Thursday, July 03, 2008

Every word was on fire

Sri Aurobindo: Or, the Adventure of Consciousness Customer Review
Avatar of the Supramental, June 13, 2006 By P. Rustad

This book is very important in my life. I first read it in 1970 when I was on a furious hunt for 'Truth', the meaning of life, etc. At that time I owned several books by Sri Aurobindo, including the "Life Divine". But they were all heavy, erudite tomes. Then I read Satprem's poetic, inspiring treatment of Aurobindo's life. I cannot describe here the ecstatic opening of consciousness that reading this book gave. It was as though every word was on fire. And the same with Aurobindo's book on "The Mother". Sri Aurobindo (and the Mother), are Co-Avatars of the Supramental. But that's another story. Permalink


By immersing oneself in the original works, one gets a sense of the depth, comprehensiveness and majesty of Sri Aurobindo’s being that no compilation or third-person essay can ever convey. -- Matthijs Cornelissen [SABDA Newsletter, May 2008]

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