Saturday, December 02, 2006

I want to be a humble devotee silently crying in my privacy

Annai (Mother) from France settled in Pondicherry and understood deeply the significance of India’s strength. Till her last breath she spread just Love for suffering human and non-suffering humans.
The Great Aurobindo invited her in a trance and dream. She came to India.
She advised Indians to concentrate on the Spiritual wealth of India, which is strength and peace of an individual for personal, his relatives and World Peace.
It is a very difficult concept to explain. We may have to experience it, and revel the grace of true love of Annai without any boundaries or conditions.
The above is an Intro for a special request by Pranita to know about Annai of Pondicherry, Aurobindo ashram..
Well, I can write thousands of words – but the love of Annai cannot be understood. Just like Puttbarthi Satya Sai., who is above our reach, but he is with us always.
Please give me time to write more. There are many devotees and sites. I can give a link to the sites. That is all I can do. I am a poor devotee (in the sense of spirituality). I want to be a humble devotee silently crying in my privacy, even inside a bathroom.
Ilayaraja has sung a beautiful song on Annai – Malar Pondra Manam Vendum Thaye, which was the opening song in Vijay TV many years ago. The meaning of the opening words is ; Give a Mind as beautiful, blissful to love the entire world – I pray to you Mother’ And the subsequent lines of the song are even more blissful. Let us pray to Annai (Mother) for success in our life

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