Tuesday, February 08, 2011

She was known as Blanche Rachel Mirra Alfassa

From overman foundation overmanfoundation@gmail.com date 8 February 2011 12:30 subject From Overman Foundation: Photographs of the Mother’s early years.
Dear Friends, 
The late Pournaprema, the Mother’s youngest grand-daughter, whom we lovingly addressed as ‘Pourna-di’, has begun her book on the Mother titled A Unique Little Girl in the following words:

‘A unique little girl…
Do you understand what that means?
A unique little girl, is a little girl who is not ordinary.
I believe you know her… This is the little girl who is not ordinary.

This little girl is called Mirra—Mirra Alfassa. That is to say, right from her birth, she was called Mirra Alfassa, and her initials were M  A, MA. From the moment she was born she was called MA. On her clothes, on her sheets, on her dresses, there was embroidered: MA’

Today we take this opportunity of sharing with you some rare photographs of the Mother’s early years when She was known as Blanche Rachel Mirra Alfassa. These photographs were taken between 1883 and 1898. 
To view the photographs, please click on the following link: 
With warm regards, Anurag Banerjee 
Chairman, Overman Foundation.

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  1. Thanks for a post on Mirra Alfassa. I always love to see/think/hear about Mother and Aurobindo.