Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sri Aurobindo's Relics Installation Day at Kharidchhak, Pattamundai, Tulang, & Rourkela

Apr 12, 2009: Sri Aurobindo's Relics Installation Day:

  • Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Pitha, Kharidchhak, Baleswar. Managing Trustee: Sri Dhruba Charan Jena. Date of Installation: 12th April, 1978, 4 PM, Installed by: Sri Ramkrishna Das. Sri Aurobindo Study Circle started here from the year 1970. This is at the remote corner of Orissa. The members of the study circles at that time were young and very enthusiastic and without any money with them. Their aspiration was supported by Sri Babaji Maharj and Sri Prapatti. They took all intiative and by their request devotees from other parts of Orissa started helping this centre in their effort to bring Relics of the Lord.
  • AUROMIRA TRUST, Auromira Bhaban, Pattamundai, Kendrapada. Managing Trustee: LAXMI KUMARI SAHU. Champaklalaji inspired and gave Mother's Blessings for the Relics work in 1980. The members of the Study Circles under the leadership of Dr Braja Kishore Khandai worked hard and prayed Mother for Sri Aurobindo's Relics.
  • Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir, ROURKELA. Managing Trustee: Sri Pavitra Kumar Mohanty. Date of Installation: 12th April 1988 at 4.15.PM, Installed by: Sri Champaklalji.
  • SRIMAA SRI AUROBINDO SRIKSHETRA, TULANG. Managing Trustee Sri Kshetra Mohan Biswal placed the proposal before Babaji Maharaj Sri Ramakrishna Dasa to receive Sri Aurobindo’s Relics for Tulanga. Sri Aurobindo Relics was installed by Sri Champaklalji and Babaji Maharaj on 12th April. 1984. Events Calendar (map)

Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore: 12th April 2009 Sunday 6.00 pm Guided Meditation April 2009 Program

The Hindu: Engagements: Coimbatore Today - Religion - Sri Aurobindo Society: Commemoration of centenary year of Sri Aurobindo’s arrival, talk on ‘Savithri’, Prema Nandakumar, 8, Race Course Road, 10 a.m., 4.45 p.m.

Sunday, 12 Apr Living in Peace and Love: A 4-day retreat with Tewa and Jivan ::: College Guest House ::: Sun ::: 9:30 AM
All Bach Piano Recital ::: Pitanga ::: Sun ::: 7:30 PM Sun Apr 12 7:30pm All Bach Piano Recital Pitanga (map)

Edward Said famously argued that all Western-modern scholarship about the Orient was a product of the European colonial desire to read, understand, inferiorize and master the East. Peter Heeh's essay is a response to his. He argues that Said's reading is far too simplistic. While colonial historians often did describe India in negative terms as a backward land that needed British rule to be saved and protected, and thus legitimized imperialism, nationalist thinkers like Vivekananda or Sri Aurobindo or Rabindranath used these same orientalist imageries to argue for India's freedom from British rule by asserting India's rich civilizational heritage, as well as arguing for a humane cosmopolitanism that emphasized diversity and respect for all cultures and societies. Indian post-colonial, post-modern and subaltern scholars often only continue this line of thinking when they attack European cultural arrogance. The Statesman Eternity and the abyss
Volumes like this remind us that the relation between modernity and religion, between reason and faith, is much more problematic than that of a simple contradiction... A review by Milinda Banerjee (The reviewer is Fellow, Centre for Advanced Studies, Department of History, University of Calcutta)

Mirror of Tomorrow :: Towards the Intermediate Race—Sri Aurobindo ...
Towards the Intermediate Race—Sri Aurobindo’s Last Set of Writings 1950 [2] ..... Towards the Intermediate Race—the Early Writings of Sri Aurobindo 1909 [3] ...

Carlyle's “hero as poet” and sri aurobindo's poetic theory
Reconfiguring few dimensions of creativity
Informa World
35 – 44 Angelaki Journal of Theoretical Humanities, Volume 11 Issue 1 2006
creative philosophy theory and praxis. Author: Ranjan Ghosh

Passage to Puducherry
Philippine Star - Home to the great poet Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (whose real name was Mirra Alfassa, an accomplished pianist and painter born in Paris,) the fabulous

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