Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo on Anger

"If you give expression to anger, you prolong or confirm the habit of the recurrence of anger; you do not diminish or get rid of the habit. The very first step towards weakening the power of anger in the nature and afterwards getting rid of it altogether is to refuse all expression to it in act or speech. Afterwards one can go on with more likelihood of success to throw it out from the thought and feeling also." -- Sri Aurobindo
"If one takes as an absolute discipline, instead of acting or speaking (because speech is an action), instead of acting under the impulse, if one withdraws and then does as I said, one sits down quietly, concentrates and then looks at this anger quietly, one writes it down, when one has finished writing, it is gone -- in any case, most often ... one should always do this, when he feels that he is caught by an impulse of some kind or other, particularly impulses of anger." -- The Mother
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