Monday, February 23, 2009

I am with you, Meditations on Savitri, Annaiyin Thalattu and Thai

New film “I am with you” « Sri Aurobindo Yoga Website By VladNesh As an offering to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo on the day of Darshan February 21-st we made a new film “I am with you” and included footage of the Darshan Day, February 21-st 2009, in Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Sri Aurobindo Yoga Website

Tribute to the Mother Express Buzz - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India CHENNAI: The launch of Annaiyin Thalattu and Thai, two audio CD's dedicated to The Mother of Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry was a solemn affair.

Mirror of Tomorrow :: Instruments of Higher Knowledge By RY Deshpande If these aspects are not there in a work presenting Sri Aurobindo then it becomes a farce. This is precisely what The Lives of Sri Aurobindo is. And the strange thing is, a prestigious academic institution like the Columbia University ... Mirror of Tomorrow

Savitri: the Light of the Supreme :: Savitri from Collected Works By RY Deshpande Except for very rare cases, the animals are not individualized and when they die they return to the spirit of the species. In Love and Death are Ruru and Priyumvada the first forms of Savitri and Satyavan? Sri Aurobindo told me nothing ... Savitri: the Light of the Supreme

the seventh waves: Sr Aurobindo's letter To Barin By the seventh waves Sr Aurobindo's letter To Barin. "Let me tell you in brief one or two things about what I have long seen. My idea is that the chief cause of the weakness of India is not subjection nor poverty, nor the lack of spirituality or dharma.

Mahakavi Bharathi Memorial Museum
by Bahu of Bengal Sri Aurobindo was not the only nationalist to flee to Pondicherry. The Tamil Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi also found refuge in Pondicherry. My husband and I visited the Mahakavi Bharathi Memorial Museum and Research Centre in ...
Mera Bharat Mahan

Injustice in Debate-Judging
by kk0isonlymyname Somebody like Sri Aurobindo would probably make for a good leader, though I doubt he would be infallible. Somebody like Socrates would make for a good leader too. I feel I have a moral obligation to oppose bad leadership
The view from my ivory tower

Nature Lover's Paradise- Victoria Memorial and Maidan
In front of the gate, there is a big statue of Sri Aurobindo erected the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Many horse driven chariots are waiting for the tourists. It reminds me of Ramayana and Mahabharata television shows.
Diary of pratanu banerjee

Sandalwood Incense
by Knute Auroshikha has captured the light, delicate fragrances of nature, lovingly made at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. These intoxicating fragrances from Auroshikha provide the key to unlock the benefits of aromatherapy, ...

Indore-based institute offers scholarship to Pinki SamayLive - Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India - The Chairman of the Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences and the Aurobindo Institute of Management Science and Technology Dr Vinod Bhandari and Kingshuk Trivedi offered Pinki scholarship till she completes her education

Event: Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture presents Parama Calcutta Telegraph - Calcutta, India Till March 5 (except Saturday) at Galerie La Mere, 3 Regent Park; 4 pm - 8 pm: an exhibition of of paintings and drawings ... The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) Metro Good Morning Timeout 4pm Parama At Galerie La Mere (map)

The Hindu : Engagements : Coimbatore today Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Group: “Writing of Savithri Episode and life Divine,” Sri Annai Meditation Centre, West Power House Road, Tatabad, 10 a.m.

Savitri Bhavan > Activities Monday February 23, 7 pm Meditations on Savitri Book Four : The Book of Birth and Quest The latest film of Huta's Savitri paintings, with the Mother's recitations and organ music (duration c. 50 mins)

Monday, 23 Feb Dariya_s Dance Space ::: Verite Hall ::: Mon ::: 5:00 PM
Chanting the Rainbow! with Jivan ::: Verite Hall ::: Mon ::: 7:00 PM
Sivananda Yoga with Boris ::: Verite Hall ::: Mon ::: 6:45 AM
JOURS#3rd : Photo-Graphic Exhibition ::: Pitanga ::: Mon ::: 8:00 AM
Gyrokinesis Classes with Kai Esko ::: Quiet Healing Center ::: Mon ::: 8:45 AM
Introduction to sustainable food growing in Auroville ::: BUDDHA GARDEN ::: Mon ::: 10:00 AM
Community Consultation process – Ongoing work on Master Plan ::: TOWN HALL - SECOND FLOOR ::: Mon ::: 9:00 AM
Living in Peace and Love: A 4-day retreat in 2 parts with Tewa and Jivan ::: Pavilion for Tibetan Culture ::: Mon ::: 9:30 PM
Introduction to sustainable food growing in Auroville ::: BUDDHA GARDEN ::: Mon ::: 10:00 AM
Planning, Development and Execution through Partnerships by Jitendra Tanti ::: Town Hall Conference Hall ::: Mon ::: 3:00 PM
"Meditations on Savitri" Film Show ::: Savitri Bhavan ::: Mon ::: 7:00 PM
Polarity Therapy and Wellness Education - Workshop ::: Quiet Healing Center ::: Mon ::: 9:00 AM

Mon Feb 23 (Continued) Watsu 1 & Aquawellness 1 Polarity Therapy and Wellness Education Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India (map)
3pm Presentation - Planning, Development and Execution through Partnerships Town Hall Conference Room (map)

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