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Intellectual dogma and cult-egoism stand in the way

Sri Aurobindo says,
"Each religion has helped mankind. Paganism increased in man the light of beauty, the largeness and height of his life, his aim at a many-sided perfection; Christianity gave him some vision of divine love and charity; Buddhism has shown him a noble way to be wiser, gentler, purer; Judaism and Islam how to be religiously faithful in action and zealously devoted to God; Hinduism has opened to him the largest and profoundest spiritual possibilities. A great thing would be done if these God-visions could embrace and cast themselves into each other; but intellectual dogma and cult-egoism stand in the way."
And this leads me to on to discuss in brief, one other vehicle, less known, wrapped in mystery. The Freemasons. To be continued...Posted by Tim at 2:20 PM

We stayed in Auroville (a.k.a the jungle) for two weeks and practiced yoga

We also did some traveling in India while we were there and I never had a problem with it. Rowan enjoyed the experiences and we always found that people loved her and were accommodating. We took the train to Chennai for a trip to Auroville for a few weeks. Even though the train ride was about 7 hours, it went fine. We stayed in Auroville (a.k.a the jungle) for two weeks and practiced yoga with Chad and Monica.
It was during a freak monsoon and it rained more than I have every experienced in my life. That was the roughest point of our trip to India with a kid and that was only because we were stuck indoors for days at a time with a one year-old with boundless energy. And even that wasn’t too bad. Posted by tara on November 26, 2006 @ 4:20 pm · Filed under Mysore, India

A perfect liberty of thought and of worship must be allowed

Monday, November 27, 2006 Quote for the day
Indian religion has always felt that since the minds, the temperaments and the intellectual affinities of men are unlimited in their variety, a perfect liberty of thought and of worship must be allowed to the individual in his approach to the Infinite.
Maharshi Aurobindo
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We happily oblige to the Ashram rules at last

Friday 24th of November: The bus journey from Chennai to Pondichery lasted for 4 hours but it was an great trip, it's basically a seaside road pretty much all the way. Some places are purely paradise. However, you pass some seasides villages which have been fiercely affected by the tsunami. You can see a lot of redevelopment sponsored by funds from the Tsunami Relief Association.
I arrived in Pondichery early afternoon. Pondichery is an old french colony and the city has kept all the seaside part as it was in terms of architecture so it's very beautiful. Everything is so clean here, people are more chill out, more chatty and I have a great afternoon walking around. I even saw some locals playing the "petanque" which is a traditrional french bowling game. I should have brought some Pernod. I am staying tonight at an Ashram guesthouse. Ashram is basically a community and place od calm/meditation. As a guest I need to comply with their rules which is curfew after 1.30pm, no alcohol, no noise. The guest house is great and there are few backpackers. I met two french girls Chloe and Julie, they are staying there with some people they met in Goa and are doing a bit of travelling with then for a few days. We met up later in the evening and went to this french restaurant, the food was excellent. It's about curfew time so we head back to the guest house. The girls have some prohibited drinks so we spent the rest of the evening in one of their room with an Irish guy and an english couple. Tomorrow I am finally going to the beach. I have booked a scooter, can't wait!!
Saturday 25th of November: Oh boy, the night was short and the sun is kicking hard already. We are finally 7 of us going to the beach so more scooters are rented. We go North of Pondichery to a beach called Quiet Beach. Nice beach but nothing will compare to Goa I am told. The day is spent there, lying on the beach after a big night. We still manage to visit Auroville which is the city I spoke briefly in my first entry in Mumbai.I met Chloe/Julie later on in the evening and we met up with Mate (Irish bloke). The evning is spent in a small local restaurant, we still suffering from last night so tonight it's an early sleep and we happily oblige to the Ashram rules at last. about fabienr

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A planned international city for spiritual and divine life

Monday, November 27, 2006 Courte voyage sur Pondicherry... or a short trip to Pondicherry, as we say in English. Thursday and Friday were holidays for our team in office. Temesh and I decided that we will go on a trip to Pondicherry taking advantage of the extended weekend. Vimal, Sathish, Vijay and Kapil also decided to join us. Primary inspiration and information for this trip was gathered from Anu's blog...
After breakfast we went to Aurobindo Ashram. Then we hired bicycles and explored the city. This is probably the best way to see the city. After three hours of cycling, we called it quits and took a taxi to Auroville. Auroville is a planned international city, for people who are spiritual and wants to live a divine life, without following any religion. We enjoyed our tour there and shopped quite a lot, in the end. posted by Subhadip @ 5:19 PM 11 comments

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You cannot venture much into the sea

Pondicherry has 2 kind of accommodation for tourists mainly. Beach Resorts, City Hotels. There are Guest Houses also in Auroville & at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. My Recommendation is to stay at Hotel Surguru, 104, SARDAR VALLABHAI PATEL ROAD. PONDICHERRY 605001. TEL: +91-413-2339022. +91-413-2227290 Good Hotel with very good service. Excellent South Indian Food. Good Location, Near to all Attractions in Pondi.
St James Court Beach Resort Good Resort on ECR Road (10 kms from Pondicherry) Food is ok. Only if you need Beach Resort, this is good. But in Ponicherry beaches are not that clean(specially on ECR). Also you cannot venture much into sea as it is dangerous as the slope is steep. posted by Sandeep @ 1:58 PM

Surendra Mohanty's sadhana on the farm

Agriculture and sadhana Surendra Mohanty Mother India, Nov ‘06
Attracted by the great ideal of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, I came to the Ashram in 1975. I was given the work on a farm. This was a new field for me. But ever since I have been tilling and toiling in the fields with the hope of transforming my being, endeavouring to be Her true instrument. Observing myself and trying to correct the imperfections has been my sadhana on the farm. Being an indolent boy with a tamasic nature, my progress has not been quick or sudden. Cultivating crops, taking care of cows and calves has made me prudent and vigilant…The calves are my playmates who remove my boredom…
The truth behind farming has opened my eyes to the Forces at work, guiding us towards the integral and collective sadhana of the Ashram for a complete transformation that will finally make our human life divine.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sri Aurobindo's teachings include and transcend nondualism

Interestingly, the way I received Ramana's Light is very different to how I received Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's Light. I was first connected to the twin integral avatars via my uncle, who mentioned them in a letter to my mother when I was only 12 or 13, although it was to be some years before that realisation would flower. With Ramana I was already much more spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually mature, and so when Gangaji presented the transmission I was able - through great aspiration (although not really as great as it should have been, because of ego and desire) - to receive it...
Intellectually, Ramana and Sri Aurobindo could not be further apart. Ramana rejects the Aurobindonian position; Sri Aurobindo's teachings include and transcend Ramana's nondualism. Spiritually, once one gets beyond these words, which includes even getting beyond even Maharshi's and Sri Aurobindo's respective words, one feels that both are equal facets of the Supreme. Both are avatars and light bringers to this world of countless beings enmeshed in samsara. Mentally, there is a contradiction, and a limitation. Spiritually, there is no contradiction, only totally complementary revelations of the same Supreme. For me there is no contradiction between the two. posted by m alan kazlev at 3:34 PM Friday, November 24, 2006 Integral Transformation
My summation of Gangaji is here Links: The Power of the Presence Part One: - Ramana had little interest in Sri Aurobindo's philosophical teachings. Generation Sit » Blog Archive » Ramana Maharshi, Sri Aurobindo - a sensitive and insightful appreciation, presented from the perspective of Wilberian Integral Theory Integral Spirituality - Exploring the Connection of the Sages Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and Sri Aurobindo by Charles Ismael Flores. Kheper Home Zaadz blog Living Now

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Faith is the strongest staff for the journey

November 23, 2006 Faith Posted by Sree at 7:25 PM Labels:
Do not allow any outward circumstance to shake the faith in you; for nothing gives greater strength than this faith to go through and arrive at the goal. Knowledge and Tapasya, whatever their force, have a less sustaining power- faith is the strongest staff for the journey. - Sri Aurobindo

Pondicherry, the "Riviera of the East"

Thursday, November 23, 2006 Au revoir to Romi and Malin: We have just spent a fantastic but bittersweet weekend in Pondicherry, the "Riviera of the East", a small district which used to be French, and now, still, amongst the deafening smell of curry leaves, coconut oil and latrines, pervades a faint Gallic whiff. We stayed in an old colonial guest house which the owner, Patricia, had decorated stunningly with carved wooden furniture, colourful drapes, cushions and light fittings and brightly painted walls....
Pondicherry was fantastic. We knew we were going to have a good time when, going out to dinner on the evening of our arrival, we saw on the menu "Herb Chicken – chicken cooked in continental herbs, vegetables and French fries – Enjoy with French loaf"...We then went totally bonkers and bought huge amounts of "French" cheese (all made in the nearby commune of Auroville, started by Sri Aurobinda a Guru whose ashram is in Pondy), crackers (not the Diwali type) and expensive wine (not the Indian type)...# posted by Arabella @ 12:42 PM

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Space, Earth, and Environment

Re: Threats to the Planet (NYRB) by Jim Hansen by Rich on Sun 19 Nov 2006 05:08 PM PST Profile Permanent Link Ron thanks for posting this , most of the nyrb articles do have exchanges after they are published, but Hansen is one of my main men, whose guidance I have been following since 1988. when some of his employees at the Goddard Institute in New York were also working part time for me, when I was contracting and managing the Meteorological Office at JFK Airport.

