Saturday, August 30, 2008

Discourse on the ‘Upanishad’ by Dr. Shikha Mukherjee

New Issue of AntiMatters (Vol 2 No 3) Released
8 hours ago by admin Piero Calvi-Parisetti, 159-172. Gateway to the Dao-Field: Essays for the Awakening Educator (Excerpts), PDF. Avraham A Cohen, 173-194. The Spiritual Evolution of Society (Excerpts from The Human Cycle), PDF. Sri Aurobindo, 195-220.
Koantum Matters

Beauty is his footprint showing us where he has passed
28 Aug 2008 by Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore In the precious little book, ‘The Mother’, Sri Aurobindo says that this “miracle of eternal beauty, and unseizable secret of divine harmonies” manifests in conditions where there is harmony and beauty in our “mind and soul, ...
Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore

Collection: Annual AUM conference on Sri Aurobindo & the Mother The All USA Meeting (AUM) is an annual conference for people interested in the vision of Sri Aurobindo and Mother, the practice of Integral Yoga, and the sustainable international community of Auroville -- and for those interested in consciousness, evolution, and the future of humanity... Kathryn Van Note adds goldens disks to the Matrimandir jigsaw puzzle at AUM 2008. DSC04312 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Uploaded on August 28, 2008 by lesterlyn

Discourse on the ‘Upanishad’ – by Dr. Shikha Mukherjee, Sat Aug 30, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, Kolkata

The Mother’s Prayers and meditation: M.K. Ramaswamy, 5, Smith Rd., Anna Salai, 6.30 p.m. Chennai Today The Hindu Saturday, Aug 30, 2008

Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Group: Writing of Savithiri Episode, Sri Annai Meditation Centre, West Power House Road, Tatabad, 10 a.m. Coimbatore Today The Hindu Saturday, Aug 30, 2008

Saturday, 30 Aug Photo Exhibition: The Mothers Shrine Reaching Completion ::: Pitanga Hall ::: Sat ::: 8:00 AM
Food festival at Shaam: Paranthe Wali Gali ::: Shaam: Kala Kendra: Bharat Nivas: Auroville ::: Sat ::: 6:30 PM

Liquid Flow Essence Aug 26 – 31 2008 Quiet Healing Center (map) This is a 6 day course with the main sequence of Liquid Flow. It is for those who wish to dive deeper into the beauty of body work in warm water. During the course we will expand our movement sequence and practically experience deepening of the multilayered effects of this powerful and softening work. Timings: 9:00 - 12:00, 14:00 - 18:00

The Glorious Body Aug 28 – 30 2008 Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India (map) Exploring Truth in Substance through the Integration of Dance and Meditation Two and a half days 1st day: 3:00 - 6:00 PM, 2nd, 3rd day: 9:00 – 12:00, 14:00 – 16:00 Facilitated by Mikael.

Heartwork Lomi Lomi Massage Aug 29 – 31 2008 Quiet Healing Center, Auroville (map) Heartwork Lomi Lomi Lomi Lomi is the Hawaiian word for massage. Literally meaning to push, pull and knead. This healing system brings balance, restoration and heart-opening peace to the body. Energetic, emotional and muscular blockages are released allowing spirit, circulation, oxygen and life, to flow through mind and body.

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