Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sri Aurobindo Society was formed with the Mother as the Founder on 19 September 1960

The book A Glimpse of the Mother's Love and Action published by the Society, describes the genesis and growth of the Society and the Mother's way of working, as she developed it in its formative years. The Society has been growing over the years and has now more than 300 Centres and 70 Branches all over India and abroad.
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Inspired by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, we are working for the dynamic application of spirituality to life through a change of consciousness, individually and collectively.
The basic aim of Sri Aurobindo Society is to work towards individual perfection, social transformation and human unity based on a spiritual foundation. To help realise these objectives the Society has undertaken various projects and activities .

Social Sciences SAIRSS
Sri Aurobindo Institute of Research in Social Sciences working for a new social order
Education SAFIER
Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Education and Research looking towards a better future
Health SAIIIHR September'07 Update
Sri Aurobindo International Institute for Integral Health and Research equilibrium between body, life, mind and soul
Indian Culture SAFIC
Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture spirituality is the essence
Management SAFIM
Sri Aurobindo Foundation of Integral Management discover a new way
Sri Aurobindo Rural & Village Action & Movement SARVAM New Section
Sarvam sri aurobindo rural & village action & movement
Films Division Aurofilms New Section
Aurofilms at the service of Beauty and Truth
Mass Communication SAIMC New Section
Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication media as an instrument for social change
Science and Technology SAIASR
Sri Aurobindo Institute for Applied Scientific Research innovations in alternative energy sources and appropriate technology
Integral Consciousness Centre conciousness is the foundation
Youth Council can we make them builders of a better tomorrow?
Women's Council their true role and responsibility
Commerce & Business
Auro Service spirituality in the economic field
Publications March'07 Update
Publications and Audio Visuals reaching out

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15th august the mother sri aurobindo

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