Sri Aurobindo was the first to be baffled by his own experience

The Buddha on Meditation & States of Consciousness, Part I, by Daniel Goleman by rjon on November 20, 2006 06:06PM (PST)
As Suzuki (1958) points out, in every religion it has been the core experience of an altered state which has preceded and been foundation for the subsequent structures of institution and theology. Too often it is the latter that have survived rather than the former; thus the modern crisis of the established churches might be seen in terms of the disappearance in our age of personally experienced transcendental states, the "living spirit" which is the common base of all religions. Still, for each being who enters these staes without a guide, it is as though he were discoverng them for all the world for the first time. A biographer of Sri Aurobindo, for example, notes (Satprem, 1970, p. 256):
"One may imagine that Sri Aurobindo was the first to be baffled by his own experience and that it took him some years to understand exactly what had happened. We have described the ... experience ... as though the stages had been linked very carefully, each with its explanatory label, but the explanations came long afterwards, at that moment he had no guiding landmarks."
The file attached below, titled "The Buddha on Meditation & States of Consciousness-Part I," was an important early influence for me in my personal sadhana. I got to know its author, Daniel Goleman, during my graduate studies at Harvard, when he was a member of Gary Swartz's team in the Psychology Department in William James Hall, one of the first groups in US academia officially studying the neurophysiological correlates of meditative states. by rjon on Mon 20 Nov 2006 06:06 PM PST Permanent Link

Highest possibilities of the evolutionary process

Monday, November 20, 2006 ABOUT A BOOK "DIVINE LIFE" - It is a book written by Sri Aurobindo. The main idea of this book is-''Divinization of life of a man to a super human".Man is a being with instincts of animals of mental and vital consciousness. By regular culture of these instincts gradually to higher consciousness the soul comes to the surface. So, human being transformed to the being of soul which is termed as 'Divine Life'. Such a divine life is free from slavery of bondage of the present human consciousness. In order to achieve that super consciousness one has to cross the barrier consciouness of mind to supermind through overmind. This is the aim of the universe and each unit of the universal being. There is the possibility of achieving super consciousness each and every being of the universe and this is called 'Awareness of Life 'and 'Ascending of consciousness'. And this is regarded as the highest possibilities of the evolutionary process. Posted by Durgesh Nandini at 8:56 AM

Sri Aurobindo college in drama competition

Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution DRAMA COMPETITION ON CONSUMER AWARENESS Press Information Bureau Monday, November 20, 2006 16:41 IST: A two-day drama competition is being organized by Voluntary Organisation in Interest of Consumer Education (VOICE) at Dilli Haat on November 24-25, 2006. Sponsored by the Department of Consumer Affairs, this is an effort to promote youth consumer moment that has made a promising beginning this year in Delhi University by running a consumer helpline. Teams from twelve colleges in the city will be presenting items on various aspects of consumer concerns.
The colleges are, Hindu college, Kalindi college, Kamala Nehru college, Lady Irwin college, Motilal Nehru college, Ramjas college, Shaheed Bhagat Singh college, Shivaji college, SGTB Khalsa college, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee college, Sri Aurobindo college and Venkateshware college. The event will be judged by leading drama artists and experts in consumer affairs. The team adjudged the best will be awarded Rs. 25000. The first and second runners up will be awarded Rs. 20000 and Rs. 15000 respectively. The winning team will also get a change to perform at the National Consumer Rights Day celebrations in December, 2006 in New Delhi. SBK:CP:drama20.11.2006

Sraddhalu Ranade is a scientist, educationist and seeker

Sraddhalu Ranade is a scientist, educationist and seeker on the spiritual path. He has been an inmate of Sri Aurobindo Ashram since he was six months old, where he grew up in the care of late Sri M. P. Pandit. He is presently involved in various activities including video productions, software development, and teacher-training programmes. He has travelled widely within India and abroad meeting interested audiences to share his insights on varied themes. A multi-faceted personality, he delivers talks and conducts workshops on numerous subjects including Integral Education, Management, Self-Development, Indian culture, Science and Spirituality, Yoga.
Sraddhalu Ranade is a scientist, educationist and scholar at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India. He has conducted numerous intensive teacher-training workshops in Integral Education and value-based education all over India and abroad. Over the years many thousands of teachers from several hundred schools and colleges all over India have benefited from these programmes. He regularly addresses students all over India on various scientific and cultural themes always with the emphasis on serving a higher Ideal and preparing ourselves from within for the task.
The book, DVDs, set of Audio CD and MP3 CD are based on a series of three-day teacher-training workshops on Integral Education conducted all over India over a span of several years. It is an attempt to communicate whatever is possible on the content, mood and intensity of the major elements of these interactions. The aim of these workshops was not so much to discuss different techniques of education, but rather to lead participants into a radically different way of experiencing education and our role in it as teachers and parents—and gradually even to awaken or grow into a new attitude to the whole of life itself, for the two are inseparably bound. And from this new state of being, we will discover that the right techniques and methodologies naturally flow from us, and all that we may have learnt over the years from specialized training sessions will naturally fall into place in a wide, embracing and spontaneous harmony. The discussions in these two DVDs lay down the foundations of this new approach, the principles around which it is organized, the different elements involved, and the resultant reshaping of the entire framework of education.
This DVD is the first part of a workshop series that awakens us to a deeper understanding of the nature of thought and the means of its cultivation.The power of thought is unique to the human species. It is the basis of our capacity to learn, grow and master our environment. The quality of our mental self-awareness, the clarity of our thoughts, the way we think, and the goals that we set ourselves – these are the things that ultimately determine the quality of our lives. And yet, we rarely pause to consider how we think and how we can train and further develop and refine this power.

Marguerite Smithwhite created “A New Education with A Soul”

A New Education With a Soul: U.K.-born Marguerite Smithwhite, founder of the International Children's Peace Council (ICPC), has had wide global experience of teaching. As Health Education Officer to the Greater London Council she was responsible for arranging projects of Health Education for all schools and colleges of the Inner London Education Authority, then afterwards moved to India, where she lived for two years in the international township of Auroville and two years in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, teaching in the schools of both places.
From 1980 onwards Marguerite did research into the new modern sciences of high energy physics, Kirlian photography and microphotography, looking at how they could combine with mysticism and spirituality. She also created “A New Education with A Soul” based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and had further teaching experience in many countries on three continents, teaching amid various nationalities,religions and cultures, while also doing teacher training.
Its first priority is to teach children to know themselves with all their potential and their individual unique value to human evolution. Education with its soul will be the world's most unifying factor, and it will be the planet's greatest protector. Much more than ever in the past it must emphasise the importance of Art, Beauty, the Sacred in all Human Life.
Mysticism and science are coming together to unveil the soul in all things - both animate and inanimate. This is a curriculum for all ages, for a spiritual education towards a higher consciousness, fully illustrated to make it a fascinating visual experience. Created by Marguerite Smithwhite, and used in many countries for children, parents, teachers, and others. Made in Auroville, India.

Fabrice Dini is teaching French and producing DVDs

Fabrice grew up in a small village in the Swiss Alps surrounded by the sumptuous Beauty of Nature. At the age of twenty, he came to India, spent few months in the Himalayas and two years in Varanasi (the holy city of India), where he learned Indian classical music. Since 1996 he is following Sri Aurobindo's integral yoga spending time in the Ashram of Pondicherry and in Auroville where he is living since 2001. He is teaching French and developed a method using songs, edits books, booklets and audio materials, organises retreats and is currently producing DVDs. Sergey and Fabrice are now living in Auroville
For any information you can contact us by e-mail at Fabrice Dini Transformation 605101 Auroville Tamil Nadu, India 091 (0)413 262 2586 - 944 34 90 153 Sergey Stanovykh
Introduction to Integral Education Part 1&2 details How to Think details India Reunion (and World Union) * Auroville, Integral Yoga and the Future of Mankind * by Sraddhalu Ranade
Audio CD
Sri Lalita Sahasranama detailsby M.P. PanditIntroduction to Integral Education (a set of 6 CDs - 7hours) by Sraddhalu Ranade Learn French through songs details by Fabrice, Mathieu and Swaha
Introduction to Integral Education (7hours) by Sraddhalu Ranade
A New Education with a Soul details by Marguerite Smithwhite Introduction to Integral Education * An Insipirational Guide by Sraddhalu Ranade

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Ulrich Mohrhoff teaches quantum philosophy

I teach maths, physics, and quantum philosophy at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education in Pondicherry, India.
I received my education (in physics) from the University of Göttingen, Germany, and the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India.
My chief interests are
the foundations of quantum mechanics,
the ontological implications of contemporary physics,
the relations between matter and consciousness — how can a material thing be conscious? how is consciousness of material things possible?
the place of physics in the context of a larger reality,
and the nature of that larger reality. I have published numerous articles on these subjects.

Vladimir Yatsenko, Sanskrit teacher in Auroville

Send Email Vladimir Yatsenko
Personal: Prarthana, Auroville, TN, 605101, India Auroville, Pondicherry 605101
IN Phone: 00914132622316
Work: Savitri Bhavan, Auroville, TN, 605101, India Auroville, Pondicherry 605101
IN Phone: 00914132622922
Online Chat IDs Skype: vladimir160661
About Me: I am a Sanskrit teacher in Auroville, interested in Intergral Yoga.

Auroville worked its magic on me

Auroville and the temple towns: Anyway Auroville worked its magic on me and I was up during the night after the last blog puking up and being attacked by a million mosquitoes in what I described to sophie as 'my worst shit ever'... Any way we would have loved to have stayed in Auroville for longer but all our clothes were damp, and I couldn't stand going for another mosquito nightmare poo, so much for the revelution. Since Auroville we have been to Thiruvunamalai, Thirichipalli, Thanjuvur and where now in Madurai, I hope your looking all these up in the atlas and encyclopedias. All these town have enormous temples which we have been in awe of... posted by paul and sophie @ 3:44 PM Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sri Aurobindo Vidya Mandir, Mahalakshmipuram

BANGALORE: The imagination and creativity of the participants came to the fore at `The Hindu Young World on-the-spot Painting Competition 2006' here on Saturday. The creations of the budding artists drew appreciation from judges and made their job of choosing the winners a bit difficult. In the end, what differentiated the winners and losers was the ability to think differently...
"A scene at the bus stop" or "Save the tree campaign at your school" was the topic for seniors, while it was "Playing with friends" or "Your favourite animal at the zoo" was the subject for the juniors. Ashrith V. of Sri Aurobindo Vidya Mandir, Mahalakshmipuram, walked away with the first prize in junior category. He received a cash prize of Rs. 1,250, a certificate and gift hamper from Lotte. The Hindu Karnataka - Bangalore Sunday, Nov 19, 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sri Aurobindo experienced first and did write later

Luminous Filament said...True, that the way Sri Aurobindo and his life time spiritual companion, The Mother have formulated and explained this extraordinary phenomena in a very novel and till now unfamiliar manner...
Monday, November 13, 2006 Problem in understanding Aurobindo's writings The extraordinary thing about Aurobindo is that he experienced first and did write later. His all the writings are supported by his years and years of yoga practices where he experimented and re-examined again and again and then he found support or identical quotes in ancient Indian treatise which are still complex and very difficult for people to understand.

