Saturday, April 25, 2009

Homage to departed Mahamohopadhyay Govindo Gopal Mukhopadhyay

TRIBUTE April 25 at Sri Aurobindo Hall, Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, 8 Shakespeare Sarani; 5 pm: Members of Sri Aurobindo Samiti, Calcutta pay homage to departed Mahamohopadhyay Govindo Gopal Mukhopadhyay. Calcutta Telegraph - Calcutta, India [Bio > Dilip Kumar Roy > Dr. Govindo Gopal Mukhopadhyay by Anurag Banerjee]

6:30pm Discourse on the ‘Upanishads’ - by Dr. Shikha Mukherjee at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture (map)

Sat Apr 25 (Today) (Continued) Foundation Day of S.A.I.E.C Matrubihar, Kalupada Ghat, Khordha (map)

Foundation Day of S.A.I.E.C Kakudipada, Benirampur, Cuttack (map)

Saturday, 25 Apr GUEST SPEAKERS ::: Savitri Bhavan ::: Sat ::: 5:00 PM Professor Aravinda Basu shares "Memories of Sri Aurobindo"
Presentation: Our Wonderful Thailand Adventure ::: Unity Pavilion ::: Sat ::: 5:00 PM (map)
The Brand New Band ::: Kala Bumhi ::: Sat ::: 6:30 PM (map)

Deciphering Indus Civilization – A New Perspective By (Aftab Ahmad) This view was presented by Sir John Marshall but Sri Aurobindo and his followers contend against this view and hold that the Harappan culture was post-Vedic... But Sri Aurobindo, like Bal Gangadhar Tilak, was so much struck by the splendour of the 'Ushas' hymns... Sri Aurobindo and other Indian scholars, who, for all practical purposes, want to bury the theory of the Aryan invasion around 1500 BC and prove that the Aryans were the natives, not foreigners. The Ultimate Guide

The Cross their Payment for the Crown they Gave (F)—the Cross ...
by RY Deshpande So Christ must carry the Cross, and Sri Aurobindo must suffer harshness and severity of the solitary imprisonment, the infuriating onslaught of its madness, and Savitri must bear the agony of the death of Satyavan exactly one year after ...

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