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Overman Foundation

from Overman Foundation to date 14 April 2010 16:09 subject For Aurora Mirabilis and Savitra Era Open Forum

A new organization named the 'Overman Foundation' has come into existence on 29th March 2010 with the view of conducting research and workshops on the topics of Integral Management and Social Unity in the Light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and also to recognize the contribution of eminent scholars and workers of the Aurobindonian movement. It also embarks on the spiritual mission to inculcate the 'urge' to rise over our mundane aspects of life and delve deeper into our inner 'I'. The Foundation reaches out to the society with its sole aim of conceiving species of Overman –a transitory state in the creation of Superman. The association firmly believes that it is the duty of every individual to empower himself /herself with an urge for seeking the divine. One needs to replenish herself/himself amidst the trivialities of our surroundings and reach out to a knowledge seeking, a prerequisite to be a ‘Superman’. The Foundation painstakingly indulges in this knowledge seeking through knowledge sharing of Aurobindonian philosophy.
    Founded by Shri Anurag Banerjee, the organization is proud to have Shri Nirmal Singh Nahar, Founder-Trustee, Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Kolkata, Prof. Kittu Reddy and Shrimati Krishna Chakravarty of Sri Aurobindo Ashram,
Pondicherry, as the esteemed members of the Advisory Board with Shri Kushal Sinha as its Honorary Secretary and Shri Anurag Banerjee as the Chairman.

    The objectives of the organization are as follows:

1. To promote spiritual progress in its absolute sense for everyone without any discrimination based on caste, creed and gender.

2. To spread the evolutionary vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother with respect to the establishment of a divine life in a divine body in all fields of life.

3. To spread and help to spread the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in the towns and villages of
West Bengal.

4. To conduct researches on the lives of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and the eminent sadhaks of the Integral Yoga and collect and preserve documents related to them.

5. To conduct seminars and workshops to promote the views of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on Integral Management and Social Unity.

6. To recognize the contribution of the scholars and workers of the Aurobindonian movement in various fields. (For this purpose, the ‘Auro-Ratna’ award has been created which would be given out every year based on the recommendation of the Advisory Board.)

7. To publish literature and books for the promotion of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Interested persons are welcome to contact us at the following email addresses for information and refer to the link given beneath for more details about Overman Foundation:   (Chairman)    (Secretary)

  Head Office: 36/3 Prince Ghulam Mohd. Shah Road,
Golf Gardens, Kolkata 700033.
  Branch Office: 235/1/2A
N.S.C. Bose Road, Kolkata 700047.
Best regards, Kushal Sinha
Secretary, Overman Foundation

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