Mira was so feministic and bent on transcending gender

Ned Says: November 15th, 2006 at 11:15 pm I agree with Tusar. Through my experiences with abuse I was drawn to Sri Aurobindo and Mirra, and their philosophy seems to be a fantastic balance between head and heart, masculine and feminine, action and silence, God and Godhead. But of course all philosophies are merely cognitive maps, not to be taken too seriously, and to be discarded when greater realizations and higher forms of unconditional love present themselves.
Ned Says: November 19th, 2006 at 12:40 am Spirituality is basically about relationships in my opinion. The universe is fragmented and its different parts are trying to establish relationships with each other, shared linguistic spaces, shared maps, etc., so that the universe can unify itself. That is probably the teleological destiny that Aurobindo and Mirra are calling Supramentalisation. But for us to reach that point we absolutely have to LISTEN. I’m a terrible listener in real life because I have a such a noisy, distracting ego-mind.
spiritofnow 2006-11-09 08:16 am UTC (link) Hey, I see you're interested in Sri Aurobindo! Have you studied him in depth? Of all the spiritual paths out there, the Integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo and Mother Mirra is what has appealed to me as the most inclusive of all other philosophies and worldviews. (Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)
cyra_song 2006-11-09 02:14 pm UTC (link) I did study him in depth. I'm a devotee of Mother Meera who is considered the successor of Sri Aurobindo and Sweet Mother.Amongst Sri Aurobindo and Sweet Mother ( Mirra), i always felt a closer connection to Sweet Mother. I mainly studied her "Agenda" and it became my " spiritual bible" in so many aspects. (Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)
spiritofnow 2006-11-10 07:30 am UTC (link) I have heard of Mother Meera, but I did not know she was in any way connected to Aurobindo and Mirra. I like them both, but I think because Mirra was so feministic and bent on transcending gender, as a woman, I feel more closely identified with her than Aurobindo. But Aurobindo's intellect is unsurpassed, I feel, among esoteric philosophers. He does a great job of putting the supra-intellectual into words, even though it is very difficult to do so. Savitri is one of the most beautiful and powerful pieces of poetry I have read -- and I haven't even read all of it yet! (Reply to this) (Parent)

Encens d' Auroville

ENCENS d’AUROVILLE NATURAL LINE PERFUMED DRAWER AND SUITCASE SACHETS. Cotton paper sachets with sandalwood powder infused with natural essential oils. Choose any three fragrances. Today's Price: £7.95
Cotton paper sachets with sandalwood powder infused with natural essential oils. Click add to basket to choose from: Basil Nectarine French Lavender Lemon Verbena Orange Cinnamon Peach Vanilla Tea Neroli Home page

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Awakening the genius within

Ned Says: November 17th, 2006 at 4:16 am My point is that we can literally *potentially* be brilliant at EVERY discipline if we allow psychic/soul growth to supercede mental growth. We see this in both Mirra and Aurobindo. Mirra was equally at ease with higher mathematics[?], music, and painting. Aurobindo was just as good at intellectual philosophy as he was at poetry and literature. Both speak of this as awakening the genius within. This is the source where all our rational-intellectual arguments and counterarguments come from.
For me the missing ingredient was bhakti: the constant reminder to myself to stay within my OWN sphere of existence and work on improving THAT, because the rest of existence is ALREADY taking care of itself and it’s not my responsibility to do anything unless I’m asked to. I’ve had to exert immense mental willpower to turn my attention inwards — and that’s how I found bhakti. This has been a realization that has been quite recent.

Claude Arpi runs the tibetan pavilion at Auroville

India of the ages is not dead nor has she spoken her last creative word; she lives and has still something to do for herself and the human peoples. And that which must seek now to awake is not an anglicised oriental people, docile pupil of the West and doomed to repeat the cycle of the occident’s success and failure, but still the ancient immemorable Shakti recovering her deepest self, lifting her head higher towards the supreme source of light and strength and turning to discover the complete meaning and a vaster form of her Dharma. - Sri Aurobindo
Claude Arpi is born in Angoulême (France) in 1949. His real quest started in 1972 with a journey to the Indian Himalayas. Since then he has been an enthusiastic student of the history of Tibet, China and the subcontinent. After graduating as a Dental Surgeon from Bordeaux University in 1974, he decided to come to India. In December 1974, he joined Auroville, the International community founded by the Mother, Sri Aurobindo’s spiritual collaborator. Since then, he has been living there with his Indian wife and his young daughter. Claude Arpi regularly writes on the geopolitics of the region, environment and Indo-French relations.

33rd memorial day of The Mother

Devotees throng Aurobindo ashram Search for More News Published: Saturday, November 18, 2006 Puducherry, Nov17: Devotees from different parts of the country thronged the premises of the Sri Aurobindo ashram on the occasion of the observance of the 33rd memorial day of the Mother here today.
An estimated 4000 devotees made a beeline from early morning to pay homage at the samadhi of the Mother (whose natural name was Mira Alfasa) and also to visit the room from where she conducted her spiritual experiments. Special arrangements were made by the management of the Aurobindo ashram for the visit of the devotees. A part of the road in the vicinity of the ashram premises was cordoned off. (Agencies)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Matrimandir meditation room with its huge 70cm crystal

This morning I got up at 7 and went on an epic tour of the hostels of Pondicherry, by foot. They are all full - raaah. Looks like I'll have to stay with the hot water and TV, what a shame! Pondicherry really is a very nice town; wide, tree-lined boulevards and a long promonade along the Bay of Bengal. There are pockets of french culture and architecture here and there, and the town has plenty of coffee shops (that serve real espresso) and nice French/Italian cuisine restaurants. The best way to get around, epecially to the nearby beaches, is by cycle or motorbike - so my mission this evening is to find a cycle hire shop (not going to risk a scooter - eek). I was hoping to go to Auroville and visit the Matrimandir meditation room with its huge 70cm crystal, but unfortunately it is only open to visitors on Sunday, and tickets have to be booked in advance - poo. Guess I'll just have to cycle to a beach instead. Below: The Matrimandir dome and meditation room (space age..) Posted by Katie on Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 4:59 AM

Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Group, Coimbatore

Engagements - Coimbatore In Coimbatore Today Religion The Hindu Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Group: Prayer and meditation, Sasibalika School, R.S. Puram, Sri Aurobindo Centre, Tatabad, 9.30 a.m., 10 a.m. Sunday, Nov 12, 2006.

Manoj Das at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan

Discussion November 13 at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, 8 Shakespeare Sarani; 6.15 pm: Sri Aurobindo, an evening of questions and answers with Manoj Das of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Calcutta Telegraph - Calcutta,India Monday, November 13, 2006

Two of the greatest sages lived only 65 miles apart

Happily I remember exactly where the quote came from. It was from someone who taught me a great deal - the late Paul Brunton. I think that Paul probably did more to introduce Ramana Maharshi to the West than anyone else, and he was also a close friend[?] of Aurobindo. He once commented that it was rather convenient that two of the greatest sages of the 20th century only lived 65 miles apart!
He also mentions Ramana's comment in Chapter 9, paragraph 23 of Volume 16 of The Notebooks of Paul Brunton. Here's the exact quote: "That these differences of view exist even among illumined mystics is a striking but rarely studied fact. Why did Ramana Maharshi poke gentle fun at Aurobindo's doctrine of spiritual planes?" November 12, 2006 in Alzheimer's Disease, Ask Dr. Petty: Questions and Answers, Mystical Experiences, Neurogenesis


While awareness dawns that the Matrimandir will finally be ready, there is as yet little understanding what impact it will have on Auroville. “There is a substantial pressure that, as Auroville belongs to nobody in particular according to its Charter, the Matrimandir should also be freely accessible to every visitor, just like the Baha'i Lotus Temple in New Delhi ,” says Gilles. “But The Mother has told Roger Anger that the Matrimandir is a place for Aurovilians, and that it was ‘not for visitors in principle'.”
Opinions on what She exactly meant by ‘visitors' in this respect differ, but all agree that the present policy for casual tourists should continue: they will only be allowed to see the Matrimandir from a distance. Explains Gilles, “It is simply not possible to allow all the tourists because their number is far too great. Each person would need to pull on white socks to walk through Matrimandir, so you can imagine the confusion.” He recalls that an earlier experiment to allow tourists to walk in file up to the Chamber, have a look at the Crystal and then turn back, was unsatisfactory to all.
The opening times for the non-Aurovilian pass holders are still to be decided. The main question is the availability of a sufficient number of volunteers: at least fourteen Aurovilians are required for the Chamber and the twelve meditation rooms in the petals.
On an ‘occult' level, the finishing of Matrimandir might presage the coming of better times. The Mother repeatedly stressed that the earlier the Matrimandir would be ready, the better it would be for everybody, especially for the Aurovilians. “Build Matrimandir, I take it upon myself to make it into a very strong centre,” She said.
Even now, while the finishing work is in progress, something seems to be changing in Auroville's atmosphere; many attempts are being made to harmonize opposing viewpoints. As Nirodbaran, who recalled, in an interview with Auroville Today in August 1991, that Mother had mentioned that “the completion of Matrimandir will coincide with the establishment of peace and harmony in the world.” See also: The Matrimandir, Soul of the city Home > Journals & Media > Journals > Auroville Today > October 2006

I guess I'm missing the whole spiritual side!

