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It is important to first study our individual faculties of consciousness

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 Study of the Faculties of Human Consciousness
It is important to first study our individual faculties of consciousness (including the senses). Here we can learn how we actually see, hear, speak, think, feel etc., and also how we could use these senses more effectively. Courses such as: "How to Think and to be conscious in our thoughts", "How to Speak and to be conscious in speech", "How to improve visual memory", "How to improve mental concentration" etc., could offer interesting explorations into the re-discovery of the senses. The major objective of these studies is to train our consciousness to act within its faculties. This type of approach has its roots in Vedanta where the cognitive faculties (to see, to think, to hear, to speak, to breath and to touch) were seen as the primary functions of consciousness. Such an approach to our faculties sheds some light on the profundities of their nature. The major subjects of the Humanities also bear their own distinct features which can be identified as those belonging to a particular faculty of consciousness.cont...cont... Yoga is nothing but practical Psychology... Sri Aurobindo
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