Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Prema Nandakumar - Money was the helper; money is the bar

Ranganath's reply to Angiras
by Raman Reddy. Ranganath: Sri Aurobindo once wrote, while discouraging someone from writing his biography that he did not want to be murdered in cold print by his disciples. That is exactly what has happened, under the lofty banner of “Objectivity and ...
A critique of the book "The Lives...

Spheres of influence South China Morning Post
In the Sri Aurobindo's ashram, one of the city's most important attractions, time seems to stand still. A former revolutionary, poet, guru and politician, ...

Weekly Schedule Written by Radio Team
Tuesday, 10 March 2009 This week we are broadcasting :
Women artists camp - Synergy Shakti 2009 (new)
NADAKA - A sense of the infinite (new)
Mita - Learn Another Language! (new)
AVI - Canada - Inuksuk Inauguration (new)
Yves Duteil, Lionel, Claude and Antonella - Rencontre avec Yves Duteil (new)
Auroville's Youth Centre - The Love Circus 2009 - Part 3&4 (new)
Newcomers Reception #2 at SaraCon (new)
Evylene Moser - Traditional Songs from the Medieval & Renaissance period (new)
Prema Nandakumar - Money was the helper; money is the bar (new)You can listen to these by checking the broadcasting schedule

Wednesday, 18 Mar Yoga Classes with Sandra ::: Quiet Healing Center ::: Wed ::: 8:15 AM
Kirtan! (Devotional singing) with Jivan ::: Verite Hall ::: Wed ::: 7:00 PM
Metta - Meditations to Open the Heart with Keri ::: ILC Studio Verite ::: Wed ::: 5:30 PM
JOURS#3rd : Photo-Graphic Exhibition ::: Pitanga ::: Wed ::: 8:00 AM
Body Awareness with Anica ::: Verite Hall ::: Wed ::: 6:45 AM

Wed Mar 18 3pm The Maiden Without Hands - A fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm : Sri Aurobindo Auditorium (map) - AurovilleRadio News

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