Monday, November 13, 2006 We're very spiritual people
Well, we're staying in a community called Auroville which is designed to be an ideal city dedicated to promoting human unity anyway. For us this involves staying in a tree hut with no electricity and a toilet 100 mts away through the long grass. Well obviously I had to tell Paul that we were doing well on the whole illness front with just three really bad days between us which meant that my stomach problems occurred the night we moved into the hut (without a torch!) - a manic dash through the darkness to an equally pitch black toilet with a soundtrack of howling dogs and the large book on 'Common Snakes of Auroville' I'd seen earlier in the day running through my mind wasn't exactly the ideal introduction to the place but since then it's been great.
It has a fantastic swimming pool, a nice beach, really nice food....yeah I guess I'm missing the whole spiritual side! Well, we did do some work on one of the farming projects here today and it was wicked, will be doing some more tomorrow. And we did visit the giant meditation building which looks more like a giant golden golfball than anything else - they were doing some building work which meant we couldn't go inside. So Auroville - a great place but maybe not 'Auroville - the city the Earth needs' as the leaflets somewhat grandiosely claim. posted by paul and sophie @ 9:20 AM

M. Ramaswamy is the new Secretary of The Auroville Foundation

For the day-to-day management of the Foundation, the Central Government appoints a Secretary who is responsible to the Chairman of the Governing Board. The Secretary is a high-level officer from the Indian Administrative Service or a similar organisation. The Secretary lives in Auroville.

From November 1st 2006, a senior IAS official, Mr. M. Ramaswamy, originally from Tamil Nadu, has accepted to fulfil the function. Mr. Ramaswamy served from 1975 to 1978 as Revenue Divisional Officer, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, and got to know Auroville at the time. From then onwards he served in various Chief Executive functions in Maharashtra . Previous secretaries were:

Mr. S.R. Sharma, I.A.S.
Mr. N. Bala Baskar, I.A.S.
Dr. S.C. De, I.P.S.
Mr. L.K. Tripathy, I.A.S.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Incredible words, soul-touching, heart-embracing, glorious!

The Adoration of the Divine Mother ~ Sri Aurobindo Sunday, Nov 12 2006 Divine Mother joy bringer 11:11 pm Sri Aurobindo ~ The image is Josephine Wall’s “Key To Eternity” Trackback URI 6 Responses to “The Adoration of the Divine Mother ~ Sri Aurobindo”
em Says: November 13th, 2006 at 12:08 am incredible words, soul-touching, heart-embracing, glorious! Blessings!
Soulwright Says: November 13th, 2006 at 1:27 am fabulous image!
Heather Blakey Says: November 13th, 2006 at 12:02 pm what an amazing tour de force. Wonderful Darina. Thanks so much for posting this.
faucon Says: November 13th, 2006 at 3:06 pm I will probably be jumped for this, as this extraction and display is incredible, but “what do you think?” I look forward to your words and passion, ‘joybringer’ — bring it on
Terry (Teresa) Seed.Morgaine, Camelot Scribe & Correspondent. Says: November 14th, 2006 at 2:45 am Wonderful joybringer, I heartily agree with all of the above comments.
joybringer Says: November 14th, 2006 at 6:25 am Thank YOU Incredible souls for sharing this eternal fascination, amazement and enchantment by and with the Divine Mother and Sacred Feminine in each one of us. Her endless beauty, wisdom and mysticism have inspired always and forever and her extraordinary energy and power to move, nurture and heal have trascended even our own imagination…
We are blessed to experience her grace within and around us and to be part of her divine dance with our souls as we co-create with her and the Divine Father and Sacred Masculine the unfolding realization that we are always already and timelessly One, also felt as Love and Pure Joy.
May we be true expressions of her gentle kindness, fiery passion, infinite wisdom and unconditional love as we are. May our journeys be filled with the touch of her universal soul, the nectar of her cosmic being and the wonder of her miraculous spirit…

The mantric effect of the name Sri Aurobindo

All choice All life is Yoga Tuesday, November 14, 2006 The Name of "Sri Aurobindo"
Many well-meaning persons, who are intersted in Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and Their Teachings, refer to Him as Aurobindo. Even I have written to a few persons to refer to Him as Sri Aurobindo. Sri Auribindo has Himself said that His name is Sri Aurobindo, and not Aurobindo. Posted by Barindranath Chaki at 8:17 PM

It was in prison that Sri Aurobindo had `Narayan darshan'

Prison provided Jawaharlal with a kind of enforced leave to think and write about life and its manifold problems. He himself described prison as the most exclusive school in the world. Prison has provided many people opportunity to think and give their ideas coherent shape. It was in prison that Sri Aurobindo had `Narayan darshan'. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad wrote his famous commentary on the Holy Koran while in prison. Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, when he was deported to the Mandalay jail, wrote Gita Rahasya, Jawaharlal Nehru wrote his Glimpses of world history while lodged in prison...Nehru's literary virtuosity is best revealed in the autobiography, which can be hailed as his magnum opus. Shiv Prasad `Muflis' Central Chronicle

Savitri will guide a true aspirant of Yoga

The great Yogi Maharishi Aurobindo (Birth 15-8-1872 Samadhi: 5-12-1950) was very emphatic in stating that only he could write truly about himself. And hence we have to read his writings, letters etc to know about him.
Swami Vivekananda guided him in his yogic practice in Alipore jail.Aurobindo himself revealed:In the Alipore jail I had the Gita and the Upanishads with me, practiced the Yoga of the Gita and meditated with the help of Upanishads; these were the only books from which I found guidance; the Veda which I first began to read long afterwards in Pondicherry rather confirmed what experience I already had than was any guide to my Sadhana. I sometimes turned to the Gita for light, when there was a question or a difficulty and usually, received help or an answer from it. It is a fact that I was hearing constantly the voice of Swami Vivekananda speaking to me for a fortnight in the jail in my solitary meditation and felt his presence. The voice spoke only on a special and limited but very important field of spiritual experience and it ceased as soon as it had finished saying all that it had to say on that subject.He has answered the question, “How to do Yoga” himself.
He says: One (not a disciple- I had no disciple in those days) asked me how to do Yoga. I said: Make your mind quiet first? He did and his mind became quite silent and empty. Then he rushed to me saying: My brain is empty of thoughts, I can not think. I am becoming an idiot. He did not pause to look and see where these thoughts he uttered were coming from! Nor did he realize that one who is already an idiot can not become one. Anyhow I was not patient in those days and I dropped him and let him lose his miraculously achieved silence.
The usual way, the easiest if one can manage it at all, is to call down the silence from above you into the brain, mind and body.
Aurobindo’s mind became full of an eternal silence in one day. It was ever with him.The great rishi has written the classic Savitri for the sake of mankind. He had to write and rewrite it ten or twelve times!
The disciples have been wondering why he would have to write and rewrite his poetry so many times when he had all the inspiration at his command and do not have to receive it with the difficulty that faces budding Yogis like them.
Aurobindo answered: That is very simple. I used Savitri as a means of ascension. I began with it on a certain mental level, each time I could reach a higher level I rewrote from that level. Moreover I was particular- if part seemed to me to come from any lower levels I was not satisfied to leave it because it was good poetry. All had to be as far as possible of the same mint. In fact Savitri has not been regarded by me as a poem to be written and finished, but as a field of experimentation to see how far poetry could be written from one’s own Yogic consciousness and how that could be made creative. I did not rewrite Rose of God or the sonnets except for two or three verbal alterations made at the moment.
From this we could easily understand that in Savitri we may find his Yogic consciousness. Savitri will guide a true aspirant of Yoga.

A viable alternative infrastructure and economy that works

"Ecology and Auroville’s Development Planning," by Rod Hempsell by rjon on Tue 14 Nov 2006 03:05 PM PST Permanent Link
Two extremely significant reports published in the past two years must be considered essential to Auroville’s planning: Limits to Growth – The 30 Year Update (2004) and “Living Planet Report 2006” [LPR]. The latter, published by WWF and the Global Footprint Network came out just last month and is available online at the Global Footprint Network website. The former, written by Dennis Meadows (husband of Suzanne MacDonald, founder of Merriam Hill Center and Geocommons programs in Auroville) and others, is the excellent follow up to the 1972 Limits to Growth, and the 1992 Beyond the Limits to Growth...
If Auroville doesn’t take this situation seriously and manifest a viable alternative infrastructure and economy that works, its real reason for existing, along with humanity’s as a whole, may never be realized.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mother of all Beings

Aju Mukhopadhyay, Pondicherry, Married with children, Member Since Jan 26, 2005: I am a freelance writer. I write essays, poems, short stories, novel and features.I write in Bengali and English. I have 13 published books in Bengali and 7 in English. I have been awarded certificate of competence as a Published writer by the Writers Bureau, Manchester, UK and I received the Best Poet award for 2003 by the Poets International, Bangalore, India. Mother of all Beings(biography of Mother of Pondicherry) by me are being sold internationally.

