Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If the inner being is not happy with it, has reservations, even objections, then one should just forget him and be on a newer quest

Re: Sri Aurobindo and the Future of Humanity--Adesh and History
by RY Deshpande on Tue 19 Aug 2008 08:59 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link

Rich, It’s immaterial whether one calls it religious or mythological or secular or worldly or mundane or plain earthly or historical or scientific, or even spiritual life; Sri Aurobindo’s life is Sri Aurobindo’s life—“a decisive action direct from the Supreme”. We may not be aware of it, but then nor can we deny the scope for its happening. What is not exactingly historical you would prefer to call mythological. Well, it’s up to you. But these are spiritual matters and must be seen in that way, I suppose.

There is absolutely no question of imposing this view on others, as one goes entirely by one’s own authentic perceptions—and it is these which must count in this kind of reckoning. In any case, it must be recognized that spirituality means a many-faceted Possibility and the rational is only one small arc of this wide-stretching spectrum.

If the strict rationalist for his own reasons sticks to this small arc only, and dismisses everything else, perhaps then he is missing the opportunities that can open to enlarge his own rationality; but the choice is his. When one goes to a spiritual person, one goes with the intention of making spiritual progress, and accepts what is conducive for it, rejects what stands in its way, trusts in the guidance and help coming from such a person, expresses his gratitude for it. It’s according to one’s own free volonté that one follows what is necessary for it.

I feel that we approach Sri Aurobindo with that intention, which is not to deny that his philosophy, his interpretations of the scriptures, his poetry, his aesthetics, his political thought, his deep considerations of social issues, any one of them or several of them cannot attract us towards him. Nor can we make a fetish of one single aspect of his personality, rationality alone for instance.

If one feels that for making spiritual progress one is getting help from a spiritual Master, then one should be grateful to him; but if the inner being is not happy with it, has reservations, even objections, then one should just forget him and be on a newer quest, the unfettered quest. The inner sincerity will surely guide him on the right path, and there’s no doubt about it. In that case there’s no question of frustration creeping in anywhere. ~ RYD Reply

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