Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Mother - Mirra Alfassa

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This article is about the spiritual partner of Sri Aurobindo. Mirra Alfassa, later Morisset and Richard (February 21, 1878 - November 17, 1973) but better known as The Mother, was the spiritual partner of Sri Aurobindo. She was born in Paris to Turkish and Egyptian parents and came to his ashram on March 29, 1914 visiting Pondicherry several times and finally settling there in 1920. After November 24, 1926, when Sri Aurobindo retired into seclusion, she supervised the organization of his ashram and institutes. She became the leader of the community after Sri Aurobindo's death in 1950. She died in 1973. The experiences of the last thirty years of her life were captured in the 13-volume work The Agenda. In those years she attempted the physical transformation of her body in order to become what she felt was the first of a new type of human individual by opening to the Supramental Truth Consciousness, a new power of spirit that Sri Aurobindo had allegedly discovered. Her followers and those of Sri Aurobindo consider(ed) her an incarnation of the Divine Mother, hence her name "the Mother." The Divine Mother is, according to her followers, the feminine aspect of the Divine consciousness and spirit.

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