Fortunately I found spiritual literature of Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo and Evolution May 1 2006 2:21AM raksunhyd Realizing the Self or Atman is the goal of man. Once the Self is known there is nothing to be known, says the Upanishad. For a long time I have not understood the meaning of the word “Self”. After reading a lot of spiritual literature and techniques of meditation the question remained the same. What is the Self? Where does one begin to understand the Self? Where do I find a Guru who can teach me about the Self??
With this desire in my heart, I had started reading a vedantic texts translated in English. I had read many books but had not understood how to practice and find the Self. Fortunately I found spiritual literature of Sri Aurobindo. It took me a long time to understand his complete vision but it was worth the time I spent on them.
aurosam comments: on May 4 2006 8:13AM Dear friend, I completely agree with you. Nowhere else you would find answers to your problmes however mundane as you would in works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The Mother has written on wide range of issues whcih we face every day -things like our attitude towards money, food, sleep, . She has covered it all in her Q&A books. You may visit the website for some good material.
Othena comments: on May 4 2006 12:00AM It warms the cockles of my heart to read posts of this nature. India's greatness continues through the living traditions of great souls such as Aurobindo who, in their lifetime do so much to, explain the mystery that is life...
dcindia comments: on May 1 2006 6:16AM Dear Friend, I recommend you read a book called "The Psychic Being" published by desciples of Sri Aurobindo. It will help you understand Sri Aurobindo's revelations on this subject. Regards

Sulekha blogs on Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo and Evolution posted by raksunhyd on 5/1/2006 Sri Aurobindo and Evolutionviewed: 674 times - comments (5) perma linkTags:
Sri Aurobindo Society's Blog Blogger since 12/29/2001 Inspired by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, we are working for the dynamic application of spirituality to life through a change of consciousness, individually and collectively.

