been already done outside. If Auroville is to lead the way to the future, so to speak leapfrog the way in how transportation planning are done outside, then we have to find a collective solution within to change our group behavior. posted at 17.7.06 Monday, July 17, 2006 Abstract
Car-free cities will probably become the norm this century due to energy constraints. It seems appropriate, therefore, that Auroville should be willing to take a lead in this. But how can we design Auroville as a city which could function without cars and motorbikes? Search for new urban mobility Source: Auroville Website: Towards a motor-free city posted at 16.7.06 Sunday, July 16, 2006  A C T Auroville Community Transport

Saturday, September 02, 2006

From the lips of Jesus's companions

You are home. Nothing could be more home than this. The ancient traveler in you is home. He is already there! He doesn't want to go anywhere else. Since you arrived he has been breathing in a sustaining silence like a subtle ambrosia. In the courtyard of the main Ashram building, around the samadhi, the silence is gently massive. You don't have to try to be quiet there. It's not like church, where you may have to restrain yourself to maintain a respectful silence...
The first time you went to the samadhi was late in the evening. You could feel the calming silence even before you turned the corner of the sidewalk and came into full view of the courtyard. Only a few people were still there. You had very strong surges of emotion in those first moments of pilgrimage. The feelings didn't disperse the silence nor even disturb it. Its calming influence is not imposed; it does no subtle violence to you. It does not restrain the lunging want or the nagging need. Instead it calls out something else in you; it calls the secret you to the front.
In the Ashram quarter of Pondicherry, you had unspoken permission from everyone you met to be your truth, your secret self. The people here are living it. They shine on you when you meet them. Some kind of radiance, sister to that soothing silence, pours out of their eyes when they look at you.
Rather they look into you, and you cannot find the subtlest hint of social exploitation in their gaze. You didn't even know you watched out for that exploitation until you realized that something familiar "was missing" in this meeting of the eyes. Here the inner being is richly more than a clichŽ, more than a passing emotion. Here soul fills out, grows substance, raises its head and looks out at you from those eyes.
She is here and He. People pour out stories about them into your willing ear. They were living a miracle, a living miracle, a sustained miracle that lasted in this spot for 60 years. The fragrance of it is everywhere. People will tell you stories for hours about their grace, their compassion, their laughter. Seekers came here attracted like bees to a meadow bursting with wildflowers.
There are books and books of collected stories emanating that special fragrance. You feel like you have landed in Capernaum just in time to hear the stories from the lips of Jesus's companions, the stories that will make their way into the New Testament in the second century. Or you are on Mt. Carmel and, with Peter, you don't ever want to leave. A home for the ancient traveler by John Robert Cornell This article is excerpted with permission from the Fall/Winter 1995 issue of Sunseeds (Vol. 9, No. 2).