Thursday, February 10, 2011

Magic in images of daily life

From Paulette Date 10 February 2011 03:36 subject THE MYSTIC SOUL OF NATURE: photographic exhibition
Nature is a world of wonder both in its grand cosmic design as in infinitesimal details. In this photographic exhibition I have tried to capture the magic found in images of daily life: misty mornings, foggy and rainy days, sunsets and sunrises and passing clouds, the intricacies of barks and branches, minute images of grass, aerial seeds and tiny wild flowers and dew drops...  A secret energy is at work, a numinous power that generates the evolution of countless forms, each of them a miracle of creation.
We have lost touch with the inner shaman, who is one with the divinity of Nature. We have to recover the untamed child within and look at beings and forms as the Divine in manifestation, inhabiting each and all, immanent, and transcendent.
“No one I am, I who am all that is”: truth of being and becoming.

The show, presented by Apollo Children's Foundation and Astad Deboo Foundation, travels to Auroville on Feb 18, and to Pondicherry on the 20th. ...
Mohan, who was the head of the Auroville Bamboo Research Centre, believes that we need to renew our association with natural materials. ...
Sri Aurobindo discovered, for example, that there are several realms of ... According to Sri Aurobindo these other worlds are stacked in a spiral of lower ...
early 1900s and met nationalist poet and philosopher Sri Aurobindo, following the advice of his collaborator Mirra Alfassa, better known as The Mother'. ...
A FREED MAN Journey to the Farthest Reaches of the Self and to the Center of the Universe
SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2011 Day 36 - 43 Day 36 - Body Memory
Check out this piece I wrote on Body Memory, which my friend that works at the garden with me posted on her wonderful blog! Evolutivity - Body Memory

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