Monday, March 09, 2009

Why, they might ask, was it necessary to revisit all this ugliness which is so offensive?

Savitri: the Light of the Supreme :: Madhav Pandit Paraphrases
Savitri steps out of Sri Aurobindo’s Room · Savitri from Collected Works of the Mother D · Savitri from Collected Works of the Mother
New film “A Declaration on Politics” « Sri Aurobindo Yoga Website
Sri Aurobindo Yoga Website. News of the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Website
Savitra: Reflections of an Evolutionary Activist: The Shadow of Fundamentalism in the Integral Yoga I would ask: Rather than being preoccupied with the embarrassment of such negative exposure, why are you not outraged that such things have actually happened (and are still happening) in our Community, justified in the name of SA and Ma?
Gandhi’s Role in Freedom Movement — Part One « Indian ...
Unlike his contemporary Sri Aurobindo, Gandhi would be little known as a .... Sri Aurobindo was one of the few to see Gandhi in his true dimensions — as a
This Author must have been from Cambridge
7 Mar 2009 by RY Deshpande ... dignity of the style, the depth of thought, the powerful rhythm in which the prose moved,—the hallmark of a Cambridge educated was unmistakable in those passages, they maintained. The author selected by my friend was Sri Aurobindo!
Two Courses of Indian Psychology
4 hours ago by देशराज सिरसवाल They offer an introduction to Indian Psychology, based on the work of Sri Aurobindo, and cover topics like philosophical background; self and personality; cognition and modes of knowing; motivation and the aim of life; emotions and ...

The Hindu : Engagements : In Coimbatore Today Sri Aurobindo Devotees: Writing of savithiri episode,
Savitri Bhavan > Activities Till Monday March 9 THE MOTHER AND FLOWERS Another very special exhibition of little-known photographs and documents arranged by Loretta 10 - 5 daily including Sundays
Monday, 09 Mar Chanting the Rainbow! with Jivan ::: Verite Hall ::: Mon ::: 7:00 PM
Sivananda Yoga with Boris ::: Verite Hall ::: Mon ::: 6:45 AM
JOURS#3rd : Photo-Graphic Exhibition ::: Pitanga ::: Mon ::: 8:00 AM
Tue Mar 10 The Glorious Body Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India (map)

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