Monday, September 11, 2006

The Life of Pi and The Life Divine

Worth visiting!
Home of the beautiful Sri Aurobindo ashram, this town was further popularized by “The Life of Pi,” where Patel chose this defunt zoo and town for the setting of his incredible epic.
I spent some time here, and was biking back towards the ashram from the center of town. An Indian man came flying around the corner on a motorcyle, and I came around the corner on my rented bike. This happened often to me in India, and he zigged while I zagged and we ran smack into each other head on. As I layed on the pavement and looked over I saw his motorcycle spinning in the air and my bike wheel bent in half. We both looked over at each other and started laughing.
I slyly bent my wheel back in place as best as I could and continued on my adventure in India.
The French architecture and influence here is very unique, and the ashram will impact even the most spirtually impervious as an incredible experience of your life. Sep 10, 11:24AM PDT

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