The basic aim of Sri Aurobindo Society is to work towards individual perfect Tags:
9.'s Blog Blogger since 2/10/2006 Retired Estate Manager Bombay Port Trust,Civil Engineer,Chartered Surveyor,Valuation,R.I.C.S.London,Vedic Spiritualist,Social Activists,Aurobindo Follower,Hindu,Chittapawan Brahmin,Thane 400601 Tags:
Don Salmon's Blog Blogger since 9/7/2002 Dr. Don Salmon has been a student of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother since 1976. A clinical psychologist, he is currently working with his wife Jan on a book about Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Psychology. Don and Jan recently spent a month in India interviewing Tags:
aurobindo's Blog Blogger since 7/7/2006 Tags: technical, IT, recruiter, free, jobs, resumes, yahoo, aurobindo, company, fun, consulting, freelancer, web, page, personalized
aurosam's Blog Blogger since 3/25/2006 A Mechanical engineer and an MBA. Working on logistics and international trading assignment. Deeply interested in reading, creative writing- major interest Sri Aurobindo's yoga. Love reading philosphy and fiction. Father ot two wonderful children and Tags:
Hufreesh Dumasia's Blog Blogger since 5/26/2003 · BA from Sri Aurobindo center of International Centre of Education, Pondicherry. ·6yrs of Art training under an eminent artist Preeti Ghosh, Pondicherry ·Certified Computer graphics: Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator, Pagemaker, FrontPage. Tags:
Rod Hemsell's Blog Blogger since 1/7/2003 I was a resident of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville from 1968 to 1983. I worked there as awriter and educator, and in 1974 I travelled widely and spoke at various universities - Delhi, Baroda, Bombay, Bangalore - as the guest of the Tata Institute Tags:
Vishwajyoti Mohrhoff's Blog Blogger since 10/19/2001 I was born in 1966 in MP and educated at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education in Pondicherry. My first paintings resulted from an identity crisis. Encouraged by friends, about eight years ago I ventured into art without any formal training. Tags:
Nilesh Nathwani's Blog Blogger since 2/23/2001 Born in Jinja, Uganda, after the completion of senior Cambridge 'O' levels, the author had his higher education in India. Deeply influenced by the radicals of the Indian freedom fighters, B.G.Tilak and Sri Aurobindo, the author went to live at Pondicherry
Episode 12 - Double Impact posted by kiranwitty on 6/3/2005I joined Vijaya High School in 1993.Life was vastly different from aurobindo but weird incidents continuded to follow me like a shadow.Skipping classes was the norm and only nerds went to classes.The rest of the guys spent their time in the park,or iviewed: 3 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
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All life posted by barin chaki on 10/19/2006'All life' is mostly about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and Their Teachings, but also about other matters, seemingly unconnected. But truly nothing is unconnected, as Sri Aurobindo said: ALL LIFE IS YOGA. viewed: 37 times - comments (0) perma linkTags: All life All life is Yoga First Supramental Manifestati Sri Aurobindo Supermind Supramental Being The Descent The Integral Yoga The Mother The Supramental Consciousness Yoga
The Incredible posted by Manoj Das on 4/11/2003But however insignificant the surface of their lives may appear to them, we cannot help reading an undercurrent of imports in them. The task they had set for themselves, after all, was to change this gross mortal life into a life Divine. A subtle link between their actions at the physical plane and those at the sublime plane can always be sensed. For example, Sri Aurobindo fought for the freedom of India, and India for him viewed: 1765 times - comments (3) perma linkTags:
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The Riddle Of Sphinx And Euthanasia posted by Manoj Das on 1/19/2003The question brings to my mind another seminar - rather a workshop - held under the auspices of WHO, at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences, Bangalore, in 1985. How is it that a certain treatment carried on two mental patients, both similar to each other in every respect and suffering from the same ailment, failed to cure one but was quite successful in the other case? viewed: 872 times - comments (3) perma linkTags:
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Episode 2 - Hit or miss posted by kiranwitty on 4/30/2005Hmm..This one dates back to 1989 when i was in primary (Aurobindo memorial school) and was caught talking to my friends in class.There was this teacher Gayathri who had teeth which extended outwards to such an extent that there was a rumour doing theviewed: 3 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
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The Myth of Aryan Invasion posted by Dr. Madan Lal Goel on 7/16/2005The often perceived and frequently quoted racial division in India between the fairer Aryan North and the darker Dravidian South is pernicious and dangerous. The British gave currency to this view of racial divide in India. It was part of their “divide and rule” strategy. The Northern people in India got especially sucked into this interpretation of history because it made the “Aryan” northerners appear racially closer to the white races of Europe. This viewpoint is also popular in Sri Lanka, where the Sinhalese believe that they are descendants of Aryans from the North of India and that Tamils of Sri Lanka are not. viewed: 3795 times - comments (26) perma linkTags:
The Hour Of The Unexpected posted by Manoj Das on 3/6/2003The spectre of unmanageable population made the biologist, Thomas Euston propose a radically original reform when the world could contain pocketsize human beings. "The technology to shrink humans," he assures us, should be available soon. A genetically engineered virus, carrying genes codes to create small people, can be placed in a reservoir or released in the air. Then everyone infected would absorb the viewed: 1104 times - comments (2) perma linkTags:
Jubilation of the Bald Parrot posted by Manoj Das on 8/7/2002The principle of psychoanalysis may be effective within a certain range of the working of human consciousness -- and at a certain plane. The danger lies in its ignoring the truth that the consciousness is too vast for Freud and his disciples to survey it in full. There are spheres of occult reality and planes of consciousness that can be known only through deep concentration, meditation and other methods of Yogaviewed: 847 times - comments (4) perma linkTags:
On the Divine Mother: A Mystery and A Prophecy posted by Rod Hemsell on 1/27/2003We might also point to the extraordinary probability that our industrial, technological age and global civilization have reached their terminus, following 250 years of Rationalism, two major World Wars, numerous lesser wars, nationalism, internationalism, economic globalization and a population explosion that has overburdened the planet's natural resource base. It seems most likely that viewed: 1934 times - comments (4) perma linkTags:
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Some Arguments In Favour Of An Early Date For The Mahabharata War posted by B.S.V. Prasad on 7/4/2003The historicity of the Mahabharata is unfortunately still questioned on the basis of the lack of archeological and epigraphical evidence, and the supposed unreliability of traditional Indian sources of history. The problem is compounded by the rigid positions taken by both traditionalists who favour very early dates, and those who support the much later dates initially put out by Western savants. It is further compounded by the viewed: 2656 times - comments (6) perma linkTags:
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Upanishadic Influence in Wordsworth Poetry posted by neerajaindia on 9/6/2006It is an unquestionable fact that the Indian seers occupy the highest post in the realm of seeking and exploring the depths of the spirit. When Europe even did not 'witness showers and the rays of dawn of civilization,' the Vedic Rishis had sung marvviewed: 83 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
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Reviving a Grisly Metaphor posted by Manoj Das on 12/6/2001“Comrade Aidit, you were present at the Soviet Congress as a fraternal delegate. What was your reaction to the report?” we asked as soon as we settled down around a small table, munching roasted groundnuts and sipping black tea. He listened to his interpreter and banged his forehead thrice or so, before he could formulate some apology.viewed: 641 times - comments (2) perma linkTags:
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Give Time a Break At Pondichery!! posted by K.Murlidar on 5/10/2006About Pondichery, the then French colony and a must-see destination for everyone. That too a drive through the cativating ECR from Chennai will be truly memorable!viewed: 908 times - comments (1) perma linkTags:
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Will The Real Gita Please Stand Up? posted by Antonio de Nicolas on 3/17/2003There, we all chanted the Gita daily, and I knew its verses by heart before I learned Gujarati. Nehru and Morarji Desai were frequent visitors. We all learn about the Mahatma and his transformation from a small-town lawyer in South Africa to the leader of ahimsa; from his familiarity with the Isa Upanishad to his learning and quoting the Gita, when needed, in political circles. He became a truer Hindu as his non-violent viewed: 1806 times - comments (8) perma linkTags:
Nationalism and its Enemies posted by Dr. N.S. Rajaram on 11/3/2004Of late, some politicians and intellectuals are holding up something they call 'secularism' as the foundation of the Indian nation. But secularism is a negative concept. viewed: 1117 times - comments (7) perma linkTags:
Thinking of Van Gogh in Mahabalipuram posted by Phil Servedio on 7/6/2005The ride to Mahabalipuram hugged the eastern coastline of India, passing through many small villages. It was a beautiful ride, palm trees, rice fields, cow and goat herds, blue skies. Picturesque. Though Mahabalipuram is only 90 miles from Chennai, it still takes 3 hours, since these taxis really don't go over 50 miles an hour. But the road was excellent, a new highway built with funds from the World Bank. No bumps, potholes or broken sections. Such a treat. But we did at one point cross another major highway leading to Bangalore, filled with trucks, buses, cars, taxis, etc, backed up for miles, another definition of hell.viewed: 607 times - comments (0) perma link
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Was Gandhi an Asura ? posted by Harish Kumar on 5/18/2006An occult analysis of the phenomenon of Mahatma Gandhiviewed: 161 times - comments (17) perma linkTags:
Honoring our teachers – the new way. posted by shantanudutta on 9/1/2006I now know how to honor my teachers-- The Bharatiya way !viewed: 211 times - comments (0) perma linkTags: abvp jeans M F Husain nsui sfi ujjain valentine's day vande mataram
Vande Mataram... posted by Akshara on 9/7/2006....the force of the nation With the "I will sing - I won't sing," controversy going around the National Song, Vande Mataram, I go back to the days when I was chanting the two words as a Mantra. Today, September 7, they say is the centenary of the soviewed: 44 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
Th Re of Pr posted by shriramsharma on 9/19/2006It was said that Kings had become very arrogant. It was in their very nature to harass their subjects and at that time was born Lord Parshuram. He diligently chopped off the heads of all Kings.viewed: 85 times - comments (0) perma linkTags: change their very thinking pro Kings had become very arrogant powerful writings thinking to Rajasic (active) m very gigantic ethical movement was born Lord Parshuram
In The Name Of Freethinking posted by S. Aravindan Neelakandan on 11/30/2004In Swami Vivekananda's writings, one finds repeatedly that the emphasis is for using reason. He rejects blind faith and even claims of inspiration, when they are out of harmony with reason. viewed: 3553 times - comments (19) perma linkTags:
Meditating on Mamata posted by Naresh Sharma on 3/25/2001Mamata Banerjee is the Union Railways Minister of a country with the population of one billion, 28 States, 7 Union Territories, 15 official languages (with more than 100 dialects), varying climates and people of different religions and communities. viewed: 816 times - comments (9) perma linkTags:
Upanishadic Influence in English Poetry posted by Pankaj_Jain on 8/3/2004Wordsworth is one blooming genius in English Poetry whose poems are very close to the philosophy of the Vedas. But, before coming to Wordsworth, I would like to point out the relation between poetry and philosophy, which will enable us to have a comprehensive idea about our Vedantic interpretation of Wordsworth's poetryviewed: 2600 times - comments (16) perma linkTags:
The Other Rabindranath posted by Manoj Das on 8/29/2003Some anniversaries are celebrated as routine; behind some others we feel an inspiration, they wake us up to the ethos associated with the celebrity behind the anniversary. And Tagore's anniversary surely belongs to this category. Reflections on his poetic excellence or his concept of man always revives our faith in humanity, ushers in a new ray of hope amidst the encircling gloom. viewed: 1863 times - comments (20) perma linkTags:
Revolutions and Rituals posted by Manoj Das on 8/28/2004The girl's eyes, dazzling with tears of joy and sorrow, slowly close. The young man lets her fall asleep and goes out to look for an apartment, only to turn totally bewildered on his return. His bride-to-be “lay cold; there was no pulsation – her face was pallid and ghastly. In a word, she was a corpse.viewed: 3067 times - comments (2) perma linkTags:
Hindus should learn lessons from history posted by sadhu rangarajan on 6/3/2004viewed: 273 times - comments (3) perma linkTags:
