Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yearn for that certain something

My father was a karmayogi; for him his work was his worship. My mom on the other hand, I have seen her go from idol worship to searching for her inner self. From Sri Chinmayananda to Ramakrishna Paramhansa to the teachings of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh and Mother, I have grown up watching her yearn for that certain something.
Growing up, it was all hogwash to me. She would sit us down and talk to us about the stuff she had read, it would be so simplistic but yet so hard to believe. "Amma how could you believe in such stuff" my mind would yell out but I would keep it to myself in fear of hurting her feelings...
But lately I have realized that yeah probably there is some truth to her words. We just love the company of some but absolutely hate the sight of the others. We vibe well with some and get along better with them. Is it coz we are attracting like forces. Maybe so.....Posted by An Iengar Chick ....

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