Saturday, December 18, 2010

Light at ten

From overman foundation date18 December 2010 12:56 subject From Overman Foundation: Sri Aurobindo's First Poem
Dear Friends, 
Sri Aurobindo was once asked, in 1939, during the course of a conversation by one of his disciples: “When did you begin to write poetry?” He answered: “When my two brothers and I were staying at Manchester. I wrote for the Fox family magazine. It was an awful imitation of somebody I don’t remember.” 
The magazine which Sri Aurobindo had referred to was the Fox’s Weekly which saw the light of the day on 11 January 1883. And the poem of Sri Aurobindo, titled Light, which was deeply inspired by P. B. Shelley’s The Cloud, was published in the very first issue of 11 January 1883. Let’s recall that in 1883 Sri Aurobindo was barely ten years of age.
We take the opportunity of sharing this poem with you all. To read the poem, please click on the following link:
With warm regards, Anurag Banerjee
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