Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sri Aurobindo's books help keep the goal in sight

Friday, September 15, 2006 Books for the the Soul
The first book I read which proved to be spiritual was The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. Mind you, I did not choose to read it, it was presented to me by a cousin who witnessed a tift between me and my husband because he came late from work, and since it was lying around, I read it. It changed my life, and the way I looked at our relationship. I must say remains an underlying influence in my subconscious.
Then there was the Alchemist by paulo coelho, which was inspiring in telling me that my doubts about walking the straight and narrow in these days of getting to whereever you want togo by the shortest route were not worth the time, and that I was indeed on the right path.
I am now reading Sri Aurobindo.... the last time I was in Pondicherry, I felt likepicking up a few books. The books are a series of extracts and compilations of his letters to ashramists and other who are trying to follow his path to achieving a higher consciouness. It is slow reading and needs all my attention, but it is mind blowing simply if I concentrate. I do wish achieving what he proposes were as easy. When I get low, or feel a stumbling block in my way, I think about how all of it is only a sneeze in the grand scheme of things, and tell myself my aim is to evolve to another state. I do not know if I ever will, but it helps to have a goal, however a distant. And Sri Aurobindo's books help keep the goal in sight. posted by Ranjana Bhardwaj at 3:44 AM

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