Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nuapada District Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Workers' Conference, Odisha

The Matrimandir: There was a strange echoey quiet. The only light source was a sharp shaft of light piercing down from the top of the sphere, into a crystal sphere in the centre of the room, after which it proceeded down through the bottom of the structure to the ground. Meditation spots were spaciously arranged. Cylindrical pillars stretched up into the spherical space.
Sorry, you'll never get the feel of the place from this description, but it was totally INTENSE. Everything was so meticulously arranged and so pristine. I was afraid to sit down. Never before have i ever been in such a powerful architectural space before. This place really inspired a sense of awe and perfection.
The closest thing i've seen might be Daniel Libeskind's Holocaust Tower. That was also quite powerful, but a lot more depressing. Therefore, i vote for Matrimandir.
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Coimbatore Short News By Coimbatore Live Team. Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Group will conduct oratory contests for Tenth Standard, Plus-One and Plus-Two students on July 26 and 27. Th topic is ‘Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga’. The contest will be held at Sasi Balika Vidya Mandir on Azad Road ... Coimbatore Live - http://coimbatorelive.blogspot.com/

July 22, 2008: Nuapada District Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Workers' Conference The Mother's Work in Odisha Events Calendar

July 22, 2008: Anniversary Celebrations of Sri Aurobindo Study Circle at the residence of Laxmidhar Mohanty, Raighar, Odisha

July 16, 2008: Foundation Day of Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre: SAIEC, Damanjodi, Koraput, Odisha

Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Group: Writing of Savithri Episo-de, Sri Annai Meditation Centre, West Power House, Tatabad, 10 a.m. Engagements - In Coimbatore Today RELIGION The Hindu Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesdays 3–4 pm: “Cultivating Concentration”, led by Jai Singh. 5-6 pm: Savitri study in Tamil, led by Bhuvana and Sudarshan Savitri Bhavan current program REGULAR COURSES Auroville

Sri Aurobindo Ashram Library Western classical music is played every Tuesday and Friday starting at 8.30 pm. Phone: +91413 2334648 Timings: 7.30 am - 11.30 am, 2.00 pm - 4.45 pm

Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday there is a collective meditation around the samadhi from 7.25 pm to 7.50 pm. This is open to everyone. No pass is required.

15th July to 13th August Exhibition of paintings on silk Daily 8-12.30 & 2-7 pm Exhibition "Miniatures" by Firooza ::: Pitanga ::: Tue ::: 8:00 AM

Tuesday, 22 Jul Launch of book by Dr. Marc Luyckx Ghisi ::: Café Le Morgan, Town Hall ::: Tue ::: 5:00 PM

Inputs may be mailed to tusarnmohapatra@gmail.com Coming Events
Thursday, 24 Jul Introduction to sustainable farming in Auroville ::: Buddha Garden Community Farm ::: Thu ::: 10:00 AM
Talk by Ameeta Mehra ::: Savitri Bhavan ::: Thu ::: 5:30 PM
Friday, 25 Jul
C I N E M A - Bharat Nivas, Auditorium ::: Bharat Nivas, Auditorium ::: Fri ::: 7:45 PM

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