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For one and half year I resisted the Mother

from Paulette to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" cc RY Deshpande
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Please post my reply to Deshpande:

RYD, It is inappropriate to unveil in public one’s spiritual experiences; even 36 years later I would feel embarrassed. All I can say is that I was flooded (as it often happens with newcomers, to hook them), and that I had a deep relationship with some early sadhaks, psychic to psychic. But in spite of my most unconventional, irresistible bhakti for Sri Aurobindo for one and half year I resisted the Mother, while it took me much longer to plunge into the concepts of the Avatar and the Divine Mother and surrender unconditionally.

I am forever grateful to those sadhaks for never forcing anything on me, laughing at my shortcomings, trusting my psychic being’s guidance that – they kept reassuring me – one day would open up the magic door and do the job. Which is what happened, in absolute freedom.

I wish that everybody had such silent guidance! But the great sadhaks are gone, one has to thread the path alone… Yet even so we have Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s books, and the psychic being needs nothing more. But for it to take over we must be left free; if we are predestined to this path soon or late the psychic will know it and take the lead. And if we are not, we will look for something else. But in both cases each and all must be left free to find the inner guidance, free from judgmental attitudes and interferences. Then just anything can help, anything!

“Omnia munda mundis”: for the pure everything is pure.

Bhakti is the easiest way and, at the beginning, the best option. But a moment comes when the sadhak has to give up even the attachment to the sacred name or form – or Self-realisation will never occur. Besides, Sri Aurobindo himself was a jnani by temperament, and so was Nolinida, whom he stated was his most advanced disciple. Sri Aurobindo readily accepted the Mother’s suggestion of the psychic being (a concept first formulated by Theon) to smoother his own path and was too abrupt for the disciples who got lost or could not progress.

But as Ramana Maharshi states, not only bhakti is the mother of jnana, but the highest and purest form of bhakti is the parabhakti of jnana! Then, in Integral Yoga we will have to move out even from this, towards the Impersonal Person and beyond… There is no end, even the Supermind is not the final thing, or Sat-Chit-Ananda…

The truth is that everyone has his/her own path, adhikara, according to his/her own nature, svabhava, and no two paths are alike. The psychic being is illimitable freedom and charts our path unfalteringly, whatever this is. Paulette

RY Deshpande wrote:
>>it is for one’s psychic being to find out the truth>>

True. But a fully developed psychic being does not have to find it out, it knows it by its native sense, by perception of the divinity that is all around and within and above. The psychic's concern is if things can put it more and more in contact with the Divine, if they can participate in it. The rest it rejects or else it withdraws from them. Why does one like a 'good' movie or a poem, for instance--because it can take us closer to the Divine. People will call it devotionalism, but it is up to them. I love beautiful things because these can make my psychic grow which in turn make me develop my faculties to love beautiful things more and more. ... -- warmly RY Deshpande

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