Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I put 'practice' first!

from M Alan Kazlev Integral Transformation to Tusar N. Mohapatra date 26 Sep 2007 13:04 subject Re: Fwd: [Savitri Era Open Forum] New comment on Peerless Sri Aurobindo.
Actually I put practice first! And I'm still very glad to see you posting your blogs Tusar, as they are surely a work of Karma yoga. I often visit your blogs and always find there very useful information, and behind it the wonderful passion and service for Sri Aurobindo and The Mother you bring in your work
from M Alan Kazlev Integral Transformation to Tusar N. Mohapatra date 5 Sep 2007 05:35 subject Re: SELF
hi Tusar
Whatever gave you the impression I don't appreciative your activities? Our only difference is an intellectual one, in that you believe that there can be a new religion based on Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's teachings, whereas I myself personally dislike religions and fixed dogmas of any sort, even those based on the most sublime teachings there are! So it is an intellectual difference of perspective, but it doesn't mean I don't very highly value and support your own excellent endevours!
...The reason being that this is what people most relate to, not a polished surface veneer of sterile intellectualism. Even in my books I will try to have as much refernces to sadhana and experience as I can, otherwise it would just be boring abstractions, too much mental and not enough practical.

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