Monday, March 05, 2007

Fertile, Certitude, Sincerity, Revelation, Transformation and Verity

03 March 2007 POETRY Auroville
What I feel is what I see, a veritable paradise on Earth,A garden of Eden, germinated and nurtured from dry desert shrub land.A community of multi-national inhabitants, participating in the creation of a city without nationality,A place where free expression is encouraged and whose centre is the Matrimandir,A symbol of the Aurovillian hopes and aspirations,And also of the Divines answer to man’s inspiration for perfection.A community that is not just introverted and isolated, separate from the global community,But endeavouring to consciously connect, interact and communicate,With all other groups and communities throughout India and the world.Auroville, conceived as a city at the service of Truth,Which is all inclusive and constitutes the freedom of the Spirit.Echoes of ‘The Village’, without the electric cars, uniforms, roaring bubble gumAnd of course the numbers, the painless even pleasant dehumanising programmes,Are of course a total antithesis, of everything that inspiredAnd contribute to conceiving, precipitating, engendering and forming,This colossal verdant city, with expression of the soul, in all it’s possible facets.It’s role and goal, as a haven, example and blue print, for the future development of our questing speciesCity of Dawn, a conglomerate of very inspiring and significantly named communities,Such as Fertile, Certitude, Sincerity, Revelation, Transformation and Verity. Posted by Johnny Greco at 09:44 1 comments:
Jagdish said... City of Peace by Roger Harris
City of peace and God’s unguarded light,City of silence and the rich unfolding word,City of love and a laughter of the Gods,City of man his labour born of dream,City of harvest born of canyon soil,City of rich acres sown with strong-eyed toil,City whose song the hidden soul shall sing,City of lost boundaries-province once of kings,City whose deep calm at sunset does recall,Ages when the earth stood golden-heaven tall,City on night’s borderline outpost of dawn’s light,City born of promise and a conqueror’s delight. Roger Harris (Auroville Today – Sept ’88)
AUROVILLE IS… by Roger Harris
Auroville is… a prayer and a curse,A suspicious sidelong glance,An explosion of silent love.A temple in the sun,A fractured broken jar:A whisper in the wind,A laughter and a song,A strong fraternal clasp,A blasphemy of the Gods;A golden-bodied truth,A prayer beyond the stars,A battlefield of bliss;A child against the sun,A bird against the sky,A golden thought unsung,A flame that is a cry,Towards an unknown earthThat in our hearts does rest,And slowly comes to birthBreaking slowly forth. Roger Harris (Auroville Review - Dec ’83) 04 March 2007 01:09

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