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One of the best books on the symbolism of Fire is Sri Aurobindo's "Hymns to the Mystic Fire"

Let us pray Sri.Annai.
by (barathabhoomi) The Great Aurobindo invited her in a trance and dream. She came to India. She advised Indians to concentrate on the Spiritual wealth of India, which is strength and peace of an individual for personal, his relatives and World Peace.

Why I love to read Bhagvata Gita
Sri Aurobindo in his essays on Gita have shed some light on this aspect According to him, “there are three things in Gita which are spiritually significant, almost symbolic, typical of the profoundest relations and problems of the ...

The True Meaning Of Caste System
by the seventh waves Sri Aurobindo describes that the very nature of our life is such that it is at every moment subject to the influence of these four principles at work -'Our life itself is at once an Inquiry after truth and knowledge, a struggle and ...

Amal Kiran on the Opening Passage of Savitri—Night as the Symbol
RY Deshpande What Sri Aurobindo posits in It was the hour before the Gods awake is a religio-mythic concept, that has been part of India’s temple-life for millennia: the daily awakening of the Gods. The Gods are the powers that carry on the ...

“A journey from the human to the perfect” – Fran├žois Gautier’s ...
by Angiras He has lived in India since the 1970s and describes himself as “one of that rare breed of foreign correspondents – a lover of Hindus.” His review of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs appeared in The New Indian Express

Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo Renewal of the Indian mindscape Organiser - New Delhi, India By Jagmohan Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo were the two towering figures of the Indian renaissance who contributed most to the regeneration of the Indian ...Home > 2009 Issues > March 08, 2009

FALSE CASE AGAINST AUROBINDO Star of Mysore - Bangalore, Karnataka, India Most of such instances have not come to public gaze; but the one against Aurobindo Ghosh attracted international attention and the British were condemned ...

Farasha Euker - Lover of Knowledge and Serious Seeker: Intra ... By Farasha Euker One of the best books on the symbolism of Fire is Aurobindo's "Hymns to the Vedic Fire" - a book I thoroughly recommend. Despite the Qarmatians being reviled for their destruction of Islamic forms, they understood the spirit as few have ...

Thinkingaboutsurvival: a poem of Sri Aurobindo about "Goethe" By Theo Talcott I found this poem of Sri Aurobindo in his book "Colllected Poems" about the amazing philosopher and naturalist Goethe, who I learned to love through the book by Stephen Buhner called "The Secret Teaching of Plants." Goethe ...

Thy golden Light came down into my brain And the grey rooms of ...
1 Mar 2009 by Swami Now has it grown a temple where Thou art. And all its passions point towards only thee. Thy golden light came down into my feet:. My earth is now thy playfield and thy seat. (Sri Aurobindo, The Golden Light)

Balancing Spiritual and Social Life
by NHoffman I borrowed Jonny's book by Sri Aurobindo called Thoughts and Aphorisms, which contained some very intense wisdom and radical ideas. Tina, Sean and I sandwiched up again for a ride to the beach, and we stopped along the way so Sean could ...

Western Women Are Not 'Available'
by ARVIND In fact, right from Sri Aurobindo to Tagore, all have laid great emphasis to borrow better aspects of Western world, infuse it with our living patterns to have an evolved society. Still, let reforms synchronize with the inherent ...

Mera Bharat Mahan: Auroville By Bahu of Bengal Some years after Sri Aurobindo's mahasamadhi in 1950, The Mother had a vision for a utopian community to bring people from all over the world together for spiritual evolution. This was the beginning of Auroville.

My Friend, How are you doing today?
by Saraswathi Mukkai On the same day, old books of Sri Aurobindo are brought in by people who visit the center and anybody can pick up these books for free. I literally jumped with joy at seeing great books lying to be picked up.

The Voice Within… « My Life’s Canvas By doodlescribble Other than the formal education I had received, my alma mater, The Mother’s International School run by Sri Aurobindo Ashram had taught me a few basic things about sprituality, serenity and inner silence. Not that we needed to sit and ...

The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) Metro Timeout Till March 5 (except Saturday) at Galerie La Mere, 3 Regent Park; 4 pm - 8 pm: Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture presents Parama, an exhibition of ... 4pm Parama At Galerie La Mere (map)

Savitri Bhavan > Activities Till Monday March 9 THE MOTHER AND FLOWERS Another very special exhibition of little-known photographs and documents arranged by Loretta 10 - 5 daily including Sundays

Monday, 02 Mar Dariya_s Dance Space ::: Verite Hall ::: Mon ::: 5:00 PM
Chanting the Rainbow! with Jivan ::: Verite Hall ::: Mon ::: 7:00 PM
Sivananda Yoga with Boris ::: Verite Hall ::: Mon ::: 6:45 AM
JOURS#3rd : Photo-Graphic Exhibition ::: Pitanga ::: Mon ::: 8:00 AM
Gyrokinesis Classes with Kai Esko ::: Quiet Healing Center ::: Mon ::: 8:45 AM
Matrimandir Gardens Presentation Extended ::: Matrimandir office - Upstairs ::: Mon ::: 10:00 AM
Presentation/exhibition of ongoing work on Master Plan ::: TOWN HALL - SECOND FLOOR ::: Mon ::: 9:00 AM
Introduction to sustainable food growing in Auroville ::: BUDDHA GARDEN ::: Mon ::: 10:00 AM
Presentation results 'Sustainable Regions - Cooperative Planning' workshop ::: Town Hall ::: Mon ::: 3:00 PM
Exploring Auroville, an introduction ::: Center Guest-house ::: Mon ::: 9:00 AM

The Hindu : Engagements : Coimbatore Today Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Group: Writing of Savithri Episode, West Power House, Tatabad,. 10 a.m.

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