Saturday, February 03, 2007

Matrimandir is a construction site

Access to Matrimandir for Aurovilians, Guests of Auroville and other visitors

We remind you that the Matrimandir is a construction site and that construction is our first priority. We are trying our best to keep visits to the Matrimandir not only possible, but peaceful, but please understand that the temporary conditions in which we have to receive you are far from ideal, and never stop changing. The opening or the closing of the different areas and their timings are subject to predictable - but also unpredictable - variations. Therefore we ask patience of Aurovilians and guests, a flexible attitude, and some occasional sense of humour! For any special request or for questions about the following information, please contact the Matrimandir office Monday to Saturday.
For further information please contact: Matrimandir Information Kiosk: phone (0413) 262-2373 E-mail:

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