Saturday, September 16, 2006

Single notes exploring sonic implications and overtones

Scelsi actually went to Asia, where he studied a range of mystical disciplines, principally those of Sri Aurobindo, and then continually practiced meditation and yoga. One of the most captivating of the works on this disc is the three-movement Ygghur, for solo cello, part of his Triology – The Three Ages of Man. Its central movement, of surpassing beauty, shows Uitti at her most concentrated and rapt. Her "Ave Maria" and "Alleluja," the second of which brings the disc to a spiritually lofty close, express Scelsi's love of Catholic liturgy.
Most of the works hover around single notes, exploring to the farthest reaches their sonic implications and overtones. The works for multiple strings, "Ohoi" (1966), "Anagamin" (1965) and "Natura renovator," interspersed between Uitti's solos and played with devotional intensity by 11 to 16 players of the Munchner Kammerorchester under Christoph Poppen, sound almost colossal in context. by Tim Pfaff Display All Arts And Entertainment Articles-->Arts Display All Music Articles Display All News Articles

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