Oneness In Hinduism posted by Dr. Madan Lal Goel on 4/19/2005Hinduism is not properly understood in the United States. Hinduism is negatively and stereotypically portrayed with an eye for sensationalism. This has been pointed out by Sulekha contributors such as Rajiv Malhotra, Sankrant Sanu, Yvette Rosser and Vishal Agarwal. Described in this short article are essential features of Hinduism, written in a language for the common person. The concepts described here will help those who seek to explain Hinduism to American audiences. This article grew out of a speech the present author gave at the Unity Church of Christianity in Florida.viewed: 1976 times - comments (39) perma linkTags:
Patanjali Yogpeeth: Political Unity In Yoga posted by premendra agrawal on 4/7/2006Patanjali Yogpeeth Hridwar: Union of political factions – Tiger & She goat, science & spirituality meeting point in yoga. East meets west in Yoga. Sex siren Mallika Sherawat visted Baba Ramdev.viewed: 854 times - comments (1) perma linkTags:
Resurgent India posted by Shonar Joshi on 7/22/2002For three years we have worked on a project on ancient India. Its aims are clear -- we want to bring out some of the key features achieved by India in every possible field that we can think of; we next want to understand for ourselves and then project for the world what made India achieve those extraordinary feats in her pastviewed: 3872 times - comments (320) perma linkTags:
Dialogue With Death posted by Nilesh Nathwani on 5/1/2001There once lived a monarch called Vajashravasa. He had a large kingdom and his treasury was full of gold, silver and precious stones. Many rulers envied his prosperity and power. He had a beautiful wife and one favourite son named Nachiketas. His rule was known in the neighbourhood and so was his austerity and religious sentiment. viewed: 925 times - comments (6) perma linkTags:
The 'Western Only' Curriculum posted by Rajiv Malhotra on 6/22/2001This essay is provoked by the reading list of St. John's College, one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in the US, sent to my son and thousands of potential applicants to colleges. Their cover page proudly states that this list of great thinkers constitutes the complete program at St. John's. Something appears to be rather strange about this list of great thinkers... viewed: 4501 times - comments (28) perma linkTags:
Return of the Old Man of the Mountain posted by Manoj Das on 10/29/2001What is important to note is that the close relationship between drug and terrorism is almost a thousand years old. What is even more noteworthy, the terrorists who volunteered to die for a cause then and who do so now, were not just some brainwashed and misguided idealists, they were and are far worse.viewed: 1933 times - comments (6) perma linkTags:
The Indigestible Beef posted by Manoj Das on 1/6/2002Joy, the child's birthright, is denied to him for the sake of a chimerical concept of success. An abundance of pleasures created around him are sickening to his soul. Lighten his burden; recast the syllabi so that his leisure is not usurped either by professional tuition masters or by his parents assuming that roleviewed: 1953 times - comments (15) perma linkTags:
Pilgrimages: A Passing Tradition posted by Manoj Das on 2/17/2002Indeed, in no other country had pilgrimage grown, over the centuries, into such an extensive and robust tradition as in India. Here is an Englishman's amazement: “One of the strangest sights in India is that of the ascetics who make pilgrimages from one part of the country to anotherviewed: 864 times - comments (5) perma linkTags:
The Little Imp and the Giant Imp posted by Manoj Das on 3/6/2002The politician I overheard saw nothing wrong in exploiting a vital element of the feudal tradition -- the fascination people had for the scions of princely families. But he was worried about the other element left to us by the same feudal past -- casteismviewed: 623 times - comments (1) perma linkTags:
The Secret of Human Conduct posted by Manoj Das on 4/9/2002Way back in the late 60s of the 20th century a communal riot shook a certain town. I was surprised, for it was a new settlement grown around a huge industry and the population consisted of labourers and officials attracted from every part of India. There was no tradition of animosity between communities and what united them was a common existential necessityviewed: 2770 times - comments (276) perma linkTags:
Trailblazers of the Primrose Path posted by Manoj Das on 5/3/2002The films will not change their direction. They will continue to teach carnage and mayhem with the excuse of realism and will glorify perversions in the name of surrealism. And they have with them the all-silencing divine excuse: “We give what the people want”viewed: 550 times - comments (3) perma linkTags:
Evolution: Lights From a Primeval Myth posted by Manoj Das on 6/3/2002It may be news to many that in several universities in the West Darwin was proscribed till the sixties of the 20th century. The situation has changed. Be Darwin accepted fully or not, evolution is looked upon no longer as a hypothesis, but as fact. However, from time to time we come across new theories about the working of that processviewed: 1021 times - comments (19) perma linkTags:
Indian Art posted by Shonar Joshi on 8/9/2002Indian art is something widely spoken off and, to a more or less extent, everyone is a little familiar with our grand masterpieces like the Khajuraho temples or the temple at Konarka or the Taj Mahal. Beyond that, how much more do we know? Is there something in those sculptures that we see, looking down upon us from temple walls? Is there a sense of uniqueness in the paintings of Ajanta or the Kishangarh Schoolviewed: 1375 times - comments (6) perma linkTags:
A Climate of Smog posted by Manoj Das on 12/9/2002Half a dozen women gather in an apartment in San Francisco, three women meet in a modest living room in Laguna Beach, twenty women and men find an isolated spot on the beach in Santa Cruz, a dozen men and women meet in a loft in downtown Los Angeles. Wherever they come together, these people lay symbols of the elements -- fire, water, air and earth on a low table -- a red candle, perhaps, and shells, feathers and oysters and green plants... Someone adds chalice and a knife, others light incense and candlesviewed: 852 times - comments (4) perma linkTags:
Souls Under Morphia! posted by Manoj Das on 6/16/2003Disaster? For whom? Whether the youth would abide by the minister's counsel or not is left to them. But if some of them practise better control over themselves, they are certainly not going to cause a disaster for themselves; nor is their abstinence going to be disastrous for the society. Then? Could it be disaster for the condom manufacturers who vie with one another in achieving vulgarity in packaging? viewed: 2070 times - comments (4) perma linkTags:
An Aspect of Identity posted by Manoj Das on 6/19/2004"I have great regard for the man after whom my district is named. Let there be a dozen hospitals, a university and a dozen public parks bearing his name. But why impose it on my identity? Why should I be obliged to make him a part of my greater address? viewed: 3574 times - comments (6) perma linkTags: Tag this
MY INDIA posted by bhattathiry on 12/30/2003viewed: 262 times - comments (0) perma link
UNITY SONG posted by bhattathiry on 1/6/2004viewed: 1488 times - comments (8) perma linkTags:
Max Mueller: good, bad or a Malhotran U-turner? posted by vAjaratnAyana on 4/15/2004viewed: 125 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
The Message of the Bhagavad Gita posted by God all on 7/14/2004viewed: 172 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
plight of pandits posted by warpster on 7/31/2004viewed: 134 times - comments (1) perma linkTags:
Our short holiday posted by Meenakshi Shanker on 10/30/2004viewed: 460 times - comments (5) perma linkTags:
DAS MANIFEST NEO-INDIENS posted by Satish_Shukla on 5/17/2005viewed: 133 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
dialectical Spirituality posted by on 2/10/2006Spirituality is a asubject which needs to be truly explored to provide True cosmic foundation to Mortal Human problems and aspirations.Dialectics is the key tool.viewed: 419 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
Tamil Nadu - India A small information by Raja posted by cmraja on 4/10/2006Tamil Nadu is the cradle of South Indian temple architecture that originated in the 7th century and matured in the huge temple complexes studded with towering gateways called ‘Gopurams’ that soar above the markets of almost every town. Quite a contraviewed: 283 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
IN THIS MANNER LORD VARAH WASHED OFF THE ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION ON EARTH posted by shriramsharma on 8/2/2006There was a demon called Hiranyaksha. He craved so much for wealth that he ran away with the entire planet earth. There was utter chaos in the world when he covered the earth with dirt and took it from the route of the ocean. Hence the Lord took the viewed: 84 times - comments (0) perma linkTags: Allopathy medicine Ashwamedha Yajnas demon craved wealth Lord Varah's incarnation mother nature pollution on earth super scientist Rishis
INCARNATION OF LORD NRISHINHA MEANS REJUVENATION OF FAITH posted by shriramsharma on 8/17/2006The other brother of Hiryanksha was Hiranyakashyap. He too craved for gold all 24 hours of the day. This craving made him go against his very soul. By amassing a great deal of wealth he proclaimed that man (body and not soul) himself is God. viewed: 96 times - comments (0) perma linkTags: craved for gold meaning of Sandhya is Gayatri proclaimed that man was God protective life insurance Today man truly has become a H
Spirituality and Belief posted by lionbikash on 8/27/2006My encounter with writtings of Sri Sri Yogananda Paramahansa has generated some conflict in me. What to believe? Should we discard the miracles just because I don't have any personal experience about them?viewed: 118 times - comments (2) perma linkTags:
THE THREE LEGS OF VAMAN i.e. DEVOTION, WISDOM AND ACTION posted by shriramsharma on 9/1/2006King Bali was very egoistic about his wealth and pomp. Although he was generous hearted yet he harbored cravings for a lot of things in his psyche. To attain fame he would do anything. viewed: 84 times - comments (4) perma linkTags: devotion and action equanimity and affection Gayatri Parivar synonymous with Vivekanand of Triveni of wisdom world unity
Response to Jeffrey Kripal's Sulekha Article posted by Rajiv Malhotra on 9/24/2002I congratulate Jeffrey Kripal for his spirited attempt at defending his thesis by attacking me, and thereby trying to deflect attention from his own problematic scholarship. However, a quick scan shows that his response fails to address 90% of my essay's major issues, such asviewed: 3888 times - comments (1) perma linkTags:
Was Satyagraha a Hindu Movement? posted by Agneya Panja on 12/10/2004Arjuna did not fight with a charkha. Instead he picked up a bow and arrow, and yes, he killed people! Gandhi had to have known this, because he stated on numerous occasions that he had read the Gita. He chose to ignore the obvious, and interpret Krishna's message in another manner. An interpretation with a heavy tinge of New Testament philosophyviewed: 4669 times - comments (62) perma linkTags:
Moksha">Wanted more Spiritual Technopreneurs ! posted by Moksha">Towards-->Moksha on 12/31/2003viewed: 245 times - comments (0) Moksha">perma linkTags:
The intense activity of making favorable, the subtle atmosphere posted by shriramsharma on 5/29/2006It is a fact that the atmosphere gets influenced by radiant characters. With their potent energy, radiant men of the high level of radiance, thinking and penance heat up the atmosphere and thus extraordinary transformations have been noted to take plviewed: 143 times - comments (0) perma linkTags: achieving sacred goals Congregational tasks difference is between individual and collective p divine endeavour Era Transformation evolves soul force purifies the atmosphere
Random Thoughts about Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism posted by Rajendra Parikh on 10/7/2006Hinduism/Christianity and Buddhismviewed: 102 times - comments (0) perma linkTags: Hinduism/Christianity and Budd
Models posted by Subhajit Ghosh on 9/6/2000Dadu never watched television. In the evening, he would retreat early to his room and relax on his bedviewed: 1624 times - comments (4) perma linkTags:
Vivekananda's Height and Ridgely posted by Naresh Sharma on 11/29/2000What we don't seem to know from his many biographies, is his appearance.viewed: 1387 times - comments (14) perma linkTags:
The Encounter posted by Geetha Mylavarabhatla on 1/8/2000The mother was leaning back with closed eyes, but tears trickling down.viewed: 1035 times - comments (4) perma linkTags:
Vedic Impeccability posted by G. Srinivasan on 11/3/2004The need for a Vedic renaissance in modern terms is neither a luxury nor a supercilious interference into traditional beliefs. Even before one thinks of such a need to stem occidental imperialism, thereviewed: 1917 times - comments (4) perma linkTags:
Education Without Art posted by Bharat Gupt on 4/11/2005The Sahitya Academy each year awards Indian writers with a taamra-patra (citation) and a cash amount of Rs 25,000. If the copper was turned into gold by the Academy, the authors would gain something, but they would lose little if the cash were substituted by paan-supaari (betel leaf and nut).viewed: 867 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
The English Language and Us posted by Nikhil Prasad Ojha on 7/2/2005In an op-ed piece in the Indian Express, Mr. Jaithirth Rao presents a case for revision of the way in which we remember Thomas Babington Macaulay and his contribution to India – arguing that Macaulay deserves to be front and center in the pantheon of heroes who have shaped modern India. This is, I believe, an incorrect version of not just the facts in the said instance, but also a distortion of the relative importance of English and the language's contribution to where we as a country (or at least some of us) are today.viewed: 957 times - comments (5) perma linkTags:
Seven Astonishing Ideas posted by Subhash Kak on 3/22/2001viewed: 11961 times - comments (76) perma linkTags:
More Equal than Others posted by Manoj Das on 9/11/2002Alas, we are all equals according to the Constitutions of the nations professing faith in democracy, but not according to our personal constitutions. Most of us would like to be 'more equal than others', to use the Orwellian cliché. Collecting titles as affixes or suffixes is one of the means towards achieving that status. The British rulers of India exploited this human weakness viewed: 1488 times - comments (10) perma linkTags:
