Thursday, April 08, 2010

Satprem is suspected or known to give his personal flavor to specific instances in The Mother’s Agenda

From Auro Lumiere to date 8 April 2010 16:54 subject Savitri

I am fully aware of the fact that «The Mother’s Agenda» is regarded as controversial, particularly in the context of discussions related to the Aurobindo Ashrame. In fact, I also share the view that «The Mother’s Agenda» is best used for the personal discovery of the incredible universe and wealth of knowledge that Mother has personally shared with Satprem. And, while it is a piece of work that I treasure and value, I also recognize that the largely personal dimension and nature of this work and the information it contains should be used with a certain degree of  discernment, and I would also say with an even larger amount of discretion[...]

Interestingly, surprisingly and bizarrely the paragraph that has been omitted from the recording is none else than the notorious paragraph in which the Mother has supposedly referred to two un-named individuals and she has referred to them as «imbéciles» or as has been translated in english: «morons».

The first obvious question that makes this passage rather suspicious, is why is there no recording available of this passage and why has this passage has been included and published in «The Mother’s Agenda» when it was omitted from and is not available in the recording of Mother’s conversation? If it wasn’t supposed to be recorded, why did Satprem publish it? Could it be that Satprem had something personal against these two unnamed individuals and therefore chose to publish some of Mother’s personal remarks to fulfill some of his personal wishes? Satprem is by the way suspected or known to give his personal flavor to specific instances in or references to «The Mother’s Agenda» every once in a while. 
At the service of Light and Truth, Françoise de Nielly 

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