Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sincerity is a crucial prerequisite

The beginner on the spiritual path always needs mental symbols to hold on to his or her faith. Constantly quoting one’s spiritual gurus — and I know I do this with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother all the time! — is a sign of spiritual immaturity, a sign that you are a beginner. But that is where it starts. The fundamentalist thoughtform, as my friend Alan puts it, eventually does, however, lead the sincere and humble person beyond the thoughtform to the liberating essence — sincerity being a crucial prerequisite, though.
Of course the guru who can lead you to liberation through your own unique, individual path, through any tradition, not just his own, is truly the guru of gurus. It’s in this category that I place Sri Aurobindo and the Mother... Translation versus Transformation June 12, 2007 • Posted by ned. Filed under Contemplations. the stumbling mystic God shall grow up . . . while the wise men talk and sleep.

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