Cows and Broken Memories posted by Subhash Kak on 11/13/2002Take, for example, the word 'babu', the name for the lowly clerk. How many people would recognize its original to be 'prabhu' (lord and master)? Or take 'khatri' from the Punjabi, meaning trader, with its original meaning of warrior (from kshatriya) all but forgotten. We must examine dictionaries (especially old ones) and other texts to see what a familiar word might haveviewed: 4008 times - comments (72) perma linkTags:
Of Bras, Thongs And Indian Innovation posted by Lykos Magee on 7/28/2003Arup must've noticed, for he suddenly said the magic words: Kama Sutra. Thereafter, patriotism took a back seat. A passionate debate about Bipasha Basu's sexploits commenced. The merits of Aishwarya's acquiescence to bed Bond followed. In excruciating detail. Sadly, amongst the entire gaggle of desis in attendance, I was the only one trembling in viewed: 12462 times - comments (20) perma linkTags:
Tragedy Of The Taj posted by Manoj Das on 7/31/2003It is now more than two decades since the Taj was added to the UNESCO's World Heritage list. Way back in 1984, the success of anti-pollution measures in bringing down the sulphur dioxide concentration around it by 75 per cent was announced to the relief of its admirers. Before long, however, it was observed that even with the viewed: 2359 times - comments (18) perma linkTags:
Saving Indian Universities posted by Subhash Kak on 8/15/2003Although development is measured through the index of economic prosperity, it means the capacity of people to make reasoned, independent choices and corresponding action. It means a development of the spirit out of which emerges material development and this requires an excellent system of education. viewed: 4309 times - comments (29) perma linkTags:
Unity Song posted by deva sahayi on 2/14/2004viewed: 435 times - comments (1) perma linkTags:
The Bhagavad Gita posted by jaya vati on 6/19/2004viewed: 158 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
Overcoming the 3-fold sorrow posted by shriramsharma on 7/9/2006Sorrow of any kind can be classified in 3 ways : 1) Spiritual ignorance 2) Weakness 3) Lack. To the extent one overcomes these 3 sorrows to that extent man experiences bliss.viewed: 88 times - comments (0) perma linkTags: Gayatri Mantra is a Kamdhenu ( Lack of energy leads to weakne man’s viewpoint gets tainted Sins definitely result in sorr spiritual ignorance
Vande Matram against Islam????? posted by vikki76 on 8/21/2006It seems that recitation of Vande Mataram is against Islamviewed: 226 times - comments (6) perma linkTags: atriot hinduism hindutva india vedanta vedic
AN INTRODUCTION TO SCIENTIFIC RELIGION OF THE FUTURE posted by shriramsharma on 9/6/2006Man knows only that which is perceived directly by his 5 sense organs. The remaining major subtle activities of the subtle world are known to him only because of holy scriptural injunctions and experiences of great saints of the world. This subtle inviewed: 68 times - comments (0) perma linkTags: know deeper scientific laws man's faith in modern material material world is but a manife refined subtle psyche with the help of the 5 sense
the hindu caste system posted by solutionfutures on 7/31/2005viewed: 895 times - comments (1) perma linkTags:
Religion And Hindu Chakras posted by Moor Nam on 2/23/2003In this stage, people do not believe in God -- not because they are atheists, but because they have no concept of cause and effect. Their minds are not developed enough to contemplate why it rains or why the sun shines. They live for the moment and for the gratification of basic senses and instincts. Ancient Neanderthal man was in this stage till around 20,000 BC. viewed: 3939 times - comments (51) perma linkTags:
Beauty, Sex Appeal, and Indian Matrimony posted by Lykos Magee on 1/24/2004Now ask the same man about sex appeal, and he is apt to quantify his tastes very precisely. Cup size, leg length, fullness of lips, tautness of buttocks. And dozens, nay, thousands of women will satisfy the requirements of his lust. Apparently, monogamy is an unnatural construct that results only from the suppression of natural instinct....viewed: 29524 times - comments (35) perma linkTags:
INDIAN PROUD SOME FACTS posted by bhattathiri on 1/26/2004viewed: 1566 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
Angry Hindu posted by careourindia on 1/30/2005viewed: 220 times - comments (22) perma linkTags:
THE TURTLE INCARNATION MEANING A SUPERB COMBINATION OF MATERIAL COMFORTS AND SPIRITUAL UPLIFTMENT: posted by shriramsharma on 7/20/2006Material success devoid of spirituality converts man into a demon. Whereas material success based on spiritual values uplifts our soul and life in an all round manner.viewed: 115 times - comments (0) perma linkTags: Kundalini Shakti worship man forgets human values ocean was churned social science and spiritual s stream of sensitivity has drie turtle incarnation
Vande Maataram -- The National Problem posted by Rudra on 8/25/2006Certain sections of the Moslem community refuse to sing Vande Maataram (a National Song) because it deifies the Nation as a deity (Vande Maataram translates as “Mother I Worship thee”) and it goes against the grain of their religion (which deems deifviewed: 1936 times - comments (69) perma linkTags: Indian National Song Minorityism Secularism Vande Mataram
Toru, a Hindu daughter posted by Priyadarsi Dutta on 3/4/2006A tribute to poetess Toru Dutt (1856-1877)on her 150th birth anniversaryviewed: 467 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
Cheer up Pondicherry posted by Deivanayagam Subramanian on 9/12/2006It is about high incidence of suicides taking place in Pondicherry viewed: 71 times - comments (0) perma linkTags: It is about high incidence of
The thought that made her PM is the issue, not Sonia posted by jaya vati on 5/17/2004viewed: 221 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
The Story of the War of Kurukshetra posted by Nilesh Nathwani on 11/12/2002On that day, instead of the fisherman, his daughter, Satyavati was on duty. She had just passed puberty and was extremely attractive, like the dark Nefertiti of Egypt. Reminiscent of a fresh rose in the early hours of the rising sun, Satyavati inevitably attracted the attention of the saint. viewed: 1868 times - comments (31) perma linkTags:
Varna Vyavastha: Class System of Vedic Society posted by Pankaj_Jain on 8/25/2004There were four varnas: brahmin, ksatriya, vaisya and sudra. This system ensured that the religious, political, financial and physical powers were all separated into four different social classes. Due to this fair separation of political and intellectual powers, ancient Indian society could not turn itself into a theocratic or autocratic society. viewed: 2752 times - comments (16) perma linkTags:
The Sacred Feminine In Hinduism posted by Dr. Madan Lal Goel on 5/4/2005If God is our Father, why cannot God be our Mother? If we are the children of our Heavenly Father, why cannot we be the children of our Heavenly Mother? This rhetorical question is the basis of this short essay.viewed: 2270 times - comments (21) perma linkTags:
A Left-Right Upper-Cut To The RSS posted by Ramesh N. Rao on 6/15/2002Note what the Commission says about the Godhra victims: they were all “activists”! All 58 women, men and children charred to death in the train compartment had branded on their foreheads a vermilion mark that surely indicated to the world that they were dreaded Hindu 'activists'viewed: 6058 times - comments (404) perma linkTags:
Rethinking Gandhi : A True Mahatma? posted by Agneya Panja on 10/7/2004But what about the classical instance of the defenseless sister or mother who is threatened with molestation by an evil-minded ruffian, you will ask. Is the ruffian in question to be allowed to work his will?viewed: 9093 times - comments (438) perma linkTags:
The Cow for the Caliphate posted by Agneya Panja on 6/30/2005It is understandable that Gandhi would not have grasped the symbolism of the Cow, since he admitted to not fully reading a single Veda, and having little knowledge of Sanskrit (a knowledge that could have enlightened him to the relationship between the Sanskrit words for Cow and Light - both stemming from the root go)viewed: 2845 times - comments (272) perma linkTags:
Hindu-American: An Emerging Identity in an Increasingly Hyph posted by Aditi Banerjee on 10/31/2003viewed: 206 times - comments (19) perma linkTags:
On Rajiv’s Disciples and Wendy’s Children posted by Paul Utukuru on 5/7/2004viewed: 429 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
Expanding Our Musical Horizons posted by India Lover on 3/26/2006A true explorer will reach the Gangotri sooner or later even though every stream is also a reflection of the same river. Idea is just to expand, explore, experiment and finally to experience yourself to different genres of music and to appreciate theviewed: 488 times - comments (1) perma linkTags:
Modern science's standpoint with reference to the basis of one's inner personality. posted by shriramsharma on 4/29/2006According to the research study made by Geneticists it is the genes of cells that shape the character of a new born child. They are created from the subtle heirs of the father’s and mother’s lineage. If we wish to make our generation taintless, radiaviewed: 273 times - comments (1) perma linkTags:
Creation of a strong will powered personality via Gayatri Energy posted by shriramsharma on 5/22/2006In the New Era what should be the level of faith, hope, tradition, activities of human society? On what basis should it be executed is the question that has to be decisively answered. It is not enough to ward off just the undesirable elements in ouviewed: 172 times - comments (0) perma linkTags: conscious personality layers of the human psyche material comforts New Era should be pure and sacred Soul contentment wealthy person gets addicted to bad habits
A Dilli Punj in Kali City posted by Sunny Meeta on 7/25/2006A spiritlogue of a Dilli Punjabi drowned in Kolkataviewed: 62 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
The Vandalism of Vande Mataram posted by Nisha007 on 9/7/2006Vande Mataram Controversyviewed: 855 times - comments (143) perma linkTags: India National Anthem National Songs Nationalism Patriotism Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Controversy Violation
SUPER MANTRA GAYATRI posted by shriramsharma on 9/11/2006Gayatri Mantra is supreme amongst all Mantras because it bestows its devotees with a pure and focused intellect. According to Chandogya Upanishad, this entire cosmos is Gayatri-manifest. According to India’s great philosopher Adi Shankaracharya Gayatviewed: 95 times - comments (0) perma linkTags: Gayatri devotion is a touchsto Gayatri devotion results in po great saints life miraculously transformed
The Burial of the Secular posted by Sunny Meeta on 9/24/2006The missing discourse about the birth pains of the inner creative Stateviewed: 222 times - comments (2) perma linkTags:
Vedic Aryans: Horse-Borne Immigrants Or Ancient Educators? posted by Ananda Wood on 5/8/2003So we are pretty sure that the Vedas have been accurately transmitted to us. But it is far less clear when or where they were composed in their present form. We cannot date them or locate them as written documents, collected in old libraries or inscribed on old monuments or dug up from excavated sites. As the Vedas come to us, they are a special kind of unwritten learning, in a living viewed: 2353 times - comments (30) perma linkTags:
An Interview With Koenraad Elst posted by Ramesh N. Rao on 8/19/2002The Belgian author of more than 15 books on Indian nationalism, history, politics, religious conflict and such controversial topics, spoke to me of his recent visit to the United States, where he presented a paper at the WAVES (World Association for Vedic Studies) conference, and about a wide range of issues including the Gujarat riots, the Aryan Invasion Theory, and the divide between “mainstream” scholars and “marginalized” scholars like himselfviewed: 5099 times - comments (700) perma linkTags:
Riots In India:Blame Congress Leaders from Nehru to Sonia posted by solutionfutures on 8/29/2005viewed: 1046 times - comments (0) perma linkTags:
Th Ta Mi of Ga Me/Wo posted by shriramsharma on 10/17/2006Gayatri, Gita, Ganga and Gau (cow) are the 4 pillars of Indian culture. Amongst these Gayatri reigns supreme. All Hindu scriptures, sects, Rishis etc proclaim in unison that Gayatri has a deep import and message for world humanity. In Atharva Veda (1viewed: 52 times - comments (0) perma linkTags: calm and steadfast mind Ganga and Gau (cow) Gayatri Gayatri meditation Gita heavenly love and peace long healthy life spiritual wealth
Problematizing God's Interventions in History posted by Rajiv Malhotra on 3/19/2003Can universal truth-claims be considered scientific, if they are contingent upon a particular account of history, especially a historical event that could never be replicated? Specifically, what does a scientist think of claims of God's unique interventions that are space-time discontinuities, and that either violated or permanently changed the laws of the cosmos? Can science afford to legitimize any viewed: 10965 times - comments (407) perma linkTags:
TOI poll & Sonia’s reborn in India or Rome? posted by premendra agrawal on 10/3/2006TOI poll says: Want to be reborn in your country?: Non Indians including Italian should reborn here prior to wash the water of Ganges. Sing & worship Vandemataram. Are God Goddess Martyrs for insult?viewed: 207 times - comments (2) perma linkTags: Arbindo Ghosh Calfornia Caste Ganges Globalization God Goddess Hindu Non Indian Palkhiwala Reborn in India Religion Rome Text book TOI poll Unity in diversity Vandematram
Sex, Religion, Science and Psychology posted by Paul Utukuru on 3/31/2003Occasionally, people even make fun of sex and religious notions. "God made a mistake. He shouldn't have made Adam and Eve. He should have made Adam and Steve," said one gay gentleman. A Don Juan made fun of Jesus' teaching to love thy neighbor the same as thyself. "Love thy neighbor but be sure not to get caught," he said. That reminds me of how Mark Twain viewed: 2477 times - comments (4) perma link