Monday, April 20, 2009

Sri Aurobindo's Relics installation day at Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir, Bolangir

April 20 Sri Aurobindo's Relics installation day at Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir, Bolangir. Managing Trustee: Sri Lalit Mohan Khuntia, Date of Installation: 20th April 1984 4:57 pm, Installed by: Sri Champaklal from Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pandicherry. The Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir was formed during 24th April 1970. And a piece of land Covering of Acrs was given by the Govt. of Orissa on 24th Nov. 1972 by registration. Foundation stone of the centre was given by the Honourable Governer of Orissa late Sri B.D. Jatti on 1st Dec. 1973 and the first block building was inaugurated by Chief Minister of Orissa Smt. Nandini Satpathy on 11th April 1976.

Monday, 20 Apr Dance Space ::: Vérité Hall ::: Mon ::: 5:00 PM
CHANTING THE RAINBOW led by Jivan ::: Verite Hall ::: Mon ::: 7:00 PM
Earth day events on Monday ::: Auroville ::: Mon ::: 3:00 PM
Chinese EcoCities ::: Town Hall conference hall ::: Mon ::: 3:00 PM
Nature Film: Encounters at the End of the World ::: MMC/Cinema Paradiso ::: Mon ::: 4:00 PM
Eco Film Fest: A Life After People ::: MMC/Cinema Paradiso ::: Mon ::: 8:00 PM

Mon Apr 20 (Continued) Earth Day

New film “The Individual Being”
24 minutes ago by VladNesh Dear friends! A new film “The Individual Being” is ready for you to explore. You can see this film and to download it in high quality on the page “The Mother on Yoga”: the_mother_on_yoga_en.html.

The former Incarnations of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother—by Anurag ...
12 hours ago by RY Deshpande Sri Aurobindo was once asked by one of his young disciples Nagin Doshi what he and the Mother had been doing in their former births. “Carrying on the evolution” was the answer that he received from his Guru. When asked to elaborate, ...

Is Capitalism a Disease? The Crisis in US Public Health by Richard ...
14 hours ago by Rich Reference: 100 Years of Sri Aurobindo The scientific tradition of the "West," of Europe and North America, has had its greatest success when it has dealt with what we have come to think of as the central questions of scientific inquiry: ...

Gandhi praised, Aurobindo erased?
14 Apr 2009 by sanjaychoudhry In exalting Gandhi, we’ve elbowed Sri Aurobindo into the shadows Francois Gautier on Sri Aurobindo In this time of elections, the Congress has again claimed ownership to the Father of the Nation. But is the Mahatma, whose tremendous ...

If you want to be a true doer of divine works, your first aim must ...
13 Apr 2009 by Jeffrey Brock You must grow in the divine consciousness till there is no difference between your will and hers, no motive except her impulsion in you, no action that is not her conscious action in you and through you. -Sri Aurobindo.

The Cross their Payment for the Crown they Gave (A)
12 hours ago by RY Deshpande Sri Aurobindo writes: “All true Truth of love and of the works of love the psychic being accepts in their place: but its flame mounts always upward and it is eager to push the ascent from lesser to higher degrees of Truth, ...

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