Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ebooks Of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo

About Me Web Address: Updated on Sep. 11 2006 Tags: Sri , Aurobindo , Mother , Maa , Miraa , Mira REQUEST Posted on Aug. 11 2006: This folder is exclusively for the devotees and dicsciples of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo .This folder is a part of special free service given to members of the community on orkut titled "In search of The Mother" we would like to hear ur feedback and ur wish list for next week which is available at community "In search Of The Mother" cl the below mentioned url to visit the community:-
ON THE WAY TO SUPERMANHOOD.pdf This is one of the master piece by SATPREM the compiler of The Mother's Agenda By unknownm on Sep. 11 2006 Size: 688.7kb
Synthesis Of Yoga.pdf Thts another masterpiece by Sri Aurobindo.It was contributed by our member Varun Garde.We thank him for his wonderful contribution. By unknownm on Aug. 30 2006 Size: 10.3MB
SAVITRI.PDF It is the PDF version of SAVITRI contributed by our member Sourav Basu.We thank him for his wondeful job. By unknownm on Aug. 23 2006 Size: 8.1MB
Savitri (Revised Edition).pdf This is the revised edition of Savitri by The Mother. By unknownm on Aug. 17 2006 Size: 322kb
The Mother's This is the complete AGENDA of The Mother written by Satprem It is in 13 volumes. It is the record of Mother's journey in and for the cells of Body. It is one of the masterpiece by The Mother compiled by Satprem.This was contributed by one of our member Sourabh Basu.we thank him for his wonderful contribution. By unknownm on Aug. 17 2006 Size: 4.9MB Page: 1 2 Next »

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