Friday, March 06, 2009

Prof. Mangesh V Nadkarni: 6 March 1933 - 23 September 2007

On 6 March 2009 Mangesh V Nadkarni would have been 76, but destiny hastened to take him on another path of progress unknown to us. Here is a short tribute to him from his fond admirer Ranjan Naik. Mirror of Tomorrow
Nadkarni had his first Darshan of the Mother in 1956. At that time the Mother was very active and he must have seen her in the Playground and the Tennis Ground on the sea-beach. After marriage, he and his wife Mira came first to the Ashram in 1961 when they had the Terrace Darshan. In 1966 they together went to the Mother and had received Blessings directly from her. Their younger daughter Sucheta was educated in the Ashram school in New Delhi. MVN came back from Singapore in 1992 and lived in Secundrabad. He used to visit Pondicherry very often for extended stay and later got settled down here. It is here that his Savitri-sessions started becoming famous, wide-ranging as his presentations always were. My own personal contact with the Nadkarnis was since 1992. My wife and Mrs Nadkarni are great friends. ~ RYD. Prof Mangesh V Nadkarni:
6 March 1933-23 September 2007—A Tribute by Ranjan Naik
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