Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sri Aurobindo, the great Indian revolutionary philosopher

Academic Portfolio Tuesday, September 4, 2007 Eastern Philosophy Letter
By Sudipa Sarkar Conclusion
Sri Aurobindo is considered one of the amongst all the greatest philosophers of all the time, who has provided a surface understanding of the creation of universe and the existence of soul with the depiction of the interaction of soul. The letters written by Sri Aurobindo is the exquisite example of classical Hindu philosophy which describes the evolution in relation to the universe by the virtue of rationalization of cosmic ideas and principle governing the transcendental movement of nature. This is true that the transcendent ideas of spiritual planes and its complexities as illustrated by Sri Aurobindo requires great steadiness, more focus and intensity of thought and realization, but we can still gain a comprehensible knowledge expressed in unimpeachable reason and logic if we can settle ourselves in an inner silence. Posted by Saikat at 11:38 PM

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