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Auroville International meeting in Bhubaneswar, 1-6 February 2010

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1 st to 6 th February 2010

Auroville International is organising a meeting in Bhubaneswar, Orissa and invites Aurovilians to come along. The meeting will be an opportunity to present Auroville to local people and to learn more about this beautiful region of India. This is planned to be the first of many visits to Indian states. We invite anyone who would like to come and participate, particularly those who would like to help present Auroville.

We will stay in the beautiful Mayfair Lagoon hotel in Bhubaneswar, for which we have negotiated a very special rate. There will be two days of presentations to local people and visits to some of the most beautiful temples of North India, including the famous Jagannath and Konark Sun temples.

The cost will be Rs 20,000 for the event and about Rs 10,000 for the air fare. There is a big saving for anyone who would like to go by train. There is some limited funding available for Aurovilians who would like to come and help us, but cannot afford the cost.

Brief Itinerary
1 st Feb: Arrival at Bhubaneswar. In the afternoon, visit of the Museum of Tribal Art & Artefacts, and enjoy the Adivasi festival.
2 nd Feb : Seminar – Auroville presentations
3 rd Feb : Seminar – Auroville presentations
4 th Feb : Visit to Bhubaneswar famous for the most beautiful temples of north India, Mukteswari, Lingaraj, Raja Rani, UNESCO protected heritage and the 2 nd century caves of Khandagiri and Udaygiri.
5 th Feb : Travel to Puri at the sea shore, 70 km west, famous for the Jaga n nath temple, sacred place for all Hindus. After the lunch, visit to Rag h urajpur, the artist village, where a special festive events will be organised for us.
6 th Feb : Visit to the Konark Sun temple, a wonder of ancient architecture and art. After lunch at the Dance academy of Guru
Gangadhar Pradhan, there will be a show of Gotipuas and Odissi dancers with the musicians.
7 th Feb : We leave for Chennai and Auroville.

Auroville International will have its main meeting of the year in Auroville from the 9 th to the 14 th February, and hopes many Aurovilians will also attend. More details later. Anyone who is interested or for more information please contact Vani at or tel: 2623008 and Satyakam at

Home > Organisation & Credentials > Auroville International > AAVI meeting in Orissa
'Auroville International' (AVI) is a worldwide network set up with the aim of supporting the Auroville International Township in India. It has its legal basis in the Netherlands and has today member associations, affiliated groups and liaison addresses in seventeen countries.

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