Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ashram Archives have been infiltrated

To:  Mother and Sri Aurobindo Devotees
Sri Aurobindo left a legacy that, occulty, puts one into contact with him by reading his written words. For some unknown reason, the Ashram Archives have been infiltrated by individuals who do not hold Sri Aurobindo's word in the high esteem that is due him. 'Editors' have made hundreds of changes to Sri Aurobindo's works that do not reflect the light of He that originally wrote them. This tampering has put unsuspecting devotees into touch with a lesser vibration than was the original, unpilfered version of Sri Aurobindo's works. It is incomprehensible that the Trustees of the Ashram have allowed this treatment of the priceless materials they have been entrusted to protect. We respectfully request that those responsible for misrepresenting Sri Aurobindo and those that have failed to protect his august legacy, be demanded to leave the Ashram. 
Sincerely, The UndersignedTop of Form
 View Current Signatures The Keep Sri Aurobindo's Original Works and the Ashram Pure Petition to Mother and Sri Aurobindo Devotees was created by Sri Aurobindo Virtual Ashram and written by D. Osborn ( 

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