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K.M. Munshi and Sri Aurobindo

News » Cities » Delhi November 4, 2009 The Hindu : Cities - Delhi : Walls that speak
SANGEETA BAROOAH PISHAROTY - Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is not just a building, it’s a nation-building edifice [...] Time then, to accord a tribute to BVB for remaining steadfast in what it does best — synthesising modern knowledge with the ancient, along the ideals of its founder, the thinker-philosopher K.M. Munshi. [...] Munshi’s dream was synthesis of modern and ancient knowledge. Western education is fine but we have to fit it to our cultural mores accordingly.” He sums up the conversation quoting Sri Aurobindo in “The Foundations of Indian Culture” the essence of which is: though we have to choose the good from the bad, we have to remember that both good and bad come together.

Sri Aurobindo Srikshetra, cuttack, India 2684664
Location : Orissa » Cuttack Posted on : 21-Oct-2009
This is an organization working in the field of education. It aims to provide scientific institute for study and research on various problems faced by the poor in their path of development. It also conducts awareness building programmes in order to empower the poor and disadvantage sections of the society. Contact : Secretary
Phone : 0671-2673405 Address : P O Sri Aurobindo Srikshetra Via Kotsahi, Cuttack Dist-754022 Orissa

An Introduction to Spiritual Psychology: Overview of the Literature, East and West
Sri Aurobindo's work is introduced as a modern Asian perspective on theistic psychology, and his model of the relationship between the “soul” and the unconscious described. Finally, a brief clinical vignette is given. Author: Michael Miovic Published in: Harvard Review of Psychiatry, Volume 12, Issue 2 March 2004 , pages 105 - 115

Beyond Pain and Suffering « Sri Aurobindo Studies
Sri Aurobindo points out that “for the universal soul all things and all contacts of things carry in them an essence of delight best described by the ...

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