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Divya-jîvan vârtâ did not have the poetic impetus and felicity of Anirvan's language

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I have in my collection the beautiful 2002 edition of Divya-jîvana brought out by the Ashram Trust, clearly mentioning : "The Life Divine" by Sri Aurobindo; Translator: Anirban.

In the preliminaries we find : Volume I: 1st edition (1948, 2nd revised edition 1970); Volume II: 1st edition (1951); Integral 3rd edition (1981), 4th edition (1986), 5th edition (1994), reprinted (1999, 2002). Price: Rs 210.00.

This shows that the translation has received constant and full attention of the Ashram Trust.

Revised by Nolinikanta Gupta, Professor Surendranath Bose brought out his scholarly Bengali translation, Divya-jîvan vârtâ, which did not have, however, the poetic impetus and felicity of Anirvan's language, re-created to suit the needs of the magnum opus.

All the best. Prithwindra Mukherjee

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