Sunday, September 30, 2007

The most valuable legacy The Mother has left to humanity

The very heart of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s work and message was unacceptably disfigured in the Matrimandir when the so-called crystal and stand were set in place. The symbolism of the executing architects’ version presents exactly the opposite of the ‘sense’ the Mother insisted should be respected of her vision. When she insisted on a translucent globe rather than transparent, it was in order that the symbol could bear witness to the Vedic essence of their mission for the world. She stated emphatically that, ‘It is all symbolic,’ yet the architects deliberately ignored her commands and had a transparent crystal fashioned in Germany in place of the symbolically crucial translucent globe.
Further, the Mother stated that she ‘saw’ the pedestal with Sri Aurobindo’s symbols (four) carved in stone. This too was deliberately and knowingly ignored by the architects and builders. Instead of stone they have created a ‘stand’ in see-through wrought iron, plated in gold. Nothing of this forms a part of the Mother’s original vision, though time and again she insisted, ‘But this is what I SAW!’
These, and indeed the entire room, have been altered, though the administration claims that what is built is ‘according to the original’. Because of this misrepresentation and its consequences for the Mother’s work, the MATRIMANDIR ACTION COMMITTEE has been formed...
To ensure that the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust substantiates this true position, since it has the duty to preserve the Mother’s estate, and that records in the Ashram Archives include the complete history by way of original tapes, plans, etc., as well as the material the Matrimandir Action Committee will place at the Trust’s disposal for posterity, which will prove the conspiracy to deceive on the part of those in charge over the years and their refusal to listen to those qualified to give an opinion in these matters.
4) To highlight by articles, books, websites through the electronic media, and all other means of diffusion, the value of the Mother’s vision and the place it holds in Sri Aurobindo’s work as the most valuable legacy the Mother has left to humanity, comparable in importance to Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri. And in the process to expose through these media the truth about the architects’ revised version.

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