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Sri Aurobindo originated the philosophy of cosmic salvation through spiritual evolution

Indian philosopher and nationalist original name Aurobindo Ghose, Aurobindo also spelled Aravinda
born Aug. 15, 1872, Calcutta, India died Dec. 5, 1950, Pondicherry
seer, poet, and Indian nationalist who originated the philosophy of cosmic salvation through spiritual evolution.
Aurobindo’s education began in a Christian convent school in Darjeeling, and then, still a boy, he was sent to England for further schooling. He entered the University of Cambridge, where he became proficient in two classical and three modern European languages. After returning to India in 1893, he took various administrative and professorial posts in Baroda and Calcutta, and then turned to his native culture and began the ... Aspects of the topic Śrī Aurobindo are discussed in the following places at Britannica. Assorted References:
establishment of Aurobindo Ashram (in
Hinduism (religion): Aurobindo Ashram)
place in Indian English literature (in
South Asian arts: English)
relation to Hindu theism (in
theism (religion): Hindu theism)
theories of Idealism (in
Idealism (philosophy): Eastern types)
contribution to: Indian philosophy (in
Indian philosophy: The ultralogical period; in Indian philosophy: 19th- and 20th-century philosophy in India and Pakistan ) study of sacredness (in sacred (religion): Critical problems)
India Kolkata (India) Puducherry (India)
English literature Indian literature Indian philosophy Yoga (philosophy) āstika (Hindu philosophy) enlightenment (religion) literature moksha (Indian religion) national liberation movement (society) philosophy poetry (literature) social movement

COMMENTARY UPANISHAD: Download & Convert a Free commentary ...
Sri Aurobindo's yoga points the way toward the kind of ... - The Upanishads with Sanskrit text, English translation and Sri Aurobindo's commentary. ...

Vamanan's Sight: Thoughts on Subramania Bharati's birthday (Dec ... By VAMANAN Though this brought him near Sri Aurobindo, patriot, yogi, poet and visionary, and gave the mighty prophetic trajectory to his poetic muse, he had to spend his life in penury along with his family. He died a broken man when just 39, ... agathiyar : Message: Today Mahakavi's Birthday
Gandhi, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Sri Aurobindo and V.V.S.Aiyar. Early life. Bharathi was born to Chinnasami Subramanya Iyer and Elakkumi (Lakshmi) Ammaal as ...

ARE YOU A CONSTRUCTIVIST TEACHER? Nastybanners :: Go F&*k Yourself!
That's why Yogi Sri Aurobindo said, “The teacher must be a yogi”. Here yogi means a sense controlled man having abundant energy to motivate the children. He must be a sadhaka- a spiritual preceptor. He must have the right living style ...

The Mind Working Through the Life Energy « Sri Aurobindo Studies
Sri Aurobindo Studies. Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga ... reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 18, Mind and Supermind ...

Mahatma Gandhi
In commemoration of the centenary celebrations of Sri Aurobindo's arrival in Puducherry, regular heritage walks will be conducted between Aurobindo . ...

Events Happening on 12-04-2010-Monday - Click India Events
Daily meditation works is organized at Sri Aurobindo Ashrm. This program includes meditation workshop for sound health and long life. ...

Andrew Cohen and the Road to Legitimacy Beyond Growth written by Joseph Gelfer on December 10th, 2009
The only shift in focus was that Cohen moved to distinguish himself from other spiritual teachers (of meditation, non-duality and so on), noting how he was one of only “a few” teachers focusing on evolution as a guiding spiritual principle (which is hardly new given the likes of Teilhard de Chardin and Sri Aurobindo). In this session we started to see a few glimpses of Cohen’s infamous “rude boy” style: cutting people’s questions with a short “yes” or “no” answer, being slightly edgier.

Mirror of Tomorrow :: Nishikanto: the Brahmaputra of Inspiration ...
28 Aug 2009 ... The boy with big and dreamy eyes was named Nishikanto. ... Mirror of Tomorrow :: Main Page
4 Sep 2009 ... During the course of his travels, Nishikanto came to Katwa where he took refuge under a ... Mirror of Tomorrow :: Nishikanto: the Brahmaputra of Inspiration ...
4 Sep 2009 ... One day he asked Nishikanto: “Is it true that nowadays you're sunk in the writings of Sri Aurobindo?” Nishikanto replied that Sri ... Mirror of Tomorrow :: Nishikanto: the Brahmaputra of Inspiration ...
11 Sep 2009 ... Then Dilip Kumar inquired what did Nishikanto intend to do to spend his time in Pondicherry as Sri Aurobindo's Darshan wouldn't be possible ... Mirror of Tomorrow :: Main Page
25 Sep 2009 ... When Nishikanto wrote to Sri Aurobindo asking him the significance of the vision, the Guru replied that the 'star' which emerged in the Void ... Mirror of Tomorrow :: Nishikanto: the Brahmaputra of Inspiration ...
2 Oct 2009 ... Nishikanto's illnesses couldn't take away his indomitable spirit. His occasional pranks and humour were enjoyed even by Sri Aurobindo who ...

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